Flexispot Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

12 November 2021

Do you hear the repeating playlist of Christmas jingles, bells clinking, and families chattering about the coming holidays?

Yes, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s about time to bid the busy year goodbye. People celebrate the holidays differently. Some travel to bucket-list destinations while others prepare their voyage home to see the family they haven’t been with for the longest time. Some just stay put but are looking at a busy schedule of family dinners, friendly catch-ups, and gift-exchanging parties. 

You could smell the aroma of roasted turkey from the kitchen; hear tipsy conversations from fully occupied tables; wander at streets lined with stores covered with Christmas decor, and bump into shoppers with their hands full of paper bags from holiday sale deals they scored. 

Cash is flowing with work bonuses and 13th-month paychecks incoming. Businesses are on the mission to clean up their inventory and take advantage of the high demand during this season. Why would we complain about sales anyway? With the spirit of sharing and caring alive, everyone deserves to be rewarded with a treat. If you’re looking to shop for gifts, either for yourself or a loved one, better prepare those wallets because it will be another holiday shopping madness. 

People always look forward to two big annual sales: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These two sales events come right after Thanksgiving, which falls on Thursday, the 25th of November this year. The next day is Black Friday and the Monday after the weekend, the 29th is Cyber Monday.

Black Friday

It may come as a shocker to you but when Black Friday was first used in 1869, it had nothing to do about Christmas shopping. On the contrary, it was a dark day for the U.S. stock market. Prices plummeted to the ground and crashed the market, a dark moment that was felt by the American economy for years to come. 

It was only during the 1950s to the 1960s did the term Black Friday surfaced again in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Police Department described the holiday traffic caused by shoppers as Black Friday. It was also hated by salesmen who wanted to extend their Thanksgiving holiday weekend so what they would usually do is call in sick. In the end, there were more customers than salesmen in stores. 

There was an attempt to change the image of Black Friday in 1961. Retailers worked to replace the word “Black” with “Big” but sadly, the name didn’t have a recall. But their efforts were not put into vain because today, “Black” in Black Friday is not seen negatively. It is more commonly associated with the black ink retailers get from big sales turnouts. 

Cyber Monday

The National Retail Federation (NRF) gave birth to “Cyber Monday” in an attempt to refer to the online shopping frenzy that soared back in 2005. 

Smartphones were on the rise during the early 2000s that sparked growth for the e-commerce industry. It was easier than any time in history to go online shopping.

Brick and mortar stores earn a lot every year from Black Friday, making online stores clamor for a holiday sale of the same status. The NRF responded by making the Monday after Black Friday an official online sales event. Online shopping sites gave major discounts to consumers, extending the Thanksgiving sales weekend for another day. 

When it was just starting out, some people saw Cyber Monday as the day that sells unwanted items during Black Friday. For some consumers, this meant they were getting the discarded pile but sales trend followers throughout the years say that this is not the case. According to trends, retailers have carved out separate sales for both major events, and each has positive turnouts every year. Cyber Monday is already a calendar event for many shoppers. 

One way to take advantage of these major sales is to buy the things you won’t normally buy on a regular day. It’s more practical to buy these things at a discount, invest in luxury items, and buy quality at a better price point.

FlexiSpot joins Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

For its pre-Black Friday offer, FlexiSpot has put three electric height adjustable standing desk frames on a discount this coming November 15 to November 25. This is your time to finally start that DIY electric height adjustable standing desk. It’s cheaper and you get the same function as a built electric height adjustable standing desk would give you. 

All the frames feature double steel tubing to ensure maximum stability at all height points. It’s covered with a thicker and more durable powder coating that makes the surface scratch, water, and stain-resistant. It also guarantees a whisper-quiet and stable motor while lifting and lowering the desktop. All of these promises a smooth and comfortable transition from sitting down to standing up. It’s also easy to control with a two-button up and down keypad. 

From CA$269.99, you may get the EG1-White for CA$189.99. From CA$279.99, you may get the EC1-V2 for CA$179.99. From CA$329.99, you may get the EQ3 for CA$279.99. 

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which will run from November 26 to November 29, there are five electric height adjustable standing desks and one standing desk converter for sale. These desks guarantee noise levels that are below 50 decibels, have dual-motor and anti-collision features and have a loading capacity of up to 275 pounds or 125 kilograms. 

From CAD449.99, you may get the EC1-V2+4224 at CAD329.99, EQ3+4824bamboo at CAD469.99, the EG1+4224 is CAD319.99, EG1-40 at CAD299.99, M7B at CAD159.99, and the EF1+4224 at CAD379.99. 

Final Thoughts 

Make the most out of your hard-earned money by buying quality at a discount. As a smart consumer, buy what you need and invest in items that will last you long. Do not miss major sales events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 as an opportunity to grab standing desks at a discount. It’s the same quality investment that you could get for less so why not, right?