5 Tips on How to Maximize the Sit-Stand Movement

23 September 2021

As most employees and employers face the new work paradigm, there are many advantages that they can enjoy these days. There would be no hustles driving to work for the employees, and there would be lesser expenses, especially with a food allowance. On the end of the employers, they may have more secondary utility and rent expenses, albeit there are downsides still with the WFH-setting.

neck pain

The Threat of the MSDs:

Even before the global pandemic that started in the first quarter of 2020, employees already experienced the threat of MSDs or musculoskeletal disorders. Studies state that one of the office hazards that workers face starts at their workstations. Surprisingly, an employee becomes prone to biomechanical injuries because of the equipment pieces' improper configurations and the practice of the wrong posture. 

The MSDS does not stop in the physical office alone. Even the WFH people are prone to spine strain, muscle spasms, pain along the upper torso, and lumbar pain. So, in cases like this, there are ways that a WFH-person can alleviate the pain of biomechanical injuries. 


The Active WFH Person:

From the shoulders to the legs, a person must make these parts move with ease and coordination. When a worker does not have the equipment pieces when working and practices the improper sitting posture, the chances of straining the spine and lumbar becomes high. 

Hence, avoiding passive activities and improper posture would be helpful. With the proper practice and the best ergonomic products, the WFH-setting would be as easy as pie, and there would be no possibility of having biomechanical pain in the future. Another way to avoid these kinds of pain is by increasing the times of sitting and standing. When workers practice that while working, they could prevent the threat of having a strained spine. 

Indeed, there are ways to optimize the sit-stand movements, and here are the tips on how to do them ergonomically. 

The 5 Tips:

Achieving ergonomic protection while working from home is a challenge for the WFH individuals because not all have superb ergonomic products like FlexiSpot (the sought-after provider of the standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs). When they try using FlexiSpot ergo products, they give themselves the chance to achieve the protection they need against the RSIs or repetitive strain injuries that might take place. So, here are the five tips on how workers can optimize their movements while working. 

a.Sitting and Standing Can Help Stimulate Blood Circulation:


When workers focus on their work, there is a tendency that they ignore the strain or numbness. It's because they get preoccupied when working. The WFH-individuals are not safe from these dangers too. There is a tendency to strain the lumbar and spine, especially when they hunch their backs or slouch while sitting. This pain gets worse when workers prolong their sitting. So, a solution is to use an ergonomic chair such as the Massage Gaming Chair from FlexiSpot. This gaming chair has a durable steel frame, thick cushions, lumbar support with a vibration function, and a retractable footrest. 

With all these parts, workers could enjoy a more active sitting experience. It's because as they sit on the cushion, they could have active blood circulation. They can ensure that they will not sore their lumbar when they sit for more than 15 minutes. It would not be challenging to stand periodically because this chair can help them have easy movement when they stand up from the chair. 

Moreover, this gaming chair has an adjustable armrest so, when a worker sits on this chair, they would not feel strains along their upper extremities. Instead, they could condition their shoulders and elbows well. They could also achieve the right angle of the forearms and elbows, the 90-degree grade, with their hands on the lap. 

b. Workers Should Observe the Proper Distance of their Tables and Chairs:


So, when a worker uses the Massage Gaming Chair, it's also good to pair it up with Kana Bamboo Standing Desk. It's because the standing desks from Flexispot have superb height adjustability. So, when one uses the ergo chair with the sit-stand desk from Flexispot, they can ensure that they can adjust the height of the desk and make sure that the chair is half below the tabletop. With that distance, the worker can easily switch their positions from sitting to standing without much strain. 

c. Strengthening the Leg Power Could Also be Helpful to Maximize the Sit-Stand Movement:


So, when you aim to achieve an active lifestyle while working, it's also essential to strengthen your leg power. It's because the legs support the upper torso. So, to carry this out, you need the V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike. It's an innovative desk bike that could provide ergonomic protection as you cycle on its pedals. 

With this desk bike, too, you can stimulate the blood circulation around the leg area, making these body parts stronger. When you have strong legs, you can avoid losing balance or the pressure from the upper torso, leading to severe conditions like Gout. When you have Gout, you tend to experience tightness and limited range of motion. Once this happens, it might be more dangerous for you to make abrupt movements because it can put you in danger. 

d. You must Take Periodic Breaks: 


So, let's say you have the 30 minute-break, let yourself do other tasks such as cycling or stretching on the chair. You may also take a breather by standing at the windows while drinking some coffee or dancing to a piece of jazzy music. Once you do all these activities, you protect yourself from the strains and sprains that you might encounter when you do activities over and over. 

e. Make Sure to Sit and Stand Properly:


When you sit and stand, you must protect your back. Even when standing, make sure to put even weight on your waist and knees. Avoid hunching your back. When you are sitting, make sure to have the proper alignment. With these gestures, you protect yourself from the sudden pain that can harm your joints and muscles. 

Once you try applying these things when you push the sit-stand movement at work, you can ensure that your muscles and joints get the protection and get strained when you start moving because you observe the proper stance and posture. 

Final Thoughts:

Being a WFH-individual is a beautiful thing. It's because you can adjust to your schedule without the hustle of commuting or having a long drive from home to work. So, once you follow these tips, you can achieve the proper ergonomics, especially when you consider using the FlexiSpot products. It's because using these equipment pieces can help you increase your range of motion and flexibility. Hence, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is possible.