How to Make Your Gaming Computer Setup Awesome

25 October 2019

For game enthusiasts and professional streamers alike, their gaming setup is their paradise. Previously, gamers didn’t care much about how their setup looked and had dark, messy rooms. Since then, millennials have developed a sense of aesthetics and are making their dimly lit computer gaming zone look cool and sophisticated. Here are some ways and tips to help you turn your gaming setup into an ergonomic center.

1. Cool and Ergonomic Gaming Desk

If you are a gamer who spends almost all of their days and nights in their gaming zone, it is crucial to have a comfortable and ergonomic gaming desk. It is your choice whether you want to have a standing desk or not but we suggest you get one. Standing a few times in an hour boosts your energy levels, which get drained after sitting for too long. Plus, there are certain video games that you cannot fully enjoy without standing and doing all those crazy actions.

You want a desk that has the perfect height with adjustable settings. It should be comfortable and help you maintain your eye-level and body posture with the screen. There are plenty of cool and sophisticated computed desks available. Make sure to get a monitor stand that is practical to use and looks good on your desk as well.

2. Cable Management is Necessary

When there are numerous monitors in a gaming setup, there is bound to be a lot of cabling. Despite their necessity, cables can make your room look cluttered, and a little daunting when left unorganized. Your gaming setup would look awful if the cable management is not good enough. There are tons of great products for cable management.

 You can get a pack of inexpensive cable channels or IKEA cable management products to conceal all the wires beneath the desk. Most of these products come with hooks that clip the cables and hold them in place. There are cable sleeves with zippers or Velcro strip that wraps all your cables in a neat bundle without tangling them.

3. Light up Your Gaming Zone

Lighting is a crucial element that can make your gaming zone stand out. Following your style and budget, there are plentiful of lighting ideas you can choose from. Install a single colored LED strip behind your desk to give a nice glow to your gaming room. You can have one in blue, green and orange. Or, if you want to add more colors, install a multi-colored LED strip to give your room a neon, rainbow-like effect.

There are other creative ways to light up your gaming set up. Using Eddison’s bulb is a unique idea, and many gamers have used them to light their rooms for fun. If you want to go for a simple approach, then white lamps will look great in your gaming. White lamps can easily blend with any setup and can add a touch of elegance without disrupting the overall look.

If your budget is a little high and you are not afraid to go crazy with the lighting, there are lots of smart lights you can play with. If you don’t prefer lighting strips or lamps, then have light bar slits shinning on the sides of your monitor and illuminating the room. Go fancy with colored fans and lighting panels that change color with music following the rhythm and beat.

4. Accessorize Your Gaming Zone

To have an awesome gaming zone setup, accessorize it to make it cooler and more practical for you. Begin with a nice keyboard and mouse pad. You can have separate pads for both or have a large one that keeps both. When you have to work or play video games in the dark, it is necessary to have glow in the dark keyboard keys. Or you can have keyboards with built-in LED lights that are becoming very popular these days.

Get a headphone stand so that your desk doesn’t look cluttered with huge headphones lying all over the place. They are super convenient and make your desk look cool. You can also have a wireless smartphone charger on your desk so that your phone doesn’t run out of power.

Get a USB hub under the desk, especially if the monitor is out of your quick reach. You can also charge your phone with a USB hub if you do not have a wireless charger.

Your gaming desk doesn’t have to look boring. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun with your gaming desk. Show your love for games and movies and add a figurine of your favorite anime character, superhero or villain to your desk. For instance, if you are a Star Wars fan, keeping a pop-up figure of Darth Vader by your monitor is a good idea.

It may sound a little out of place, but you can accessorize your gaming zone with small plants too. Simple small potted plants can accessorize any room and won’t look odd in a gaming room. If you don’t think you are responsible enough to have a plant in your room, then fake plants will do the same job.

5. Keep it Clean and Clutter-Free

Remember, dust and clutter is your enemy. You have to take care of these two when you want a spectacular gaming room. Make sure to keep your desk organized. Some of the accessories mentioned here would you keep your desk clutter-free.

Dust gets everywhere. You don’t want your new desk, awesome lighting, and spectacular glowing keyboard top get all dusty and look drab. So make sure to wipe your gaming setup once a week.

Wrapping Up

To have a stunning gaming zone, get a desk with cable management and smart lights. You can go fancy with lighting to create a striking visual if your budget allows. Have fun with accessorizing and keep your gaming area clean and clutter-free.