5 Ways to Make Your Zoom Meetings Fun

11 June 2020

In the time of social distancing, Zoom has become the platform that kept people together. But too much time or familiarity with the platform can also breed contempt or Zoom fatigue, as they call it. Heres the deal: Zoom calls may still be around for a long time. A CNBC article writes that remote working is here to stay even when the economy reopens.  


It will be hard to avoid Zoom meetings since they are the backbone of enterprise communication. But how about putting a spin on subsequent Zoom meetings? Little tweaks might just put the fun back to an otherwise stale and ordinary office Zoom meeting. You can try to elicit a good laugh from your peers because humor is still important amid these uncertain times.


Tips to make Zoom meetings fun


Are you ready? Here are some suggestions to make your Zoom meeting a fun experience. All it takes is a little creativity to make the most of your meeting:


  1. Use an epic background This is the simplest thing that you can do to spice up your Zoom calls. There are myriad options in Google. If you feel the tingle of cabin fever, change your Zoom background to your favorite destination. From the tropics to the mountains, you have the liberty to choose any background destination that you want. You can also take inspiration from iconic movie scenes or online memes from this CBS Interactive article. 
  2. Start with a game or an icebreaker Of course if it is a serious business call, you do not have to do this. But if its a regular meeting with your colleagues at work, you might as well take the initiative to start the meeting with a game. This way, it will set a light tone for your meeting and put everyone at ease. Here are some professional icebreakers that you can try for your next Zoom call. 
  3. Share music or soundsAs long as it will not disrupt the meeting, you can play an ambient sound of waves crashing or some Zen music. It would be ethical to ask everyone in the meeting if playing sounds is all right. If everyone gives the go signal, make sure that everything has been set up to avoid any distractions.
  4. Roll out team building activities with a breakout room – An intact and collaborative team can accomplish more. Team building games are one of the few ways to ensure that everyone feels included in the group. For a game that needs strategy and synergy, you can group your peers in a breakout room for a quick huddle. When you close up the breakout room, the small groups will be given a 60-second notice to wrap up their discussions. Everyone can rejoin the large big meeting afterward. 
  5. Encourage everyone to stay healthy physically and mentally Humor can stimulate the mind while stretching or light workout keeps the body healthy. You can spearhead a few minutes of active rest if the Zoom meeting is extended. If you and your peers have a height adjustable standing desk converter, so much the better because you can switch from sitting to standing position on the fly. Shifting work positions have benefits that will make the body strong and well.


Zoom meetings, not zzz meetings


Remote calls can be lonely and dry but you can step up to liven up things. Just make sure that you are mindful of how others get on with your activities. You can always conduct a Zoom poll to get feedback from your peers.