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6 Benefits Youll Enjoy From Having a Part-time Job

26 April 2022

You consider it a part-time job when you allot less than 40 hours per week for it. Today we live in a world where almost every industry offers a part-time job. This gives professionals the leeway to have plenty of time for the other things going on in their lives. If at the moment you’re at a crossroads of what industry you want to go to, you might want to consider applying for a part-time job.

There are various scheduling types that employers use for their part-time employees. One example is a split schedule where an employee has to render hours in the morning and return again in the afternoon to work some more hours.

Aside from direct employment of companies, there are many freelance jobs that also follow a part-time setup. This may not sound like a surprise as freelancers relatively have more flexible schedules than those who are part of a company employee list.

Part-time employment is recommended for students who want to have money on the side for their allowance or even to support their schooling. There are professionals who have different jobs and for them to maintain everything, having a part-time setup is the most ideal. Retirees and/or parents who are craving to work but can’t full-time because of their responsibilities at home can seek part-time employment.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just time that part-time workers can benefit from. We listed some below for your reference:

1. You’ll have lots of personal time.

Okay, we’ll tick this off in the list right away. We all know that people seek part-time employment because it will require fewer hours for the part-time employee. You get to use your time for other ventures or to be able to spend it more with the people you love. You may also have hobbies and personal interests on the side that you want to dedicate your time to. If you are planning to apply for a second degree or get a master's or a doctorate, you may work part-time while you’re studying and earn money while at it.

You will enjoy a better work-life balance, for sure. If your wish is to spend more time with your loved ones, more so if someone in your family needs care, then you’d have more time in your arsenal to be available for them.

2. You will knock the doors of new job opportunities

You will be surprised with how many doors will open for you when you work part-time hours. There are many companies now that are just looking for someone to join their team part-time. That person can be you. There are even specific jobs and careers that really offer more part-time positions than full-time jobs. The person gets to choose how many hours they work, depending on how many jobs you book and say yes to as well as how long it takes for you to finish a paid project.

3. You get to earn more.

Since you are working multiple jobs, this means you generate income from multiple money-making streams. You have more potential to grow your wealth and savings by a ton. If you are employed by a company as a part-time employee, there is room for you to grow and be assigned to a more permanent position. You might even get a promotion which means more bucks will be coming in for you. Some companies give more lenient considerations or requirements when applying to be a part-time boss than a full-time one.

4. Keep your mental and physical health in check.

Work can lead to burnout, especially if you are head over heels in love with your work for many years and counting. It can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Your stress will most likely reduce by a mile because now you have the time to chill and relax, focus on your hobbies, meditate, and perhaps write in your journal. It’s this time you can use for realignment, recalibrating, and focusing on what you are feeling at the moment.

You are only entitled to a few hours of rest with a strenuous full-time job whereas a part-time job is more flexible for you to check how your mental well-being is doing so far.

You can also benefit a lot from a part-time job if the nature of your work is more physical. You get to avoid muscle fatigue and feel that your body is well-rested.

5. It reduces transportation and meal costs.

Since you are working at home, you don’t need to take the train or buy overpriced food when you feel hungry. Since at home, you get to save a lot of cash and not even contribute anything because the (adults) will pay.

Sustainability is a buzzword, but more than that, it’s a concept that given the current state of Earth right now, should be practiced. You get to feel fulfilled and less guilty because reduced time in traveling means lower carbon emissions. You may also look at the owners or managers and see if they are hiring anyone right now who wants to volunteer for the fashion project. If this cafe is close to your place of residence, you may want to ask if they have part-time job offers. Moreover, if you work close to your home, you can take a walk or ride your bike, activities that are not only good for your health but for your wallet as well because you don’t have to pay for gas anymore.

6. You get to develop skills that are transferable.

So what are we referring to as a transferable skill? These are things that you can do that are needed for every industry out there. For example, your excellent communication skills can be used by a company’s customer service. If you opt for a job in customer service, you will quickly learn how to solve problems, think critically, and take charge of leadership of a call. You will earn money from your part-time job and at the same time gain experiences or helpful skills for the career that you are gunning for.

We won’t add this to the list anymore but when you work part-time, you get to customize your workspace anywhere. And since you’re in command, you can invest in ergonomic furniture that will help you be more efficient in fulfilling your tasks for your part-time jobs.