Health Risks Associated with Playing Popular Google Goodle Games

13 May 2020

The Rise of the Popular Google Doodle Games

Google has recently published its interactive google doodle games to entertain people during this coronavirus pandemic. The company will be releasing a total of 10 games from the past, where one of its playable doodle was a tribute to the legendary computer game PAC-MAN, which is also celebrating its 30th anniversary. 

The other nine games to be enjoyed are Coding for Carrots, Cricket, Fischinger, Rockmore, Garden Gnomes, Scoville, Loteria, Halloween, and Hip Hop.

To start, click on the doodle and it will show you results for ‘popular Google Doodle games', along with a ‘Play' button and click it. You can play both on your keyboard, tablet, and on your smartphone. Just like the classic PAC-MAN version, all you have to do is eat all the flashing dots without running into the ghosts. The game features the original PAC-MAN’s graphics and sounds, and the original ghosts’ personalities.

These popular google doodle might be an enjoyable experience, but there are also associated with health risk if playing popular google doodle games becomes an obsession. 

What are the possible downside of too much playing online games?

1.    Behavioral and mental changes

Now that we spend a lot of our time inside the house, binge-watching, reading, and learning how to cook, we are learning to adapt this self-isolation, with no one to talk to, and enjoy other usual things we do on our free time. During these times, there’s a possibility that we easily lose interest in things you used to love, and we become irritated even in small things. We are more anxious than ever before - and spending hours on playing google doodle play may worsen if not played in moderation.

2.    Poor vision

Not only does playing google doodle for long hours causes irritability and anxiety, but it can also lead the possibility of having a poor vision. Health experts say that getting more screen time from a close distance contributes towards myopia and also negatively affects the ability to sleep and get a good deep sleep.

3.    Neck pain and back pain

When we slouch and look down on our screen for a long period of time, it can put a great deal of stress on the spine. According to health and lifestyle experts, the pain can be alleviated by a correct posture and not overspending time on playing these games. Experts Take breaks from using a computer, stand up, stretch your legs, back, shoulders and arms.

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