4 Benefits of Sleep for Work and for Life

16 September 2022

Ben's first job was the ideal one for him. He was hired as a junior sales manager by a marketing goods company right out of college.

He wanted to do nothing wrong after only two months on the job. He believed that he could not risk making any errors because doing so would result in him losing his job. To check his email while eating breakfast, he gets up as early as five in the morning. Ben is therefore already deeply involved in thinking about layout presentations for a client when it comes time to report for work at 8 am. He takes client calls throughout his lunch break instead of taking a break. Ben would continue to nag the Creatives team to complete deliverables the clients don't yet need, even if log-out time at 5 o'clock in the afternoon is already drawing near and the people want to go home to their families. Even though it would inconvenience his coworkers who were already ready to leave after a lengthy day at work, he simply couldn't stay still when he wasn't in front of the client. According to Ben, the customer is always right and their demands come first. After 5 o'clock he takes "emergency" client calls, and he works even on the weekends. There isn't a more accurate way to phrase it than to say that Ben's life is nothing but work.

Obviously, there were several opportunity costs associated with this level of work performance. Ben never has time to be engaged with his family and friends since he works incessantly. He would be constantly on the phone, taking and making client calls. When someone taps him on the shoulder to let him know the food is ready, he becomes irritable.

Ben has never gotten the full sleep required of an adult, not more than five every night since he obliged himself to complete every single task before the deadline. And despite all of his efforts, he was never eligible for a raise or a promotion. With no rewards and only effort, Ben finally burned out.

People like him frequently downplay the significance of rest. They misunderstand the crucial function that rest plays in making labor long-term sustainable and view it as a sign of weakness.

The following are reasons to take a break if you need some inspiration to put down that pen or shut that laptop.

With rest, the body enters a repair state.

Throughout the day, you use several bodily parts, which consume energy. Your body needs to naturally return to a state of equilibrium by the time night falls so that it may begin the process of healing, recharging, and recovering. Sleep is necessary to accomplish this.

Rest helps to lower anxiety and stress.

The sympathetic nervous system is triggered when you are under stress. Your heart beats more quickly, your blood pressure rises, and your senses are on high alert. Rest is necessary for the parasympathetic nervous system to function, which lowers stress levels. Healthline claims that at this time, the body helps you relax by promoting digestion and metabolism.

Rest Fosters Innovation

When you're burnt out, you consume your resources excessively. Your brain's creative processes are impacted by this, which decreases your inspiration and demotivates you at work. To prepare for that flash of inspiration, you normally need to allow adequate time for sleep.

Rest Improves Productivity and Sharpens Focus

Your brain functions less effective when it is fatigued. You have a harder time thinking clearly and rapidly since your brain desires and requires rest. You need to get a decent night's sleep if you want to stay alert and be productive.

How to Sleep with Better Quality

Aside from receiving the recommended amount of sleep per day—seven to nine hours—for your age, sleep quality is also vital. The quality of your sleep is bad if you wake up during the middle of the night or are still uneasy after getting the recommended number of hours of sleep. We've provided you with some advice on how to get better-quality sleep.

1. Establish a sleep regimen and stick to it every day at the same time for a whole week.

2. Avoid consuming coffee in the few hours before bedtime or at night.

3. Don’t take a daytime nap.

4. Do not exercise any longer if it is already late at night or two hours before you go to bed.

5. Take a break from electronics 30 to 60 minutes before bed.

6. Spend a few minutes in meditation before going to sleep.

7. To assist the body in producing the ideal quantity of melatonin, dim the lights or turn them off.

How to Create Your Workspace for Effective Work Performance

The secret to getting the correct amount of sleep is to work effectively. The workplace atmosphere is a key element in boosting motivation and energy.

Standing desks have gained popularity in recent years due to their ability to boost staff productivity and workflow. Numerous standing desks from FlexiSpot come with roomy desktops, are height-adjustable and incredibly silent, are adaptable and eco-friendly, and offer all of these features. A standing desk keeps a person awake and heightens their senses while they are working.

Additionally, standing desk converters can be added to a workstation to improve it right away. It helps the individual's posture without taking up more desk space. Even greater workspace is provided by FlexiSpot units, incorporating an additional keyboard tray.

You won't become fatigued from standing for extended periods of time if you use an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat. Choose one with mounds and massage points to track body movement and promote continuous foot massage. The correct mat will promote good blood circulation, relaxation of the mind, and comfort of the feet.

Additionally, ergonomic office chairs aid in reducing physical aches that could impair productivity at work. You can select a chair with a plush, breathable seat, a stable base, and soft, luxurious bonded leather. A chair with a rocking angle and a reclining angle that can be adjusted is perfect. For added comfort, it includes a headrest pillow and an adjustable lumbar support.

One can stay alert and active while working using a fitness chair like the Flexispot V9 Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike. By enabling the user to pedal at a comfortable or difficult resistance level while completing duties throughout the day, it also increases energy.