How Helpful are Standing Desks in Losing Weight?

31 July 2023

Sitting may be comfortable, but it's time to kick that chair to the curb! Standing desks are here to save the day, helping you dodge the perils of prolonged sitting and maybe even shed a few pounds along the way. Picture yourself as a sleek, calorie-burning machine, effortlessly maintaining your posture and balance like a fitness ninja. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but standing desks do pack some weight-loss potential.

The standing desk craze has taken the office world by storm, with promises of a healthier and slimmer you. But before you ditch your comfy chair for good, let's dive into the truth behind these upright workstations.

The Big 'Calorie-Burn' Question

Now, let's be real. Standing desks won't turn you into a calorie-burning furnace overnight. It's not like you'll stand at your desk and suddenly melt away like the wicked witch of the west. Studies show that using a standing desk for an entire day burns just about the same calories as a 15-minute walk. Don't worry; the wicked witch comparison was just a bit of fun – no witchcraft required.

The Slow and Steady Win

Sure, the calorie-burning power of a standing desk might not be that impressive, but it's like the saying goes: slow and steady wins the race. The little bit of extra calorie burn does add up over time, helping you shed those pesky pounds. And hey, it's way better than nothing!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Now, here's the secret sauce – combining your standing desk with other healthy habits is the key to success. Don't expect to become a Greek god or goddess just by standing up all day. Make friends with a healthy diet, join forces with regular exercise, and you've got yourself a winning team.

Power Up with NEAT

No, we're not talking about being "neat" and tidy; we're talking about Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT). It's the energy you burn without hitting the gym, like tapping your feet, doing the cha-cha while waiting for the coffee machine, or just fidgeting like it's going out of style. Standing up increases your NEAT, which can help boost your overall calorie burn.

Goodbye Back Pain, Hello Posture

Beyond the calorie game, standing desks have other perks too! If you suffer from pesky back pain, you might find that standing gives your aching back some much-needed relief. Plus, standing desks can help you channel your inner model, straightening up your posture and making you look like a confident superstar.

Healthier Heart, Happier You

Sitting too much has been linked to a laundry list of health issues, from heart disease to diabetes. But fear not! By ditching that chair, you'll be doing your heart a favor and reducing your risk of developing these nasty conditions.

A Match Made in Heaven or Not for Everyone?

As much as we love standing desks, they're not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you've got health conditions like high blood pressure or pesky varicose veins, it might be best to stay seated. Always consult with your doctor before making the switch, especially if you've got any health concerns.

The Standing Desk Starter Kit

Ready to take the plunge into the upright world of standing desks? Here are some tips to kick-start your standing journey:

Start with baby steps: Don't go all-in from the get-go. Start by standing for short periods and gradually increase the time.

Time to wiggle: Set a timer to remind yourself to take breaks, wiggle those hips, and do a little dance. It's all about staying active!

H2O is the way to go: Stay hydrated! Drinking water helps keep you full and focused.

Stretch it out: Take mini-stretching breaks throughout the day. Your body will thank you for it.

Standing Desk Recommendations

FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

Introducing the mighty E7 desk – the epitome of stability and strength! This desk is not here to play around; it means business when it comes to handling your workload. With BIFMA certification under its belt, you can rest assured that it's as stable as a rock.

What's the secret to its smooth lifting magic? A scientific design that leaves no room for gaps, reducing them to an impressive 0.05 mm. Say goodbye to wobbly desks and hello to seamless adjustments.

Its legs are no slouch either – they're thicker than the average desk legs, making this bad boy capable of handling not one, but two people with ease. And if you're worried about the weight, fear not! It can support a whopping 355 pounds like it's no big deal.

This desk is no stranger to durability tests. It breezed through a whopping 20k motion tests at the FlexiSpot lab, proving its mettle. So rest assured, this desk is built to go the distance, no matter how much you throw at it.

Style and substance come together in the E7's sleek design. Thanks to laser welding, this desk boasts a frame that's not just sturdy but oh-so-sophisticated. No holes here – just a flawlessly beautiful leg construction.

Oh, and did we mention the colors? The E7 is like a chameleon that won't fade away. Its anti-wear coating and temperature resistance keep the colors poppin' for years to come.

Adjustability is the name of the game – this desk goes from a cozy 22.8" to an impressive 48.4". So whether you're a towering 6'4" or a petite 4'2", you'll find your perfect fit.

And let's talk about organization – this desk has got your back. An integrated cable management system keeps those pesky cords in check, leaving your workspace neat and tidy.

A quality keypad with four height settings, USB charging ports, and a child-lock button are all included. This desk is like a Swiss Army knife of functionality, ready to tackle all your needs.

So there you have it – the E7 desk, a powerhouse of stability, style, and adjustability

FlexiSpot Pro Standing Desk (E5)

Introducing the FlexiSpot E5, a desk on a mission to revolutionize your work experience! With its top-notch motor technology, this desk is as user-friendly as it gets. Picture the dynamic duo of a dual-motor lifting system and a double crossbeam structure teaming up to give you a rock-solid and hassle-free desk experience. Stability? Check!

No need to stress about the weight – the FlexiSpot E5 can handle up to 220 pounds like a pro, both at its highest height and on the move. No sagging, no wobbling – just pure desk perfection!

Get ready for the ultimate tech treat. This desk comes with a sit-stand reminder, letting you set your productivity timer anywhere from 0 to 99 minutes. Talk about a personal assistant for your productivity! And that's not all – the advanced keypad panel boasts three height presets for quick and seamless adjustments. Who knew a desk could be so intuitive?

Safety first! The FlexiSpot E5 is like a ninja, equipped with an anti-collision feature that knows how to dodge obstacles like a boss. No desk disasters here!