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Are Adult Interns A Thing?

06 July 2022

Almost everyone thinks that internships are for college students. It’s a very rare exception when you see an adult working as an intern, sometimes even unpaid. This idea has long been outdated.

When internships give interns the chance to gain experience in a particular field of interest, why wouldn’t they grab it? Never mind what other people would say. Never mind if you feel already “too old” for a position. What matters is that this area will spark joy in you, it’s what will give you the happiness that you have been seeking for a long time already.

Many adults benefit from working on an internship. Basically, it’s a work experience that will run for a short period of time. This is sort of your transition phase while you prepare to have a career that you have taken an interest in. Your reward? An experience like no other, and one that you can use to spruce up your portfolio and curriculum vitae. You will be able to understand how a certain industry works without having a long-time commitment to the job. You may get a paid or unpaid internship in exchange for college credit.

But as an adult seeking for an internship, you can request for payment, even at a minimum rate, given your previous work experience and higher chances to stay.

There are also part-time internship opportunities for adults who need to work flexible hours. People get an internship to change careers, take a gap or a break from being part of the workforce, they have been unemployed for a while, and/or they have this strong desire to work for a company they’ve had their eyes on for so long.

If you get an internship, even as an adult, you’d have the opportunity to prepare yourself for a desired full-time role, grow your network in your industry of choice, make you familiar with how the industry runs, and—most importantly—have relevant experience you can put in your resume and lessons you can apply in the workplace.

There are many ways on how you can get an internship, even if you are already of age. You can reach out to your friends in the industry you are trying to get into. You can tell them that you’re open to working as an intern if they don’t have full-time employment for the position. You can ask for help from the school that you graduated from to get avail of its career services. You can join an association with professionals that are part of the industry you are shifting to. This association will most likely have conferences, meetings, webinars, and networking events that you could all attend. You’ll meet a lot of career shifters too.

There are also internship programs that are specifically designed for adults or people who have already graduated from college. An internship can also help an employer for having the intern skill and eagerness to work for the company even without pay.

We listed down ergonomic pieces of furniture that can help you become a more proactive, efficient, and effective intern. Who knows you might already be offered a paid, full-time position soon?

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top-48”

Standing desks can help you boost your productivity and improve work efficiency. You can break your long hours of sitting on your chair by conveniently adjusting the height of your standing desk and standing for an hour or so before going back to your sitting position. Prolonged sitting, if you do not know, is dangerous for your health so you’ll need a product that can remind you to stand up frequently and to conveniently shift to from a sitting position.

A standing desk option from FlexiSpot is this Comhar desk with a wooden top. This standing desk boasts a smooth and easy transition from 28.3” to 47.6” It takes up minimal floor space which will be perfect for those with small homes or limited space for a work area. Even then, it still features a spacious desktop measuring 48” x 24”. The legs are made of powder-coated steel tubing that is scratch and stain-resistant.

This desk can easily fit a laptop, keyboard, mouse, paperwork, desk accessories, and two monitors. The control panel allows you to program four-height memory presets and also comes with USB ports. It has an anti-collision function that ensures your objects or devices are protected while the desktop is in motion.

V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike

If you haven’t been able to work out because of your heavy work schedule, then this desk bike can help you squeeze in a sweat session at any point of your work day. Many have attested to losing calories just because they cycled during work for at least an hour, two weeks straight. There will also be days that you will feel sluggish at work, especially in the afternoons when the day has dragged out for too long, and if you’re working at home where there are many distractions around you and no supervisor to watch your actions. You would really be thankful for a chair that can boost your energy at any time and also check off your workout requirement for the day. This FlexiSpot product has comfortable pedals that hardly make any noise during pedaling, meaning it can be used comfortably even while in meetings and having the other partner around the room. The bike features a calorie tracker to monitor your progress and customizable cardio with adjustable resistance levels. The height of the seat can be adjusted according to your desire and the removable keyboard tray may be used as a desktop. It’s compact and reliable which FlexiSpot customers love. It will be easier as well to remain consistent with exercise because using this desk bike during work doesn’t feel like a strenuous workout at all.

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EF1)

Another standing desk offer from FlexiSpot that you’d love to see in your workspace is the EF1. As mentioned above, you will be able to conveniently shift from a sitting to a standing position at any point of your work day. This particular standing desk from FlexiSpot has five desktop color options: bamboo, mahogany, maple, black, and white. The height range is 28” to 47.6” while the desk frame comes in white, grey, and black. You may add a dual or single monitor mount that could be clamped on the desktop. Like the other desk mentioned above, you may also add caster wheels to this unit upon purchase.

The lifting speed is one inch per second while producing a sound no louder than 50 decibels. The weight capacity is 154 pounds or 70 kilograms. It also has inverted legs. This desk comes with a height programmable control panel with four memory buttons to save your sitting and standing height preferences.