3 Accessories You Need For A Standing Desk

30 October 2018

Switching to a standing desk can transform your work life. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and you’ll get more done throughout the day. A standing desk is hugely beneficial on its own, but adding a few accessories to your standing desk set-up can make it even more ergonomic.

We hand-picked the three best stand-up desk accessories you should have for your workstation. These stand-up desk accessories were designed to enhance the sit-stand experience by increasing comfort, maximizing efficiency, and adding more movement into your workday.

The 3 Best Standing Desk Accessories:

 1. Anti-Fatigue Mat


Even standing can start to be hard on your body if you do it all day. Using an anti-fatigue mat will make a long day on your feet easier on your body. An anti-fatigue mat is a rubber pad with a cushioned layer of support that alleviates pressure on your knees and ankles by stimulating subtle movements that promote blood flow in your muscles.

You could use an anti-fatigue mat anywhere that you stand for long periods of time, such as the kitchen, but it is especially beneficial at work where many people wear uncomfortable shoes. 

2. Dual Monitor Mount

monitor mount

A standing desk won’t do you as much good if your workstation isn’t set up ergonomically. The placement of hardware on your desk, such as your monitor, keyboard, and mouse, can have a huge impact on your physical well-being. A poorly set-up workstation will cause bad posture, neck and back strain, and muscle tension.

Getting a dual monitor mount can help you achieve the ideal ergonomic positioning for your workstation. Dual monitors allow you to spread windows out across two screens, alleviating eye strain. When using dual monitors, they should be placed side by side with no gap at a distance of about one arm’s length from your face in order to prevent back and neck strain. The dual monitor mount makes it easy to adjust the positioning of your monitors until you reach maximum viewing comfort. 

3. Under Desk Bike

under desk bike

Americans are spending more time than ever at work, and that means less time for after-work activities, like exercise. With an under desk bike, you don’t have to worry about finding time to go to the gym. Working out becomes as easy as sitting at your desk. You can fit in a few minutes of pedaling whenever you feel like it.

The under desk bike is a low-impact exercise bike that reduces sedentary time throughout the workday without disrupting your busy schedule. Back support and handles provide a comfortable experience, and the low-impact slow pedaling motion is soundless, causing no distractions to your workflow. Pedaling while you work burns extra calories and increases blood circulation, which promotes productivity. The under desk bike is perfect for both corporate and home offices. 

With these accessories for your sit-stand desk, you can create the ultimate ergonomic workstation to promote a healthy and active lifestyle that will benefit you at work and beyond.