Bottom's Up: Thirst-Quenching Water Tracking Apps to Use at Work

30 April 2019

You know that you should drink plenty of water throughout the day, but between pressing deadlines and back-to-back meetings, it can be hard to keep running to the water cooler. For those that may need a gentle reminder, a water tracking app can help you stay on top of your hydration needs.

If you have trouble drinking enough fluids during the day, you're not alone. Roughly 75 percent of Americans are in a chronic state of dehydration.

Since approximately 60 percent of your body is made up of water, a tall glass of liquid does more than just quench your thirst. Water keeps your digestive system humming by helping you absorb nutrients from your food and removing waste, and it keeps your body temperature in check. Plus, researchers have found that even mild dehydration can affect your concentration and your mood, making your to-do list feel that much harder.

How Much Water Do You Actually Need?

You've probably heard the advice to drink eight glasses of water a day, but according to an article in The New York Times, there's no magic number.

The amount of fluid you need in a day varies by individual and depends on your age, sex, health, activity level and where you live. Talk to your doctor or healthcare professional about how much you should be drinking each day.

Water Tracking Apps Make It Easy

Keeping track of your fluid intake throughout the day can be a pain. Who has time to log the number of glasses you've emptied when you're tasked with a million things during a busy day at work?

Sure, you could check the color of your urine every time you use the restroom or keeps tabs on the number of bathroom breaks you take throughout the day, but one easy way to stay on top of your hydration game is to use a water drinking app. Here are five to consider:

1. Plant Nanny

This is a popular water drinking app. With this app, your daily water habit doesn't just keep you hydrated, it helps to keep an adorable virtual plant healthy and happy, too. The more you drink (or water your plant), the bigger it grows. If you don't meet your hydration goals, your plant will look sad. But don't worry — the app sends you reminders to keep sipping throughout the day!

2. Waterlogged

This water tracking app makes it easy to log and view your water intake all day long. You can customize the app based on the type of glass or water bottle you use. It also sends you regular reminders to take a water break. Waterlogged integrates with other apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Apple Health.

3. My Water Balance

Need a little more motivation to refill your water glass? Try My Water Balance. With its water requirement calculator, the app helps you set a personal hydration goal based on your activity level, health and climate that you live in. Then, the app makes it easy to track your progress through graphs and encourages you to reach your goal with reminders and motivational awards. You can also choose from a variety of drinks besides just water like kombucha, protein shakes and coffee.

4. Daily Water Reminder

Constantly need a reminder to take a water break? This app is for you. It nudges you at regular intervals to take a sip of your water. Like the other apps, it helps you calculate your fluid needs and tracks your intake, showing your hydration levels and daily consumption with easy-to-read graphs.

5. WaterMinder

WaterMinder is another popular water tracking app. It visually shows how close you are to reaching your daily goal, so you can stay on top of your hydration game at a glance. You also earn achievements for reaching your goal, and you can see a history of your water intake compared to your goal. This app costs $4.99.

While making sure that your drink enough water can feel like a tedious task, especially if you're busy at work all day, apps make it easy (and fun!) to ensure you're drinking enough fluids throughout the day.