Can't Relax from Work? Five Ways to Help You Unwind Easily

08 November 2019

With the advent of remote work, technology, and the fast-paced business world of the 21st century, it is reasonably easy for the lines between work and leisure to become blurred. Feeling trapped in a cycle of work without any time to relax and unwind is a common complaint among working individuals today. Most people are caught in a period of seemingly never-ending tasks and can't seem to escape. This could be severely dangerous for their productivity and output.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with work, it is best to take steps to capture your free time back. Forcing yourself to finish task after task in the hope of resting at the end is like walking in a tunnel and hoping for a light at the end. In this post, we will discuss some of the reasons you might be finding it hard to pull away from work and unwind. Some of these steps do not need any wild commitments. They are just simple changes to your lifestyle that would give you the best results.

If you are currently feeling swamped with work, here are some of the steps you can take to control your time again:

Plan your Work

Planning is vital to getting the right balance between work and rest. Making appropriate use of your time is key to overcoming spillovers, which would cut into your rest time. Every day, create a to-do list of all the things needed to be done for that day. Arrange these activities in order of most important to least important. This puts you on track and prevents you from wasting time on irrelevant things.

It is essential to strictly follow the list and work your way through all the tasks. If you are unable to finish some of the tasks, resist the temptation to take the work home with you. Assignments not completed should be added to the functions for the next day. Taking work home is an easy way to feel trapped in a never-ending work cycle. Prioritizing your time gives you room to relax and unwind.

Set Boundaries Between Work and Rest

Set clear boundaries between work and rest. Ensure that there is a time for both activities, and they do not cut into each other. Set time aside to rest, relax, and unwind. Eat, exercise, and sleep as these are healthy ways to prevent burnout. Put down specific times for rest on your calendar and stick to them devotedly. This should be the time you decompress and relieve yourself from the tension of work.

People are usually advised to remove all sources of distraction while working. The same is also required while resting. Remove all semblance of work. Avoid reading emails, sending or revealing work messages, and taking work calls. Taking deliberate steps to separate work and play would be beneficial to you down the line.

Disconnect from the Internet

The internet is an essential means of communication between people around the world. Both organizations and individuals use the internet to communicate with people daily. Most work communications are carried out through the use of the internet through emails and personal text messages.

To maximize your rest periods, disconnect from the internet to prevent yourself from receiving emails and other work communication that might lure you into working while you are resting. Resist the temptations to check your work mail while you are sleeping. Engaging in work activities during rest time defeats the purpose.

Take a Break

As simple as this may seem, taking breaks while working does wonder. Studies have shown that students who take breaks while studying retain more than those who do not. Taking breaks while working can give you breaths of fresh air and prevent you from being fatigued. Working non-stop for hours is an excellent way to get worn out or break down.

Set time aside for short breaks between and during tasks to ensure you get the best output from yourself. Working non-stop, even when you feel stressed or fatigued, might lead you to work sloppily and eventually making you repeat the task. Taking breaks allows you to optimize productivity and free you up later to rest.


As they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Working non-stop without rest is an easy way to start performing poorly at your job. Set aside a mole time to unwind and relax. Eat and exercise to keep your body in shape. Rest is an integral part of work as this is what gives you the energy and boost to keep working. Taking good care of your body is key to unleashing work potential in the office.

As a recap, remember to take breaks while working, disconnect from the internet during rest times, plan your work, and stick to the schedule and set boundaries between your work and rest times. We hope this post has been able to answer all the questions you might have. Remember that resting is a vital part of your work life, treat it as such.