Gracefully Letting Go of Work to Fully Enjoy a Vacation

20 January 2023

You’re on your way to the airport for a quick Hawaii trip but your boss is still calling you asking for the final report that you turned over yesterday. The cab finally gets to the airport and a client of yours is demanding a presentation you thought you already have agreed upon would be submitted a week after your trip. And then before reaching the long queue of fellow passengers entering the airport, your mom calls to ask if you’ve already dropped off the week’s laundry at the laundromat.

You just want a minute of peace away from your phone but then your workmate decided to call you using a different number asking for files you don’t have access to because you are out of the office.

Can’t you just have a vacation without anything in mind? How can you even leave the office in peace and make sure that work won’t be bothering you while on vacation but also at the same time that work won’t be overwhelming when you return to the office?

First off, you should file your leave way ahead and make sure people know that you are going on vacation during those dates. And since you will be on vacation, you have to work extra hard a month before to make sure all your tasks are ticked off.

Second, if there are any last-minute assignments, it shouldn’t be hard to delegate them to someone else since you made sure that everyone is on-the-loop about your vacation. Make sure that your out-of-office e-mail is also prepared. You have every right not to reply to any calls or messages from clients, colleagues, or superiors if you filed your leave properly and it was acknowledged by the management. If anyone faults you for your “absence,” show them your approved leave.

Third is to already have a plan when you return to the office. Let your workmates know what you are going to do once you’re back from vacation so that they know when they can expect certain outputs from you.

Fourth is to invest in tools that will help you be the most efficient and productive. Ergonomic pieces can help you focus, stay alert, and finish more outputs. Here are pieces that can help do just that without giving you the burnout feeling:

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top-48”

This standing desk boasts a smooth and easy transition from 28.3” to 47.6” It takes up minimal floor space which will be perfect for those with small homes or limited space for a work area. Even then, it still features a spacious desktop measuring 48” x 24”. The legs are made of powder-coated steel tubing that is scratch and stain-resistant.

This desk can easily fit a laptop, keyboard, mouse, paperwork, desk accessories, and two monitors. The control panel allows you to program four-height memory presets and also comes with USB ports. It has an anti-collision function that ensures your objects or devices are protected while the desktop is in motion.

Sit-Stand desk Converter M7-32”

Instantly upgrade your workstation with a desk converter. This particular product has a spacious 31.5” wide work surface that can easily fit two 24” monitors and a 28.4” wide quick-release keyboard tray. It makes use of high-powered gas springs that makes adjusting the height of the product smooth and stable. It is specially engineered with a bracing system that can respond immediately to rapid falls even if the desk is at full capacity. For extra safety, the desktop comes with rubber crash-prevention pads and the legs have protective rubber feet. You can easily install a monitor mount, thanks to the product’s integrated monitor mounting grommet.

V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike

You would really be thankful for a chair that can boost your energy at any time and also check off your workout requirement for the day, especially when you feel sluggish at work, during the afternoons when the day has dragged out for too long and there are many distractions around you. Thoughts of you on vacation might also slow down your pace.

This FlexiSpot product has comfortable pedals that hardly make any noise during pedaling, meaning it can be used comfortably even while in meetings and having the other partner around the room. The bike features a calorie tracker to monitor your progress and a customizable cardio with adjustable resistance levels. The height of the seat can be adjusted according to your desire and the removable keyboard tray may be used as a desktop. It’s compact and reliable which FlexiSpot customers love. If you’re having trouble staying consistent with your workouts, then this desk bike is a great work companion because it won’t feel like you’re working out while finishing your job tasks. What it can do is even energize you more to work.

Final Word

Let yourself know that you deserve your vacation. If you have been working hard for the past year or even a few months, know that you deserve the break. If you finished all of your commitments, get rid of the guilt that you are passing on tasks to other people just for your vacation. You already did your part so tap yourself on the shoulder for it. There’s nothing more you can do but enjoy, relax, refresh, and recharge. If anything, this vacation will even help your company optimize you. Since you are in a better condition, both in terms of your mind and body, you will have a better work performance once you return to the office.

So let go of your work and have fun! Trust that the people left can do their jobs right and they too will have the time for a vacation themselves.

Rest is essential for all of us. If we just continue working without getting proper rest, then we are most likely going to suffer from burnout. This is a situation that you don’t want to find yourself in because it won’t be good for you and the company.