Gaining Direction at a Time of Chaos

05 August 2022

There comes a time in our lives when we question what we are doing.

We look back at everything we’ve done in life and ask ourselves, “What have I done?” “Where am I now?” There are a few blessed ones who are already living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. And while there are many, the rest of us still can’t quite grasp what we are to do in this world.

Some of us might be looking for meaning and a deeper purpose in our chosen vocation. Some of us might have been working on a dream for years, but it still feels so farfetched. Many of us crave happiness, contentment, and peace of mind. Many have been doing good and choosing kindness but are already tired of not being able to achieve the success they’ve been aiming for.

If you are in this thought cloud, your days may have been dark lately. You must have been struggling to continue working every day when your mind is elsewhere. You might have more questions than answers. You might be getting tired of living and trying.

Here are some tips on how you can get by:

1. Appreciate the little things, and celebrate small wins.

Your mind’s tendency at the moment is to look at the negative of everything and lose sight of the positive side. You forget that it’s already a blessing to be alive for another day and be with your loved ones. You forget that it’s already a blessing that you have food on your table and a roof over your head. You forget that it’s a blessing that you have work and you can pay your bills. You forget to be thankful that someone gave you a hug today or told you how beautiful you are. You forget about the light that you provide to others because you only see what you aren’t able to do. Practice gratitude. Say thank you for the little things. Write down three things that you are grateful for every day. Smile.

2. Reevaluate your goals.

Change is the only thing that is permanent in this world, and your goals will change every day. It’s completely valid if you don’t want to do anymore what you’ve always thought you’ve wanted to do. You can change your mind anytime if it has been destroying your mental health for quite some time. Or you can take a break. The most important thing is, to be honest with yourself. Ask the hard questions. Why do you really want to achieve it? If you are not able to achieve it, will you regret it?

Another piece of advice is not to act based on your immediate emotions. Before you let go of something, think and consider all factors first so that you won’t live a life of regret.

3. Just do it.

You may seem as if you’re crippled and can’t do anything. But if you just stare into nothingness and allow your thoughts to get the best of you, then your life will be at a standstill. Just do one task at a time and let time be your truth-teller. You will know in the coming weeks and months if something is really right for you or not. Trust the process. Don’t rush time.

4. Always choose to do good.

We often hear the saying, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” You might be feeling hopeless and just want to do something hastily or the quick but not the good way. Trust us when we say it’s not going to be worth it in the end. It’s easy to do the bad thing and hurt people in the process, but you’d find out, sooner or later, that it’s not going to give you the happiness that you are seeking. It won’t be fulfilling when you’ve hurt others for it. It won’t give you the peace of mind if you do something bad and become successful as opposed to doing something good even if you end up being a nobody by societal standards. Always choose to do god because no matter what the laws of human society are, kindness and love would prevail.

5. Live in the present.

Professionals always say this, but it’s one of those things that are easier said than done. If you are depressed or anxious, it’s even harder to live in the present when your mind is in constant overdrive. What you can do is to focus on your surroundings. Identify colors so that you feel present in reality. Pay attention to your senses. Look around you and hear the noise of the environment. Taste the flavors of your food. Actively listen to people you are with. Take deep breaths. Smile. Laugh. Dance. Live.

6. Do things that make you happy.

Do not get stuck and let your thoughts control you. If you are not able to manage your thoughts in the here and now, chances are you will still be seeking other things in the future. So do the things that make you happy at present.

For example, you are working on your body so that you can wear a bikini on the beach. You wait, and you wait before you do it, and once you’ve lost the weight, you still don’t feel 100% good about yourself because you don’t have the perfect body of a model. You do you. Do what makes you happy.

7. Invest in the right tools to help you do things when your mind is not in its best state.

You feel much more powerful when you are equipped with the right tools. For instance, you can become more focused and alert when you work on a standing desk or an ergonomic chair that reduces your muscle aches. You can improve your posture with a standing desk converter or continue exercising while at work with a desk bike. Invest in yourself so that you can keep moving forward when it’s been dark lately in your head.

The storm shall pass too. And once it’s over, there’ll be a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow. Stay strong. You got this!