The New FlexiSpot Smart Workstation: Relieve Pain While Boosting Productivity

17 September 2019

FlexiSpot is pleased to introduce another innovative new product: the stylish, sit-stand EM6S Smart Workstation. The EM6S may be the perfect gateway into creating a sit-stand working environment. Today we’ll discuss the features and perks that create the ideal mix of productivity, style and spine health.

Unique Features of the EM6S

The FlexiSpot EM6S smart workstation is placed on top of an existing, traditional desk to convert it into a sit-stand capable workstation. It boasts a wide range of features, including:

Motorized Motion. Simply press the conveniently located up/down buttons to lift and lower the workstation, enabling work in a standing or seated position. Many traditional workstations have traditionally been manually adjustable, but our automatic, electric operation is a rising trend.

Straight Up and Down Movement. This space-saving workstation rises and folds vertically, within its own footprint, rather than using simultaneous forward or backward motion. This saves valuable desk space and provides better stability while in motion.

Smart Design. The all-white design is clean and modern but also offers superior function along with its style. Cutouts on either side offer supply storage that’s convenient without looking cluttered, and a USB plug in the back offers extra connectivity.

EM6S Technical Specifications

This desktop workstation is height adjustable from 5.9” to 16.5”. The workstation surface measures 25.9” deep and 25” wide at its widest point, yet the base is only 17.7” deep and 20.9” wide – saving space on the desktop footprint.

The monitor stand has a 33 pound weight capacity and the keyboard tray a 22 pound weight capacity, for a total load capacity of 55 pounds. Each workstation comes with a three-year warranty.

Advantages of the Desktop Workstation

Whatever your primary criteria for selecting a sit-stand solution, the EM6S smart workstation is a smart choice. If your office is just getting into standing while working, this desktop workstation is a great way to start out when compared to its more expensive height adjustable desk counterpart. The lower starting investment helps to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

On a related note, since this standing desk converter comes with a dual level optimized monitor and keyboard height, users can achieve proper posture with minimal added equipment – such as the monitor arms and keyboard trays that are sometimes necessary on traditional standing desks. Simplicity of set-up is a big perk.

Additionally, office employees can use the EM6S with their existing desks – no rearranging the floor plan, redecorating or hauling away of furniture that’s still in fine working condition.

A Smart Habit: Health Benefits from Standing at Work

Using a standing desk or workstation offers significant physical and mental health benefits.

Standing at regular intervals throughout the work day helps to strengthen muscles in the core and legs, which is essential to overall strength and crucial to preventing spinal injury - as opposed to constant sitting, which reduces spine alignment and muscle symmetry. Standing also reduces the propensity to slouch because of the greater awareness it brings to posture, opening up the shoulders and helping to keep neck and back pain minimized.

Studies have also shown that standing while working improves mood and energy and decreases reported stress and fatigue as compared with only sitting. This, in turn, helps to boost productivity as well – an increase of over 50% was seen in at least one case study when standing desks were introduced over a period of just a few months!

The flexibility to raise and lower a workstation as needed allows employees to tailor their environment to the task – perhaps they’ll stand to make phone calls to feel energized and upbeat and sit to carefully proofread or analyze data, working out the mind while letting the body rest.

Employees’ freedom to customize their working environment and position boosts morale, productivity and health – a win for all involved. Consider offering your office that opportunity with the FlexiSpot EM6S Smart Workstation!