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8 Tips to End Your Habit of Procrastinating

22 April 2022

If you are looking for success in your life, you should start to focus on your day-to-day. Simply finishing your tasks on time will help you feel more fulfilled and generally happy with your life because your days are not being put to waste. Everything you are doing should lead you to the future you are envisioning, but sometimes that future goal becomes overwhelming. This is why your focus should be on ticking off daily goals because it’s smart, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

Now for most of us, we have a problem staying disciplined and avoiding procrastination. Our motivation levels are at a low and we find it difficult to finish our tasks on time. There are ways that we could do to stop this procrastinating habit. We listed down some of them below:

1. Have a mental visual of your goals.

We literally mean imagining yourself completing the goal you have in mind. Think about the rush of fulfillment you’ll feel when you finish your tasks and the big smile on your face because you completed them on time. Associating them with a positive image will help you stay motivated in finishing your projects, tasks, and assignments.

You should also include in your imagination the steps that you will do to reach your goals. How does it feel to be at that phase? What will you look like? Who are the people around you? How will you face struggles and have fun at the same time with your accomplishments? Imagine your future self to motivate you.

2. Break down your big goals into small, actionable steps.

You will continue to put off something that intimidates or overwhelms you. You won’t get around to doing it anytime soon because you feel inadequate to do it anyway. Do not ever lower down your ambition but instead, break it down into actionable tasks so that you are moving towards that goal. Tick off each task you finish for that rush of achievement and then before you know it, you’ve already finished your assignment!

3. Make use of the Pomodoro technique

There are many techniques available to help you combat procrastination. One of these is the famous Pomodoro technique. Basically, what you do is work for 25 minutes uninterrupted before you take a five-minute break. When you’ve done four intervals of this, you are allowed to take a 15-minute break. This goes on until you are finished with your task. You should physically set a timer, whether it be an actual alarm clock or using your mobile phone where you can set a tone to ring at this certain time. It forces you to work as much as you can squeeze in 25 minutes. It disciplines you to let off distractions to be able to do something during the 25 minutes of work. It also limits your break up until 5 minutes only instead of extending it to an hour or more.

4. Your focus should be to finish, and not perfecting what you have to do.

One problem that causes procrastination is the desire of people to achieve perfection. This is why they put off doing something or that it takes a long time for them to finish their tasks because everything has to be perfect. Do away with this kind of mindset because you won’t be able to finish anything. Focus your energy on finishing your assignment first, then you can work on improving the end product before submitting it to your superior. Well, you can rest first before you check it again so that your mind has already been refreshed and you can look at your project with fresh eyes.

5. Work on the most difficult tasks when you get an urge to be productive.

There will be a point in the day when you would feel very productive, eager, and motivated to do work. Use this period to do the most challenging assignments, because you want to maximize your stimulated mind. Out of everyone in the world, you know yourself best. You know when you are most energized and when your energy suddenly dips. Adjust your schedule according to your energy bouts during the day. Of course, all these can change so don’t be too rigid about it.

6. Work in an inspiring environment

An environment plays a big part in your productivity. You will be more efficient, motivated, and disciplined if your environment allows you to develop this mindset and act on it. You don’t want your desk to be cluttered. You don’t want your chair to be causing you discomfort while you work or the level of your screen causing your eyes to strain. You need ergonomic furniture so that you can customize the use of these pieces depending on your needs and wants. You’ll be much more comfortable when you invest in it.

Surrounding yourself with people who challenge you also makes for a better working environment.

7. Live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Some might think this is superficial but physical health really affects your mental capacities and brain functions. You are able to think more clearly, focus more attentively, and make more sound decisions when you are healthy. As early as now, eat a healthy diet and make sure that you insert a regular exercise regimen into your everyday living. Aside from exercise, do not take sleep for granted, and make sure you are at least getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night. There are many tools to help you fall asleep such as sleep podcasts, sleep apps, diffusers, calming music, etc.

8. Give yourself rewards when you meet deadlines.

The rewards system is still around because it works. People like celebrating achieving their goals by rewarding themselves or getting recognized by others. For instance, you may also feel more motivated to work when you know that there is a prize waiting for you in the end. It can also be an activity that you can finally do because you have freed up the time.