How the Standing Desk Converter Makes Remote Work Easier

29 May 2020

Sheltering in place brings with it a host of new advantages and drawbacks for employees. If you are not an essential worker, chances are you are doing remote work. Let’s admit it, some days work from home can be awesome, and there are days where it can stretch for hours on end. Now experts say that it is not healthy to sit for long hours. In this scenario, a standing desk converter can make the situation better.

It looks like remote work is here to stay

The Chicago Tribune said that the pandemic has brought the “watershed moment” for work from home. Remote work is not a bad option considering that it allows more flexibility for employees. But there can be a glitch in an otherwise great setup: Most workers do not have an ergonomic workstation. You know what we are talking about: You sit on your couch, bed, or kitchen chair while working on your laptop.

This is something that you should consider because your body will suffer if you work for long hours with the wrong posture. Expect tension headaches, back strain, and neck pain to come knocking.  Do not be surprised if your wrists start to complain because of poor typing habits.

Go ergonomic with a standing desk converter

If you have work from home perks, that’s great news! But even if you don’t, do yourself a favor by investing in ergonomic office fixture. If you want a retrofit project, we suggest that you buy a standing desk converter instead. It will give you the benefit of a sit-stand desk with an affordable price tag.

Here are more reasons how a desk converter works for deskbound workers:

  1. It can transform your health – You might be clocking in less than 1,000 steps now that you do not have to go outside of your home to work. That might harm your body’s overall health. But with the desk, you can spend less time sitting and more time standing or doing stretches. In time, you will notice that your body is not as stiff anymore. Your friends and family might notice your improved posture, too.
  2. It will prevent “microtraumas” – Okay, so you do not feel much pain now. That’s good. But the tiny strains might get back to us and set up the body with long-term ailments.  This is the truth of the matter, and it should not be ignored. A desk converter will help you to work with a neutral and relaxed position. If you need a guide to make good posture a habit, read this article.
  3. It can help with non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) - These are the small activities that we spend energy on that do not fall under the same category as sleeping, eating, or sports. Examples would be walking around your home office, tapping your toes, or moving your eyes. With the standing desk converter, doing NEAT would be easier for you since you have the option to stand or sit throughout the day. The main goal is to move regularly and vary the posture every hour or so to avoid strains.

Pay attention to your body

The idea is to be conscientious about how to protect the body. If you feel any pain, that should be a warning that something is amiss. Investing in ergonomic furniture such as the standing desk converter will help alleviate any pain and will give you more ways to look after your health even while you work.  Being mindful of our posture and movement will be a beneficial skill as remote work becomes a part of the new normal.