This Standing Desk Riser Goes Up And Down, But Your Productivity And Health Will Only Go Up

30 October 2018

Many years ago, I spent a summer interning at a place at which all the workers had standing desks. Well, it would be accurate to call it a rising desk. When you needed to stand, you could raise it to a level so you could stand and work. When you needed to sit, you could lower it to typical office drone desk level. As someone who has always suffered from back problems, this was a game changer. Typically, at the end of a long work day sitting (and sometimes slumping) in my office chair, I’d have an ever-so-slight back pain I’d self-medicate with either an Advil or a stiff drink. The summer I could spend part of the day standing? No back pain. It was a minor miracle.

Unfortunately, no job I’ve had since then has provided standing desks for their employees. Ergo, more slouching, more back pain, etc. And not only does sitting down for too long lead to bad posture, it also leads to back work habits. It is so easy to lose focus when you are sitting in one place staring at a backlit screen for hours and hours on end each day.

Then, just this month, I got this rising desk from FlexiSpot. It is a tabletop device you set upon your regular desk to turn it into a standing desk. When it first arrived, I figured it would be a pain to set up. I could not have been more wrong. While it comes with a detailed set of instructions making sure nothing could go awry in the process, “setting it up” was as easy as taking it out of the box and putting it on top of my desk. There is a subsequent step in which you can attach the keyboard tray it comes with. The keyboard tray is quite useful if you use a keyboard at your desk (and especially useful for achieving the optimum height differential between your typing and your screens). But my favorite part about it it how easily removable it is. I don’t use a separate keyboard besides my laptop. No problem! No keyboard, no gratuitous appendage jutting out at me. (If I ever make the switch to a real keyboard, I have the keyboard tray handy in my office for when the time arrives).

I can’t recommend this standing desk riser enough. I am encouraging anyone who works at a desk eight hours a day to get one. With the code FLXSPT10 you can get an additional 10 percent off the current sale price of $290 (and 30 percent off the original price of $376).

Normally $376, this standing desk riser is a total of 30 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Riser on sale for $260.99 with code FLXSPT10

This #1 bestselling standing desk riser has made me the envy of my entire workplace. All throughout the day, people stop in my office to ooh and aah at my new device. “WOW! It’s so spacious!” one said. (It’s a full 35 inches wide). “And you can move it up and down however much you want?!” queried another. (Yes, it locks at 12 different vertical heights).

When some of my co-workers heard that I would be sharing a discount code with Daily Dealer readers, they immediately implored me to let them know what it is, so they could all get one for themselves. If you want to make your whole office jealous, this is a surefire way to do so.

FlexiSpot says this will improve productivity by nearly 50 percent. Honestly, using my own workload in the past week as a case study, I would argue that FlexiSpot is selling itself short. This increases productivity A TON. It relieves pains in your back and neck. It shapes your body (both in posture and in calorie-burning). It even helps circulate blood. This product is a real winner. Get yours today before the code expires on November 10.

You can purchase this standing desk converter for just $260.99 with the code FLXSPT10 at either Amazon or FlexiSpot.com.

Photo via FlexiSpot.com

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