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5 Ways to Help The Child Maintain Good Posture

08 September 2021

The striking question of Canada Safety Council tries to ask readers if the ergonomics issue is detrimental to the health of the computer generation. The possible answer to that is: it could be harmful.

In 2020 alone, 80% percent of teenagers became focused on playing video games to release mental distress from isolations or lockdowns, as mentioned in the research. If we try to analyze it, we would see that the computer generation or today's youth faces ergonomics dangers because of improper posture and hand position when using the devices in the study area. 

hunched back
Hence, in this first part of the article, we will talk about the basic things that you can apply to help your child maintain the proper ergonomics. These things could be challenging to follow at first, especially if the kid has become used to slouching or hunching his back. Yet, with continuous practice and the proper use of ergonomic products such as the ones from 
FlexiSpot (the home of the superb desk converters, sit-stand desks, standing desks, and ergonomic chairs), observing a proper posture would soon be a child's play for your kids. So, let's start now with the discussion. 

The Proper Computer Posture:

Commonly, children hunch and slouch when they play games or do their homework at home. It's because they have gotten used to these kinds of posture when at home or even at school. The first thing is to observe how your child stands up or sits down. 

a. The Back and Neck Should Get the Proper Support:

If your child is standing, check if his back is straight and if the upper back does not get hunched. This posture is a clear indication that he does not straighten his spine when he plays computer games. There might be too much pressure on his cervical spine or the back neck area. This problem is the result of using a non-ergonomic chair. Typically, non-ergonomic chairs do not have the perfect curves to follow the spine's shape and support the neck and head. In that case, the Massage Gaming Chair from FlexiSpot can help your child's back and neck. 

Massage Gaming Chair from FlexiSpot is an ergonomic chair that has 3D ergonomic support. So, when your child sits on this chair, you would notice that he does not get tired and his neck does not become sore because of the curve of the headrest on this chair. 

Another, this chair has a 360-degree swivel. So, your child can comfortably sit on the seating area of the gaming chair without straining his waist and backbone, unlike with the non-ergonomic chair that could not even cover his neck and head. 

The Massage Gaming Chair also has adjustable armrests that can comfort the child when he sits on this equipment piece. He can feel comfortable around his arm and would not feel any strain around the elbows and shoulders. As a result, he could avoid such conditions as frozen shoulders and tennis elbow. 

With the help of the Massage Gaming Chair, your child can avoid spine strain and neck soreness when doing his homework at the computer or when he plays computer games. 

b. The Child Must Achieve the Neutral Position When Typing:

child typing
When your child is typing, he must also achieve the neutral position. His wrists should not bend, and his fingers should not lift to avoid strains that can cause tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. 

When it comes to the distance of the mouse and keyboard, both of these parts should be easy to reach. Your child's computer mouse and keyboard should not be too large for his size so he would not have a hard time moving around the computer table. 

c. The Child Should Not Bend His Neck Too Much Towards the Device Screen:

When your kid is in front of the computer, he should not lean too much at the screen to avoid severe eye strain. His neck should not crane lower too. The screen of the device should be on eye level, or at least it would give him the 90-degree visual angle, which is the proper visual angle for people. 

So, if your child uses an ergonomic chair, he may also use the ideal stand-up desk or sit-stand desk. At 
FlexiSpot, you could also find this kind of product. You may choose the EG1-40"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing desk or the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk. Both desks are height-adjustable, so you can obtain the correct size of the table so you can place the device properly on top of it. 

d. The Distance of the chair from the Tabletop should be Half-Lower:

When your child sits in front of the standing desk, and his chair should be half-lower from the Tabletop. This distance can give enough space for your child-not so close, not so distant. Indeed, when you pair up the Massage Gaming Chair to the sit-stand desks from FlexiSpot, you can adjust their distance correctly because they are versatile and height-adjustable. The recommendable stand-up desks are EN1-42"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk and Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

standing desk
Once your child becomes comfortable sitting in this kind of position, you can now advise him to have his feet flat on the floor and find the proper alignment with his spine, lumbar, and neck. Then check if his back still gets crooked or hunched. If yes, then slowly adjust the chair and let him put his back flat on the chair's backrest. It would help him have an active blood flow. Once his blood circulation becomes better, he can feel more energized. 

However, if you think the chair is a bit bigger than your child's height, you don't need to worry about it because the Massage Gaming Chair has a retractable footrest. You can pull it out and let your child rest his legs and feet on it while he does his homework or when he's playing games. Through this product, your child can feel convenient when studying. 

e. You Must Know if Your Child's Lumbar and Lower Torso Do not Get Strained:

standing desk
The pain around the lumbar is another cause of improper posture in kids. So, the lumbar is one of the essential body parts that must get protected. The good news is the 
Massage Gaming Chair has lumbar massage support. This lumbar support has a vibration massage function. It can stimulate the blood circulation along the lumbar area of your child, so you don't need to worry about the passive activities that your child might do because this product can make your child feel energized while sitting. As a result, he can achieve the proper posture that he needs to have. 

Final Thoughts:

Indeed, the computer generation or today's generation needs to get the ergonomic protection they truly deserve. A severe spine injury starts with the incorrect posture or sitting position and conditions like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Hence, it's essential to help your child practice posture with the well-trusted global brand FlexiSpot. Through FlexiSpot, your child could enjoy a superb sitting experience.