Eight Facts Why You Will Choose FlexiSpot M7MB Among Other Brands

29 May 2020

The FlexiSpot M7MB is an amazing standing desk converter that will change the way you work! Add it to your workstation and you will save yourself from the adverse effects of a sedentary job. There are so many choices out there but we will give you more reasons why choosing the FlexiSpot M7MB among other brands will give you more value for money.


Experience the FlexiSpot M7MB Advantage

Besides the easy sit-stand switch, the FlexiSpot M7MB offers a bevy of benefits that will make your workstation a better place. Below are some of the reasons why this product, coupled with an anti-fatigue mat, will transform the way you grind:


  1. The FlexiSpot M7MB has a spacious surface; specifically it is about 35 inches wide. You can put dual screens on the desktop and still have enough space for other office essentials like papers and even an iPad. You do not have to worry that the things you put on top will topple over because it has a well-researched stability function. This product expands vertically within its footprint, which adds an extra shelf to your working space.
  2. A trusty standing desk converter must be able to give you the support that you and your office equipment need. The FlexiSpot M7MB will do that for you, no questions asked. The best thing is it goes up and down smoothly because it was designed with top-notch materials.
  3. Safety is always important, even more that you are in your home office. But you should not worry when you adjust the FlexiSpot M7MB because it has a strong gas spring and a safety lock and hooks when the table is fully lowered.\
  4. If you are working with a budget, the FlexiSpot M7MB is your best bet. It is one of the most low-cost options out there if you do not want to buy a new office table but want to enjoy the advantages of a sit-stand desk.
  5. The FlexiSpot M7MB is easy to use. It almost does not require any installation at all. All you have to do is to put the standing desk converter on your table and place the monitor, laptop, and keyboard on top of it. Voila! A standing desk converter is at your disposal.
  6. The keyboard tray of FlexiSpot M7MB offers plenty of space for a full-sized keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad. It has room for your wrists so you do not have to worry about any strain while you peck away at your computer’s control panel. It is also detachable so that you can adjust the angle and height that you want to work at.
  7. You need not worry about distracting noises when you lower or raise the FlexiSpot M7MB. Since it is a manual converter with top-quality mechanics, you can adjust it in a couple of minutes with minimal sounds. There is no need for you to endure unnecessary sounds that might emanate from activating a desk converter to another height.
  8. According to NBC News, a disorganized desk can affect our productivity level. But this cannot be helped if there are computer screens, laptops, and a bunch of papers that all need and call your attention. Thankfully, the FlexiSpot M7MB can help you organize your things. Place your computer screen and keyboard on the desk converter’s shelves so you can free some desk space. Another plus for you: The FlexiSpot M7MB comes with cable management straps that will help you arrange your cords for a more tidy space.


Try It For Yourself

A standing desk converter like the FlexiSpot M7MB bears the ergonomic edge that you need for your workspace. You can now sit and stand so you can avoid any pains from being tied to one position while working. This will help you improve your posture as you work, which will give you an improved mind and body. A healthier work routine will lead the way to a better version of yourself.