Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer S07


Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer S07

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  • Extra Storage
  • Effortlessly Fits Your Desk
  • Easy & Straightforward Installation
  • Sleek & slim design

Extra Storage for a More Organized Workspace

Make your workspace clean and tidy to improve work efficiency and eliminate stress. The FlexiSpot Slim Under Desk Drawer easily adds storage space to your standing desk. It doesn't take up space on the desk surface as it fits at the bottom of the desktop. It can hold your office accessories and stow personal items like keys, pens, and notebooks.
Wide Surface Usage
No-slip design

Effortlessly Fits Your Desk

This convenient under-desk storage option is compatible with most of our Flexispot Desks except 24" width desktop. It is available in black or white to match your Flexispot Desk Frame. It can also fit under any other fixed desk with a desktop that is at least 9.4" deep.

Easy Installation

Drawer is quite light, so whether you are adding the Drawer at the same time you are assembling your desk or adding it later, installation is quick and frustration free. It ships fully assembled, just position it where you'd like it and attach it with 6 provided screws.
Waterproof and Easy to Clean
Ideal Mouse Pad

Sleek-looking and Slim Drawer

ts black/white coating gives it a simple and minimalistic look. This convenient storage drawer mounts under your desk, raises and lowers with it as you adjust heights from sit-to-stand keeping your things in easy reach. The drawer's slim three-inch profile ensures that it won't take up your precious legroom, leaving your knees plenty of space to move.