How to Make Sure Everything Goes as Planned on Wedding Day

25 January 2023

I don’t know about you, but this is the year that my friends are getting married! It’s only January 2023 and I’ve already received four different invitations from friends coming from various phases of my life.

I don’t have a wedding to plan yet but I sure love helping my friends prepare for their wedding ceremonies and reception events. I get to kinda live my dream of being an events organizer. And of course, these are people who I’ve known for more than 10 years and to see them so decided on who they’re going to walk down the aisle with just warms my heart.

They’re going to marry the partner they would be together with for life. I feel like my tears will start flowing even though I’m not the one getting married.

Really intrigued, I interrogated one of my closest friends who’s getting married in a week. “Is this the wedding you have planned for back when you were young?”

She said no, but in a way, she realized it is. Before she wanted to get married in church but now they opted for a civil wedding ceremony. But then again, she has always wanted the event milestone to be intimate and that’s what she’s getting. We’re part of an exclusive group of 25 people who are invited to the event.

And even though it’s not the wedding of her dreams—her parents won’t be there—she is still very much excited to marry her fiance. She knows that he will always be by her side and for that, she’s really thankful to have found a partner for life.

There are no wedding planners hired so they’re doing all of this organizing alone. She’s worried she might forget a few details that can ruin the day but overall, she’s feeling really relaxed and doesn't want to stress about everything that she won’t get to enjoy the Big Day.

Here are some tips she shared if I ever get married myself.

Determine a budget.

There is a spending cap that you and your fiancé must adhere to. Decide in advance how much you're willing to spend above your means, and then whatever happens, make sure you won't deviate from it. All the planning and execution would follow once you've established your budget. The budget will serve as your yardstick for any significant decisions that you and your spouse will make.

Know what is off-limits for you and your partner to change.

The priority list must be created separately by you and your fiancé after the budget is finished. Make a list of the three to five necessities for your ideal wedding. You get to choose your non-negotiables, such as the wedding band of your dreams or a certain designer for your dress.

You must then arrange your budget so that it allows you to complete the priority list after deciding this.

Choose a dress code over a color scheme.

You don't want your visitors to be stressed out, and neither should you if you don't want to be. They'll probably struggle to stick to a color scheme and end up having to acquire new attire only for the wedding. Decide on a dress code, such as smart casual, cocktail attire, or a long gown, although we strongly advise against sticking with a hue any longer. However, the venue setup may benefit from the color scheme.

Pick a date.

The moment you say yes to your fiance, you can already make sure this important decision is sealed in from the beginning. It's important to consider your friends and family's availability on the occasion. It shouldn't take place during the week or at a time that is inconvenient for everyone at the party. Is there a noteworthy event that month that will fit the theme? What time of year have you chosen for your ideal wedding in the nation? How long do you still have to be ready for the wedding? Decide on a date, and then make a lot of important decisions that will go smoothly after that.

Protect your desired venue as much as you still can.

It is crucial that you decide where you will get married early on because the location will consume 50% of your expenditure. The location will be influenced by your theme and play a significant role in determining how many guests you can invite to the wedding. Will it be small-scale or lavish? Will you get married abroad or host it at home so that more guests can attend? Are there any pre-wedding events, and if so, can the location handle them? Wedding venues are usually hard to book because there are many couples fighting for limited slots.

Assign tasks.

It is indeed your wedding. Yes, it must be flawless. However, that does not imply you have to go it alone. Get a few more hands on the deck; you're going to need them. You must accept your limitations if you truly want to avoid forgetting anything during your wedding. Since you also work a 9 to 5 job, you cannot take care of every small thing. Develop the ability to trust others and assign duties to each of them. Making sure your ideal wedding takes place is one of the duties of your bridal party. Ask for their assistance, including your mom, sister, and even your fiance's parents. A second set of eyes and a helping hand will make it certain that you tick off everything that's needed come Wedding day.

As you start your adventure, cross out the following additional items:

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