Health Rumors You Seriously Need to Stop Believing

06 September 2019

To a great extent, your lifestyle determines your state of health, and your workplace is where you spend a significant part of your life. Additionally, what you do, how you work, how you sit, and what you believe about your health, influences your body. However, within all this, separating facts from health rumors or myths is most important for developing good health. Let’s take a look at some of the myths that people commonly believe, some of which may not have adverse effects on your health.

Health Rumor 1: Consuming too much sugar will give you diabetes.

While there are studies that claim this to be true, there is no direct evidence to prove this. Besides, if you are at your desk all day, having something sweet can help your brain work better and ensure that you are active.

Health Rumor 2: Drinking cold water after meals can give you cancer.

When working in an office environment, it’s likely that you will be given a cold drink, especially if there is an office lunch indoors. You don’t need to worry about getting cancer because cold water may have other effects, but it certainly does not cause cancer.

Health Rumor 3: It’s okay to follow the 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second rule states that if you drop food on the floor, it is still fit for consumption if you pick it up within 5 seconds. And working in a highly clean environment might lead you to think that that’s an acceptable rule. However, nothing could be further from the truth because germs of all kinds can cling to that food within a nano-second, let alone 5 seconds.

Health Rumor 4: Antiperspirants cause breast cancer.

Nothing can be further from the truth. And if you work in an office environment, you might certainly want to make sure you use antiperspirants, given that you will have a lot of people working near you, in close proximity. So, you can go ahead and smell great all day by using antiperspirants without any fear.

Health Rumor 5: Cracking your fingers can cause arthritis

It’s a pretty common sight to find people cracking their fingers when they are processing any thoughts during a task. Contrary to common conception, this does not cause arthritis. The sound of fingers cracking may be disconcerting for some, but a person’s fingers don’t really crack. The sound is caused by fluid gushing into neighboring finger cavities.

Health Rumor 6: Standing will give you varicose veins

Standing too long can cause leg pain and other issues, but to say that this causes varicose veins is wrong. In fact, this sort of myth will lead you to question standing work stations. These kinds of work stations are now considered among the best solutions to avoid more serious ailments such as heart disease, as it enables better circulation and constant movement while you work.

Health Rumor 7: A stool will help you to develop better posture when working

A stool will not only prevent you from developing good posture; it will ensure slouching too. This is why some of the best ergonomic office furniture has been developed – these chairs help you develop proper posture when sitting, especially when you have to work for long hours.

Health Rumor 8: Well-designed office chairs are the perfect solution for your health issues

While well-designed chairs, even some of the best ergonomic office furniture, are great for your posture and can alleviate back issues, it’s not a complete solution. While there are significant benefits of ergonomic office furniture, standing desk solutions allow you to lose weight, thereby, lowering the chances of cardio-related issues.

Health Rumor 9: Using a standing desk increases fatigue

Not true! A standing desk actually tends to increase your energy levels because you’re already geared for action since you’re already in a non-rest position. You’re automatically more alert, and you can even test this out by examining your own actions when you attempt to start running from a standing position and from a rest (sitting position).

Health Rumor 10: Accidents just happen, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent them.

No, accidents don’t just happen, and a little care and knowledge of care in this regard can go a long way. According to research, more than 99% of all accidents can be prevented. Workplace health and safety units in businesses exist for a reason. The validity is justified based on data that proves the benefits of accident prevention in the workplace. Remember, ‘safety’ is a word of action, which means that something can be done to prevent accidents from occurring.

Health Rumor 11: Corporate safety training won’t help boost workplace safety.

Contrary to common perception, corporate safety training helps to reduce the number of accidents, and it also helps with managing emergency situations when accidents do occur. Most employees and management are usually keen to possess knowledge of action plans for preventative measures as well as for emergencies.

Health Rumor 12: Vapes are safe for use in the workplace.

Most workplace health and safety mechanisms deemvaping to be as hazardous as other forms of passive smoking. Not just that, it is most annoying for others when you have an aroma only you may enjoy. Moreover, vaping is as hazardous to an active smoker as cigarettes are. Apart from that, vaping devices have been known to explode during usage, and can harm a user severely.


As demonstrated above, you can see how many health-related rumors are floating around. It’s important to understand why they hold no significance, and why the facts matter. Investigating each point closely reveals that these rumors pose a threat to your health, some of which can result in major health issues in the long-run.