How to Keep a Sunny Outlook during the Dreary Days of January

25 January 2020

It is common that people feel depressed and lazy during colder months. They find it difficult to stay awake. They also feel stressed all day long and face difficulty in doing their work. This happens because of the weather.

Winter days are shorter, which explains why people try going home early and stay at home for the rest of the day. They do fewer activities throughout the day, which makes them lazy.

Most people don’t know that they are depressed, lazy, and sleepy because of the winter. To avoid all these feelings, they start drinking more coffee or tea. However, this rarely gives beneficial results and only disturbs your night’s sleep.

To keep a sunny outlook during the days of January, first, make up your mind that you will combat these feelings. Then, after making up your mind, start changing your habits of winter. You can see the change in a few days.

How to Keep a Sunny Outlook during the Dreary Days of January

Make Winter Days Longer

You can do this by exposing yourself to bright light. The bright light makes your mind think that it is from the sun. When you use this tactic, you will feel that days become longer. Do this, especially in winter evenings when you feel sleepy.  

You can purchase a lightbox. Use it in the morning and evening. Since the days grow shorter during winter, it can disturb your sleeping cycle. Less sunlight leads to the production of hormones called melatonin. These hormones make you feel sleepy.

Also, if you get time, go for a walk in the sunlight. You can open your curtains and blinds to let sunlight into your house or office. Try to do outdoors in natural light as much as possible. You can just go for lunch by walking in the daylight.

Take a Good Night Sleep

Proper, undisturbed sleep is important to avoid tiredness after waking up. In the colder months, people usually sleep more than they do during the summer because of the long nights and cold weather. But if you sleep more, you’re more likely to feel lazy after waking up.

We don’t need to sleep in winter, like in summer. An undisturbed sleep of eight hours is more than enough for you in cold days. Make your room comfortable to get a good night’s sleep. Before sleeping, shut off any devices emitting blue light, and sleep on a warm and comfortable bed.

Make Yourself Active

Exercise is a great way to reduce feeling dizzy and lazy. It may feel difficult to exercise in tired winter days. Nonetheless, you will be astonished as to how quickly it energizes your body. Exercise will help you lower early evening fatigue. It will also improve your sleeping cycle.

Winter is your chance to experience different activities that you wouldn’t be able to during the summer because of the hot weather. Try to experience them in cold evenings. This will make your body active while also allowing you to achieve your goal of beating laziness.

The best exercise you can perform in winter is skating. This will be fun, and you will feel less tired after skating. Try to perform any activity in winter if you can’t find the time to exercise regularly. Activities like playing badminton or football make your mind and body active.

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy

Food can make you feel dizzy in winters. People who are underweight or overweight experience fluctuating energy levels. In addition, it is important to eat a balanced diet.

In winters, your craving for food increases, which is alarming. You have cravings for more starchy food like bread, potatoes, and pasta. Try to add vegetables and fruits to your daily meals. Vegetables like carrots, turnips, and parsnips help you feel warm in winters.

Try to eat fruits that are seasonal fruits of winter. Also, add dry fruits to your daily diet. They make your body warm in winter.

You May Have a Health Condition

It is common for everyone to feel tired and slow down when winters come. However, some people face these feelings because of medical conditions. Many health issues can cause tiredness, which needs to be treated.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a health condition in which you feel a lack of energy, depending on the time of the year. It is not common among people and found in 1 out of 15 people. You can treat this psychological issue.

If you feel tired, all year, not only in the winter, and it is severe, then you may have signs of chronic fatigue syndrome. Anemia is another medical issue in which you feel tired and sleepy all day.