Five Reasons Why Home Office Monitor Setup Is Important

20 May 2020

Likely, remote working is here to stay even if some states are already opening their doors and letting businesses run again. If you are one of those who do not need to go to your office, you might as well take the time to assemble your ideal home office monitor setup.

What Is a Monitor Setup?

A monitor setup is where you place your screens on an ergonomic arm that is strong and flexible. There are a lot of ways to do this: You can have a single, dual, or even multiple monitor setup. The number of screens that you will put up depends entirely on you, but you have to keep in mind that the setup should work for you and not against you.

You have to be mindful that the home office monitor setup should not cause strains on your back, neck, and eyes. Otherwise, the setup might backfire on you rather than help you out.

Let’s Talk Why It’s a Good Thing

But the good news is that if you do execute the home office monitor setup properly, you can harness its positive effects on work and leisure. Besides having less body pain, let us give you an overview of why you should aim for an ergonomic home office monitor setup:

  1. It will give you more desk space - If you want to maximize your space, you can mount your monitor on the wall for an extra desk area. If you want to set up multiple monitors, you can get a mount that can carry them all. Since the big monitors are all off the desk, there will now be more free areas for you to work on.
  2. You can configure the monitor’s position - A mount will allow you to swivel your monitor from horizontal to vertical and even more positions that you can think of. If the setup is not against the wall, you can even do a 360-degree swivel. This way you can move your screens exactly where you want them — or adjust their height or position whenever you need to.
  3. It fuels work efficiency -There are days when you have many things on your plate and it can be quite hampering to only have one screen to work on. Your computer screen is loaded with different tabs -- which can get confusing and time-consuming as you find your way to locate different information. But if you have a monitor mount, you can put one or two monitors on your wall so you can work on multiple screens all at once. You will be surprised how a home office monitor setup can increase your productivity.
  4. Works on improving posture - Having a home office monitor setup pays off because you can have the benefits of the sit-stand versatility. You can angle the monitors at a level where you are comfortable -- be it on a chair or on your feet.

 Maintaining good posture is vital for keeping your health in tiptop shape, more so that we are in the middle of the virus fight.

  1. It increases your focus - A great home office monitor setup can keep you from distractions. You have the choice to distribute your work on different screens before you or beside you. This can limit your field of vision, and keep you on track while working.  

Mount Your Monitors Now

FlexiSpot’s mounts and arms will be helpful as you go along in improving your home office. With these two, you will have complete freedom to reposition your monitors at a position and distance that is comfortable to you.

Feel the Difference With an Ergonomic Home Office

Building a home office can be a daunting experience but one of the most basic things that must be done is to incorporate ergonomics in the overall plan. Besides having a home office monitor setup, other ergonomic-friendly furniture will give you a more hospitable working atmosphere. For example, a height adjustable desk or chair will support your body either when you sit or stand. This can also lead to improved health and bolstered productivity and energy levels. Now that is a home office that is worth every cent!