Could a minimalist standing desk setup change the way you work?

10 June 2021

For most office employees, work is a never-ending task, making them multitask and keeping track of dozens of projects all at once. Resulting in their minds and workspaces becoming easily cluttered and, in some cases, getting out of control. Pens, papers, computer equipment, and other devices all occupy desk space over time, and a lack of organizing creates clutter and chaos.

Clutter is bad for productivity, according to recent studies of the effects of the surroundings on our mental state. Clutter leads to distraction, reducing the ability to concentrate. It brings down your mood, most particularly someone who strives for cleanliness. It can bring down the worker’s motivation and productivity as well. Feelings of guilt and helplessness can occur as a result of clutter having a direct effect on the ability to work effectively.

Less clustering works in the same way that listening to music can boost productivity because of its mood-lifting effects. A cluttered environment greatly affects the quality and effectiveness of your work. Take control of your workspace and bring order and cleanliness to the workstation so you can do the best job that you can do.

This isn’t just about doing the best work. It’s about your health and happiness. Reducing clutter is a way to not only make your surroundings nice but to give yourself the care and happiness you deserve.

Minimalist desk setups have become popular in modern working environments to reduce clutter and boost productivity. It’s popular with gamers and creative types as well!

Definition of a minimalist standing desk setup

What is a minimalist standing desk setup? A minimalist desk setup should have none or minimal clutter on the desk surface. In the most stripped-down version, it must have only a monitor, a desktop computer or laptop, a keyboard and mouse on the desk, with everything else out of sight.

Clean lines and lots of white space are the basic characteristics of minimalism. The desktop space may be taken up by other tools and documents needed throughout the day, but it is temporary use only. These items have their permanent storage.

For the absolute bare minimum, have an empty desk except for your laptop hooked up to a power supply. The only disadvantage is that it may not be a good ergonomic solution as you might be hunched over.

Whether trying to make a Zen space in your home to focus on or simply tidying up your workspace in the office, here are some ideas on how to create an optimal minimalist desk setup.

Minimalist standing desk setup for home office

Making a home office setup will ultimately depend on your style. What characteristics are needed for your home decor while still making it as minimal as possible?

● If the desk is against a wall, try hanging photos and decorations on the wall behind it, putting them in stand-up frames on your desk. This takes the clutter off your desk, and something nice to look at on the wall in front of you.

● One way to lessen the clutter is to go wireless with a remote keyboard and mouse. Taking away the wires and cables will have a more modern look, updated feel, and remove the need for cable management. Tangled cables are unsightly and a source of frustration, especially for people with too many computer peripherals on their desk.

● Finally, when making your minimalist home office, make sure to keep it in its area for greater concentration and focus. A separate room would be ideal as this will ensure to maintain a quiet and minimal aesthetic away from everything else in your home.

● Set aside a part of any room as the designated workspace, ensure that space for work only. Make it as minimal and clean as possible, this will help your mindset to be in focused working mode when you sit down.

● For those with limited space, repurpose a part of the home to become a workstation by day and a recreation part of the home on evenings and weekends. 

● Regardless of the space, the actual office furniture chosen can make a huge difference. The ability to sit and stand throughout the day will give a whole new outlook on working. This will keep the aesthetic as clean and minimal as possible.

Other minimalist desk setup ideas

Whatever you do for work or play, there are lots of ways to keep the minimalist desk setup neat and organized.

● Get a compact filing cabinet to keep all your documents safe and accessible and within arm’s reach, without taking up too much space.

● Plants can also cheer up and energize any workspace, even fake plants can brighten up the workstation. Use neutral-colored or white planters for small and large office plants. Just a couple of small plants will be enough. This is to keep things as minimal as possible while still giving your workspace a lively look.

● Having a backlit desk can give the workstation a brighter, more modern look. A simple LED rope attached to the back of your desk with tape can make it look cool. Another benefit of having a backlit wall can make the monitor easier on the eyes and give it a bigger, more spacious feel.

● An LED desk lamp is an essential tool for the workstation. It’ll light up everything on your desk. Specialized lamps can be attached to the top of your monitor for optimal illumination without any glare on the computer screen.

● Keep food, drinks, and other non-work-related items away from your desk at all times. This can not only discipline yourself to concentrate at work in your workspace. It also gives you the chance to stand up and walk to a different area for anything else you need and perhaps take a short break. Keeping work and play separated is good for your productivity and mental health. It can also promote a minimalist work desk environment.

● Finally, get some small Bluetooth speakers, or if in an office, get some wireless Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth speakers and headphones take up less space and reduce dependency on wires, which adds to the clutter and disorganization of a workspace.

Final Thoughts:

Having less clutter in the workspace can clear your mind and be more organized. Since working from home can be more distracting than in an office, keeping a designated place for the home setup can eliminate outside noise and can work more productively.