Ergonomic Hacks That Will Change Your Home Office Situation For Good

15 May 2020

Since we are all given the marching order to work at home, our workstation must be comfortable so that we can work productively. Installing a standing desk will give your home office an ergonomic function but it shouldn’t stop there. Other products in your home office must work together to give you that seamless ergonomic working environment.


Just what are standing desk accessories?


These are support products that you buy to enhance the whole experience of using a standing desk. Adding these products will help you get used to a more ergonomic way of working.


Are They Important? 


A standing desk may seem enough but as you adjust you might find yourself wanting more ergonomic products to complement your brand new table. In a nutshell, yes, they are important so that you can ease your way into a brand new way of getting work done in your home office. 


Accessories for More Office Ergonomics


This first section will show an array of products geared to give an extra boost of ergonomics in your home office.


Ergonomic Chairs


If you want to start your home office makeover after purchasing the standing desk, the ergonomic chair is just the thing. This is a great home office furniture as it is designed to fix posture, realign the spine, and reduce other injuries that can result from having a straight backed, flat office chair.


For the most part, an ergonomic chair must have a back and lumbar support and adjustable height and armrest. And it must be able to tilt backwards so that you can rest your back and relax even while working.


Needless to say, when you are comfortable in your chair, you become more productive and focused on your work.




Sometimes we forget that our feet also need some TLC! Foot care is an essential component while working regardless if you are sitting down or standing up. When the feet are not stretched or given a break, they can affect proper posture and result in back pain. Lack of foot care can also contribute to poor blood circulation. An ergonomic footrest will give your feet that much-needed break so be sure to get one that massages the pressure points on your feet. It must also be able to adjust, swivel, and move unrestrained so you can find a comfortable position.


Keyboard Tray


Show some love to your wrist by buying an adjustable keyboard tray. This kind of keyboard tray will prevent wrist pain or the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. 

The most recommendable position of the keyboard is at elbow height, where the arms are bent in a relaxed way at about a 90-degree angle. Whether you are standing or sitting, this neutral position must be maintained. An underdesk keyboard tray can help in this – its swiveling function from in and out and left and right will give more flexibility for the wrist. It will also promote efficiency as you can work faster from a more relaxed spot.


Seat Cushion


A seat cushion will help you realign posture if you have to sit down for a long period. Today’s seat cushions are designed to help soothe back pains that kick in after a period of slouching or learning, a by-product of having a non-ergonomic, flat chair. Less pain in the back means more time to focus on delivering tasks and finishing work.


A well-padded cushion also does wonders in  improving digestion. It decreases the tension in the pelvis and abdomen area, which aids in proper digestive process.


This product will provide the cushioning that makes sitting healthier and more comfortable.


Anti-Fatigue Mat


Did you know that hard surfaces like concrete and tiles put a lot of stress on our bodies? They can cause muscle tension and therefore place strain on the joints. An anti-fatigue mat provides the solution to this problem. It will give the cushion to the feet and provide ample support while standing. 


This kind of anti-fatigue mat can be used to give you the comfort you need so that you can work productively even while standing for long periods. 


Monitor Mount 


From the get-go, a monitor mount will save you space on your desk. That is already a bonus. But it has other celebratory functions as well: It allows you to adjust your monitor to a position that will not compromise your back and neck. And if you are always moving, a monitor mount will provide versatility so you can customize your workstation position.


The fun part is that sometimes monitor mounts can do a 360-degree swivel and can be maneuvered to different orientations and even forward and back movements. With the device, you have different options on how to make the most of your screen or monitor.


Laptop Stand


Maximize the benefits of working on a laptop with a stand dedicated to elevating its height on any surface. A laptop stand will allow you to lower or raise the height of your laptop and its accessories so that you can work in a better ergonomic position. This will reduce neck and hand strain because the laptop is positioned in the right height and angle.


It will also give the laptop some “breathing space” because it is not just laid flatly on the table. This kind of setup will allow the laptop to stay cool even for long hours of use.


You might want to try this one for yourself.


Accessories for Movement and Exercises


Incorporate fitness in your work from home routine. Not only will you look and feel great, but you will also have a more productive working pace. 


Underdesk Treadmill


You can stay fit while working with an underdesk bike. It is important to keep up the physical activity to strengthen your immune system from getting COVID-19. With this innovative standing desk accessory, you strengthen your body’s overall performance while ticking off things in your to-do list. How awesome is that?


Exercising triggers the release of endorphins or feel good hormones in the body. Given this fact, running on the treadmill offers myriad benefits. It can improve mental health by increasing creativity and even boost the mood. And while we are here, we might as well stress the fact that staying active can promote healthy bodyweight.


Put all these things together and you can already picture an improved work performance and a happier workplace.


Exercise Ball


Otherwise called the stability ball, this equipment that is usually found in the gym is now considered a good home office companion. Swapping your old traditional chair for an exercise ball is a good move because it reinforces the need for good posture and engages your core muscles. It also improves blood circulation because you put in a workout like stretches every once in a while you feel stiff from sitting.


Wobble Stool


A wobble stool or chair will help you practice active sitting or dynamic sitting. This kind of activity encourages remaining in motion, which we were designed to do in the first place, rather than staying in a rigid sitting posture. As you know, too much sitting leads to many health problems resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.  


As its name suggests, this chair will allow you to rock and move back and forth without having to worry about falling under. It was designed for such movements! With this chair, you can move around which, as studies show, reduces stress and increases focus.


Mini Elliptical


This machine may be small but it packs a lot of wellness power. The mini elliptical is preferred by many since it is easier on the joints than cycling. Plus, the pedal motion is light enough so that only the legs are moving, leaving your upper extremities free to work at the same time. 


Accessories for Storage and Organization


The last one will shed the spotlight on organizing accessories for a safe and neat home office.


CPU Holder


This accessory will allow your CPU to move with your standing desk. As you adjust the height of your desk, you do not have to worry about unplugging monitors or speakers. It will also free up some space on your desk. Plus its swiveling motion will allow you to see your CPU in different positions, which is important when you need to install new hardware or want to plug in a new cable.


Another plus is that a holder will elevate the position of your CPU, thus keeping it from accumulating dust. Most of the time, when a CPU is placed on the floor, it is easy for dust and other particles to cling to its case. A dust build-up might affect your CPU’s components which can decrease the efficiency of the system.


Lastly, this accessory will protect the CPU from being scratched. Scratches will affect the machine’s ability to cool down while being used. It is better to protect it now with a device like this.


Underdesk Cabinets


These mobile and easy to maneuver cabinets will keep your office organized. They are a great addition to your home workstation because they can free up some space. Put all your paperwork in there so you don’t have a messy standing desk. As you reorganize your drawers, keep in mind to throw out things that are needed to make the most of your cabinet space. 


If you want to keep your things from being tampered or seen by others, make sure that your cabinet comes with built-in locks. This way you can be sure that you can control those who access your cabinet.


Get the FlexiSpot Advantage


Enjoy the FlexiSpot universe in the comfort of your office. Though the products have different functions, they are sure to work together harmoniously. In turn, this will give you a better workstation that you will enjoy spending time in.


Make a Decision Now 


When it comes to ergonomic products, FlexiSpot has the right items for you. We have a full suite of items that will give more options for a healthy lifestyle change.