3 Tips for Choosing The Right Ergonomic Office Chair

15 August 2020

Finding the perfect office chair might be a little overwhelming. With all the different types of chairs in the market, choosing the right one might be a little intimidating. While you may have been advised that ergonomic chairs are the way to go, where do you even start? With more and more innovative ergonomic designs out there in the market, finding the perfect one might be more overwhelming now than before. In this article we’ll be discussing the top 3 things you should consider when buying an ergonomic office chair! Not all chairs are created equal so ensuring that you have these 3 things in check will save you all the time and grief that comes with picking a new chair!

Ensure Proper Support
When it comes to choosing the right chair, the most important thing you should always consider is the support your chair provides, specifically the proper lumbar support. Lumbar support refers to the proper support on your lower back. This is important to help ensure that you aren’t slouching forward too much or leaning back too far. Majority of ergonomic office chairs have this built into the chair. You can easily spot this on the lower portion of the office chair’s backrest. Often it juts forward just a little to follow the natural curve of your back. It’s an important aspect your chair should have as it helps prevent back strain from working long hours. If unchecked and unsupported, your back can eventually develop sciatica, a long term effect of a poorly supported lower back.    

Balance Comfort & Usability
Often when you think of high quality office chairs, you're probably thinking of big leather executive type chairs. Unfortunately those big fancy chairs might be comfortable and expensive looking but in the long run can actually do very little for your back. Balancing comfort and usability. The first thing you should look at is the cloth used on your chair. Avoid leather finishes and other thick materials, you’ll discover after spending long hours on your seat that these types of materials will eventually lead to discomfort as they warm up after some time. Opt instead for breathable materials like the mesh finish on the OC3B Office Chair, it allows easy airflow and easy comfort. Balancing comfort and usability is all about finding a chair that’s comfortable yet functional, this is clearly seen in the GC01 Gaming Chair that provides padded comfort in all the right spaces as it cushions the spine with proper support. Both these chairs balance that comfort and usability to help keep you supported and comfortable even after long hours seated on the chair.

Your Chair Should Adjust to You!
The last component that you should consider when picking a brand new office chair is it’s adjustability. The more a chair can adjust to your needs, the better it is! While most office chairs have an adjustable height feature, that’s just not enough. Go for ergonomics chairs that allow you to adjust not just the chair’s height, but also the armrest, backrest, headrest and tilt position. Adjusting these components based on your height and position can make all the difference in ensuring that you stay focused and productive while you work.

Explore More!
Now that we’ve explored these top 3 tips, you’re now better equipped to find the perfect office chair for you. Go for ergonomic office chairs like the OC3B Office Chair or try using an unconventional chair like the  GC01 Gaming Chair. Whatever you choose, always keep these 3 tips in mind. For more office chair options, check out these best selling chairs to help you explore more!