7 Benefits of Sit-Stand Desk Converters In Offices

22 May 2020

Maybe you have heard about the sit-stand desk converters that are taking offices and home workstations by storm. This ergonomic furniture delivers on its promise to help working individuals reclaim their health and bring in a wave of wellness and positivity into the workplace. The benefits of sit-stand desk converters can help reinforce what the experts say about fixing the sedentary lifestyle before it’s too late.

Why a Desk Converter is Worth It

The benefits of sit-stand desk converters are myriad. We have consolidated the data for your and listed down seven reasons why a standing desk converter is a must-have for those who have desk jobs:

1.Sit-stand desk converters are a one-time, low-cost purchase – Taking care of our health starts with the small things that we do every day. Since we spend so much of our waking hours in the office, we might as well start from there. According to a study from the U.S. Department of Labor, the average jobholders work about averaged 8.5 hours on weekdays and 5.4 hours on weekends. When you get a sit-stand desk converter, you get to protect your health on a long-time basis. It can give you a lifetime of better health.

2.The device can help maintain a healthy weight – An article from the Harvard Health Blog reveals a person who sits down frequently burns fewer calories than those who stand. A sit-stand desk converter will give you the chance to alternate seamlessly from sitting to standing while you work. You can stay in shape by taking advantage of this feature and combining it with exercise and a healthy diet.

3.Standing improves metabolism – A doctor who was interviewed for a Reuters article revealed that those who have a sedentary occupation have more likelihood to develop metabolic syndrome. This can increase the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. If you have a 9-5 desk job, a sit-stand desk converter will help you to veer away from this condition by giving you the flexibility to work while on your feet.

4.You will have less back and neck pain – Human beings are designed to move around, not just merely sit down. Technology, with all its advantages, had tied us down to our sits and desks. The result is that we sit all day while the computer. When this happens, the spine carries more pressure and eventually loses its alignment. But standing makes the spine return to its proper position which helps eliminate pains in our back and neck. Don’t believe us? Refer to this guide to see how your spine looks in different positions.

5.Desk converters can boost your mood and productivity – Bad days come and rain on your parade. This is exacerbated when you sit too much because inactivity affects mental health on different fronts. You can put an end to this by doing active breaks or standing more. A sit-stand converter will help you to do this so you can improve your mood which can lead to improved productivity. A study from the University of Oxford posits that happy workers are 13 percent more productive.

6.Being on your feet can prolong your life – Your body is a vessel that you must protect. When it suffers, our total wellbeing is affected which increases the chances of mortality. Thankfully, a sit-stand desk converter has been invented to help us negate the effects of a deskbound lifestyle. It is amazing how a simple tweak in our deskbound lifestyle can improve our quality of life.

7.Desk converters will make your workstation more enjoyable – Workplace wellness is important now that we are cloaked in a pandemic induced insecurity. If you think that sprucing your workspace will increase your joy meter, go ahead and invest in a sit-stand desk converter. This is cheaper than buying a new desk and even more of an investment if you think about its benefits on the body.

Make the Change Happen Now

Hopefully, the benefits standing desk converters will encourage you to get this ergonomic furniture in your office. A sit-stand converter can make you feel good as you get more activity in your day. Visit this site now to find a standing desk converter that addresses your needs.