6 Workplace Tips and Hacks That Can Make Your Office Less of a Strain

23 November 2018

Everyone needs a few workplace tips to make the office less strenuous and more enjoyable. Sure, sitting in an office for hours on end doesn't sound too strenuous. But little things can add up over time and negatively affect your health. Whether it's using a standing desk or keeping plants in your office, these creative hacks can help you change up your work environment and make things more enjoyable for your mind — and less strenuous on your body.

Try Blue-Light Glasses

Staring at a screen all day can cause eye strain. Blue-light glasses can filter out the blue light that comes from digital screens; many also reduce glare, which can help relieve eye strain, Good Housekeeping reports. You might find that wearing blue-light glasses helps your eyes look and feel less tired. The science is still out on just how much eye strain comes from blue light, however. Some scientists believe the strain comes mostly from staring at a screen non-stop. So you'll also want to look away from your screen every 20 minutes or so to help cut down on the strain.

Keep a Tennis Ball Under Your Desk

Sitting at a desk all day can cause discomfort in your neck, lower back and hips. A tennis ball can do wonders to relieve that discomfort. Give yourself a little mid-day massage by rolling the tennis ball on your hamstrings, lower back, neck, shoulders or feet. NBC News suggests placing the ball on tight spots, such as between your shoulder blade and your spine, and leaning against a wall to facilitate a deep stretch.

Put a Plant on Your Desk

You'd be surprised what a difference a little nature makes. If you have the choice, it's great to work with the shades up so you can see the sunshine. You could even take it one step further and set up a bird feeder outside your window. If these options are unavailable to you, you can still bring some nature inside by keeping a plant in your office or cubicle. Some studies have even shown that indoor plants can cut down on office fatigue if your work is demanding.

Get a Standing Desk, Ergonomic Chair and Accessories

Slouching and slumping can lead to back problems, and poorly placed keyboards and computer accessories can cause hand fatigue and pain. Invest in a standing desk that you can place at the right height so that your feet are flat when you sit and your arms and hands are parallel to the floor while you type. An ergonomic chair can also provide lumbar support and ensure that you maintain good posture while you work.

If you're still hurting, try an ergonomic keyboard or mouse. These can cut down on wrist and shoulder strain, which can affect your ability to type in the long run.

Get Up and Move Every 30 Minutes

Sitting all day can harm your cardiovascular health, CNN says. Taking breaks every 30 minutes for about five minutes of brisk moving cuts that risk down significantly. Set your phone to alert you every half hour so you don't forget.

Try Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise can be stressful to your body, whether it's the constant chatter of people around you or outside noises. Instead of constantly fighting to pay attention to your work, try listening to a soothing song or white background noise on noise-canceling headphones.

Work can be stressful, but a few creative hacks can help you your body and mind stay healthy. Try implementing a couple of these workplace tips this week and see what happens.