3 Big Difficulties that Caregivers Experience in Canada

07 September 2021

Caregivers or care partners are family members who extend their love and compassion to family members who have long-term health conditions and mental disabilities. They mostly get unpaid, though, but they never get tired of assisting their spouses, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and even extended family members that need their help. 

In the statistics in the discussion paper of Petro Canada Makers Foundation, the statistics showed that 84% of the caregiving activities that most Canadian caregivers give to their parents-in-law include running errands and assisting in transportation (The State of Family Caregiving in Canada; 2020). 

If we closely look at the percentage, we may notice that caregiving is not a simple task. Family caregivers may face the threat of the RSI or repetitive strain injuries because of specific difficulties: 

Tasks such as running errands are strenuous. Even just for an hour, these activities could use up more than 60% of a caregiver's energy. So, what would happen if the caregiver is in his late 50's? It will be risky for his health too. 

Taking care of the elderly not just requires physical strength but mental strength as well. In the same report, the report mentioned that caregiving comes at a high price because it impacts their mental health because of the distress they encounter with caregiving. 

Caregiving creates a significant toll on their physical health further. It's because the needs of the care recipients have become complex these days. Most of the difficult tasks that they need to do are:

providing wound care
assisting the care recipients in inserting catheters
giving injections 

Such tasks could be energy-consuming (literally speaking) because caregivers need to put out 90% of their energy and effort as part of their love and concern to a family member or a friend. 

So, in that case, let FlexiSpot aid our dear caregivers as they unconditionally give their love and care for their dear ones. Indeed, FlexiSpot understands the hardships that these individuals face every day. Hence, through the best standing desks and ergonomic chairs that the brand provides to many patrons around the globe, caregivers can rely on the ergonomic protection that these products can give. So, before we discuss further how the ergo products of FlexiSpot could help the caregivers let's talk first about the company itself. 

Discovering Ergonomic Protection:

FlexiSpot commits to the delivery of the best ergonomic solutions. From stand-Up desks to ergonomic chairs. You may ensure that these pieces of furniture and equipment could deliver the utmost care and comfort for the caregivers. If your aunt, mother, or sister experiences severe body pain because of caregiving, then giving out these equipment pieces could help them prevent the possible repetitive motion injuries. 

When you give them these products from FlexiSpot, you allow me to get the protection they deserve after long weeks and days of facing the challenges of providing care for a family. 

So, moving forward now, let us know the ergonomic products that you could choose from the website and give to your family members who provide care for other family members and friends. 

Combatting Ergonomic Problems with FlexiSpot Products:

In the first part of the discussion, we mentioned the difficulties that most caregivers experience when caring for their loved ones. As we move further on the discussion, we will talk about how we could help relieve the physical pain and stress they encounter after a long day of caregiving. 

One of the difficulties we mentioned was the strenuous tasks such as running errands. Indeed, caregivers need to walk the care receivers to the mall or the hospital. These tasks could be complex because they do not just walk them on the street, but they need to assist them and ensure that the care recipients are safe from any harm. As a result, they would get physically exhausted after a long day. Hence, they deserve to sit on an ergonomic chair that can stimulate back the blood circulation in their bodies. 

massage chair
When taking care of a person who has physical challenges or long-term illnesses, you need to be physically strong and give double of your energy. It could deplete the significance of the care provider. Hence they deserve to take a break and relax on the 
Massage Gaming Chair that FlexiSpot offers. This product is an ergonomic chair with a retractable footrest. It is an ergonomic chair that anyone can use while playing games and when you need to relax and bring back the energy you need. Its retractable footrest can help the person stimulate the blood circulation from his feet back to his upper torso. Hence, even after working for more than 12 hours, he could bring back the power that got lost. 

The second in the list above is mental stress. Indeed, taking care of a person with a long-term medical condition and mental disability could be mentally exhausting too. When the body begins to get stressed out, there is an effect on the mind too. 

Thus, if you notice when a person begins to get burnout, he loses concentration and begins to be crabby. It's not healthy because it could affect the caregiver's mood and might end with a miscommunication with the care recipient. Hence, there is a need for equipment that can help him energize his mind and body.

FlexiSpot has this product. It is the V9 Pro Desk Bike. A stationary bike that you can use as a piece of fitness equipment. Thus, if the caregiver needs to loosen up and forget about the stress, he can use this product and exercise before his work begins or during his off. Through this product, the caregiver can maintain a healthy mind and body. 

standing desk
The last one on the list is managing complicated medical procedures that most caregivers do. As we mentioned earlier, some of these procedures need the full attention of the caregiver. Thus, making it difficult for him to avoid spine strain or muscle spasms. Hence, to sustain the best care for the recipient, he may have the sit-
stand desk or stand-up desk from FlexiSpot such as the EG1-40"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk that the caregiver could use when he needs to administer wound treatment. This standing desk is sturdy, durable, and can lift even when many objects are on top. So, if the caregiver puts some materials on the desk, he can ensure a smooth transition and a safe movement around this table because of the product's sturdiness. 

Final Thoughts:

The Canadian family culture is one of the most notable traits of the people living in this country. The strong bond between family members could show that family members could show the utmost care and love for the ones who need support. Hence, caregiving in this country is such a noble act. Indeed, FlexiSpot honors that culture. That's why the company continues to innovate the best ergonomic products that can help the care providers sustain physical and mental strength to continue extending love and support to their family members.