Bullet Journal Ideas to Try this 2022

25 January 2022

The bullet journal was invented by 39-year-old digital designer Ryder Caroll. When he was a teenager, this artist was diagnosed with an attention-deficit disorder. He calmed himself down during his college years by writing his thoughts at different times of the day.

Ryder began creating the bullet journal when he was based in New York as a web designer. He explained this as a method slash productivity system in a 2013 video that he released on his website. Since then, it has now been known as Bullet Journaling or BuJo.

Bullet journaling is simple. It entails categorizing ideas into a group and writing down words and thoughts that fall under it. It may either be through bullet points, dashes, or other graphics—making a streamlined entry that’s easy on the eyes and no-hassle to follow through and update regularly. According to Ryder, his purpose in creating this journaling method is to help people live their lives with productivity and meaning.

COVID-19 took a toll on the mental health of a lot of people. The uncertainty during these times brought many to extreme levels of anxiety. Without having to travel or completely move around freely, people looked for ways to cope even while at home. Mindfulness has been one remedy and writing down thoughts or journaling after a moment of calm was one practice people cultivated this pandemic. If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, we have some bullet journaling ideas that could help inject positivity back into your life.

Bullet Journal Ideas this Pandemic

1. Make a list of Friends You Haven’t Reached Out to for a while.

You might be feeling anxious that you have become detached from your friends, or anyone, lately. Challenge yourself to reconnect by first making a list of long-lost friends you haven’t talked to for a long time. It doesn’t have to be a very close friend. It could be someone you used to talk to within the gym or you have close ties in the office such as a former officemate in your old company. Sketch the person or write his or her name down in your journal. Beside each name or sketch, indicate where you met and the last time you talked to each other. If this person left an impact on you, chances are they have also thought of you on one occasion or another. Draw boxes beside the names and check them once you’ve reconnected.

We know this could be scary to do for some but if you think about it, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain if you rebuild that lost friendship.

2. Track down your hobbies.

This pandemic has forced many of us to stay put at home. With all that time, it was only natural that some hobbies were discovered. Some got into painting or crochet; others binge-watched several series on Netflix while there some got into baking or doing short-form videos. Anytime you pick up a new hobby, write it down and give yourself a tap on the shoulder for a new skill unlocked.

3. Write down daily affirmations or inspiring motivational quotes.

Set aside an area in your journal for every affirmation or quote that strikes you in a day. It could be from anywhere—something you saw online, a housemate of yours told you, read from a book, or an epiphany during focused meditation. You might be lazy on some days but trust us, having this list could be your lifesaver when you’re down and need something to pick your mood up.

You might have felt more alone during this pandemic and have been looking for a cheerleader or a supporter from a close friend, lover, or family. But they have their own lives too so if you want to be hyped in any way, remember that you can always be your own hype man or hype girl. Do not forget how amazing you are: you are loved and you are enough.

4. Jot down what makes you smile every single day.

The positivity starts with gratitude. It’s harder to see the silver lining nowadays because of COVID-19 so take it day by day to build that positive mindset. Every day, take even just five minutes to list down at least one specific thing that made you happy. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It could be as simple as your dad giving you a check-up call, your dog being needy for cuddle time, or nailing down your pancakes for the first time ever. So when you’re feeling down, you could look back at this list and reminisce about the feeling you had at that moment.

5. Give yourself a Challenge for the Week.

Everyone needs a little bit of excitement every now and then. Since these are uncertain times and movement is not entirely back to normal, you may add excitement to your life by committing to doing weekly challenges. Write down a list in your bullet journal such as staying away from social media for three days of finishing your first book of 2022. Not having travel doesn’t mean there’s nothing you could be excited about anymore.

6. Track down your progress in anything you’re doing.

Appreciate the process of reaching a goal by tracking down your progress towards achieving it. Try to keep a progress tracker in your bullet journal. It could be as simple as listing down your body measurements on your first day in a 30-day muscle gain program and then listing it down again every week during that span of time. You might not see visible results of muscle toning after 30 days but the measurements could tell you how far you’ve gone since you started.

Track your progress in new skills you’re trying to learn or in an art project you want to finish. Once you appreciate the process, you would be happier and more motivated to reach that ideal future in your head.

7. Take note of your Pandemic Spending.

Make sure to maintain a working budget by knowing exactly where your money goes. Write down everything you’ve bought or spent on this pandemic. This will help you to live within your means, to be strict with your budget, to save up for emergencies, and to invest in a future after the pandemic.

Journaling Station

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Aside from having exercise equipment, you will have better focus if there’s proper lighting in your journaling space.

If cycling is not your cup of tea, you may write in your journal with premium comfort using an ergonomic chair.

Declutter your workspace as well by organizing your pens, washi tapes, pencils, stickers, post-its, and erasers (all these you could use to journal) in a desk organizer.

As a finishing touch, put a small potted plant on your desk to uplift your mood while you work on that journal entry.