10 Creative Ways to Use Your Standing Desk

21 March 2021

If you think using an electric standing desk is just for work or study, you’re missing out on a wide range of non-traditional uses for this multi-purpose tabletop. That’s okay though. You’re not alone. Many standing desk owners underestimate all the ways they can use their adjustable height desks to stay healthy and productive. We’re here to help you think outside the box with 10 creative ideas for getting the most out of a standing desk.

Pamper Your Nails

It’s easy to transform your home into a luxury nail salon when you have a standing desk to set up shop. The extra-wide tabletop surface easily holds all your manicure essentials including nail clippers, nail files, nail polish while also giving you adequate room to spread out your fingers and apply each coat of polish without fear of smudging. Best of all, when you select a standing desk made with easy-to-clean materials, you can wipe down the desk surface with ease when it’s time to clean up.


Shake & Bake

Need to bake dozens of cookies at once? No problem. You will have plenty of room for multiple cookie sheets when you use a standing desk for baking. With a durable frame and secure locking positions at each height setting, a standing desk is a baker’s dream for decorating a multi-layer cake. You can adjust the tabletop to the perfect level for precision piping and smooth frosting.


Get Glam

Don’t have a lot of counter space in your bathroom? Give yourself room to work by moving your makeup mirror, brushes and cosmetics to your standing desk. With sit-stand capabilities available to you at the press of a button, you can adjust the desk as needed to achieve your perfect look.


Draw It Out

Whether you love to sketch people, places, or things, you will have a perfectly smooth surface for practicing your drawing technique with a standing desk. The extra-wide desktop surface available on most standing desks makes them perfect for poster and canvas size artwork. Plus, you are never stuck sitting or standing while you create. You have the flexibility to mix it up.

Sew Easy

Piecing together the perfect outfit can take hours when you’re making your garments from scratch. So, it’s no surprise that you want to be able to move around while ensuring your stitches stay perfectly in line. The advanced technology built into electric standing desks like the FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk make it easy to press a button and switch positions in 10 seconds so you don’t hold up progress when going from sitting to standing.

Puzzle Time

Passionate about puzzles — especially ones with 500 pieces or more? An electric standing desk is a must-have for putting them together at a comfortable pace. With nearly 4 feet of tabletop surface to work with, there’s room to see each individual puzzle piece while assembling the puzzle. On certain standing desk models, you can even keep your smartphone and music devices powered for added entertainment while you put your puzzle together.



Check Mate

If you love playing intense board games that can last for hours like Monopoly or chess, then you’ll love playing them at an electric standing desk that gives you the option to get up intermittently and stretch your legs while the game continues on.



Make It Scrappy

It’s easy to compile all your favorite photographs into a creative scrapbook when you have a spacious standing desk to organize every page. It’s especially helpful when you have a standing desk like the Comhar, which has built-in storage that lets you keep essential scrapbooking tools and accessories right at your fingertips.


Compose a Hit

You can make your musical mark by mixing up a hot new melody on your piano keyboard or studio mixer. Both fit comfortably on the spacious surface of a standing desk, and in standing mode you can stretch your legs while dancing to your new beat.


Vlog Away

A standing desk provides the perfect platform for creating a click-worthy vlog. There’s ample space for a ring light, video camera plus any items you want to demonstrate to your viewers during your vlog.


While having lots of space to work with is a major benefit of using a standing desk for the 10 activities we’ve just explored, the biggest benefit is that you no longer have to endure prolonged sitting during your favorite hobbies. Using FlexiSpot’s hobby-friendly Comhar series you can stay active while doing the fun tasks you love. It’s packed with features that make it a smart buy including:

  • Adjustable Height - Users of every height can enjoy using the desk thanks to its broad adjustable range of 28.3 to 47.6 inches.
  • Built-In Storage - Keeps your hobby essentials neatly stored below the tabletop to free up surface area and provide quick, convenient access to items when you nethem.
  • Spacious Surface - Delivers 48 inches of extra-wide surface for baking, arts and crafts, games and so much more.
  • Advanced Control Panel - Makes it easy to lift and lower the desk with the press of a button plus provides integrated charging to keep up to 3 devices powered all day (2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port).
  • Safety & Durability - Made with premium materials and a durable frame that includes an anti-collision function to auto-reverse the desk’s direction whenever it senses an object in its path.

FlexiSpot offers the Combined All-in-One Standing Desk in both Flagship Model and Advanced Model so you can select the finish that works best for your hobby. It also comes in a variety of colors and is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty on the standing desk frame and a 2-year warranty on the desk’s electronic components.

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