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Angela Clapham's Blog

I just moved to working at home and this table is serving my needs perfectly. Being able to convert from sitting to standing as necessary is great for a long day of work and there's really no reason not to go with this one, especially since it's 30 inches deep instead of the usual 24 inches so you have a lot more room to work between your keyboard and your monitors. This is a simple adjustable height desk which is exactly what I was looking for.

Angela Clapham

Simone Worsdale's Blog

Thanks to this standing desk, I actually prefer standing over sitting. I have found that I typically sit in the mornings and then stand in the afternoons after lunch. This habit has definitely made an impact and I'm feeling more energetic in the afternoons. I have been spending a lot of time in zoom meetings lately. I can adjust my standing desk height quietly and seamlessly without anyone even noticing. The stand up desk is perfect for that. I have recommended it to my coworkers.

Simone Worsdale

Wade G.'s Blog

This is my first full day using this desk, but holy cow I love it. I am 5'2 so the range of this fits me perfectly and easily at multiple heights including standing, sitting, and sitting on my wobble stool. If you don't have one and are planning to get a desk like this you should definitely check them out. Gives you all the freedom to move and an in-between when you want weight off your feet but don't want to be totally sitting. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to improve productivity during work

Wade G.

Elina's Blog

The workstation is a terrific product and is exactly what I wanted! The best thing about it is that there is no lengthy set up process. All you have to do is unpack and start right away! Furthermore, you can set the handle to adjust at any height you want and it does not take up too much space either. The desk converter workstation is very easy to clean too. I can accommodate my monitor easily on the wide desktop. Apart from the monitor, my mouse and keyboard fit perfectly on the standing desk converter workstation as well.


Mike Bertha's Blog

I'll start by saying this desk is wonderful. I got the one with just the electric up/down buttons (no presets remembered). It works very professional. It has the ability to stand and not have my whole desk shake as I type...and it's quite impressive-looking too. I'm 5'5" and have a foam standing mat which adds a couple inches and I'm able to lift the desk high enough to be ergonomically correct. When I'm tired of standing, it takes maybe 5 seconds to get down to the bottom and perfect chair height.

Mike Bertha

The Balanced Babe's Blog

Only 6 weeks until bubby boy arrives and my favorite form of cardio these days is biking! Was totally bummed that I couldn’t bike along the lake like I did last summer (and the fact that my lower back is preventing me from doing pretty much any other form of full body classes). So I’ve been using this FlexiSpot desk bike V9 while I work and all I can say is THANK GOD. Nothin helps mama out like some form of movement throughout the day! It blends in with our home decor too

The Balanced Babe


Tania's Blog

The entire thing is pre-assembled so you literally just put it on the desk, snap in the keyboard tray, and done. Its also not that heavy in my opinion, I was able to carry it up my stairs and into my office no problem. Its so clean and white and nice, the spring system that makes it go up/down is effortless and smooth, its really lovely and luxury feeling. it looks nice and doesn't look or feel cheap at all. Its extra wide, I have 2 24inch monitors and my full size laptop on it no problem, tons of space left over for note pad, calculator, phone, etc.


Willie Newman's Blog

This desk is really as good as it gets. It was extremely easy to set up with all the tools included, and the instructions were very easy to follow. The up and down buttons are very easy to press. The desk goes up and down very smoothly and quietly. Even at the desk's highest setting, it still feels very sturdy. The legs and feet of the desk are incredibly strong. I would recommend this desk if you're looking for something easy to setup, and works well as a simple motorized standing desk.

Willie Newman

Walters4's Blog

As a designer and productivity strategist, I love the flexibility of easily moving from sitting to standing while working. The white frame matches my space beautifully, and the promises of an easy-to-remove keyboard tray and easy-to-maneuver lever were enticing. The lever for raising and lowering really CAN be done with one hand, and the keyboard tray was super intuitive to install and remove.The product is very sturdy (and honestly, I wouldn't want to use anything too lightweight for my computer's sake), and assembly took all of three minutes.


Tim's Blog

I was planning on building a custom desk for my home office, and I wanted to have lift to put onto it, and the dimensions and design of this one seemed to be exactly what I wanted. The unit seems very strong, very able to support my dual 21 inch LCD Displays. My favourite added and unexpected feature is the vast amount of "extra" space between the monitor support and the desktop since I realize that I can put my mini-computer speakers under there and gain some desktop in the process.