Ergonomic Advice

The way you stand, run and walk may be hurting your back.

Understanding Your Feet: A Beginner's Guide to Pronation and Supination

If your back hurts, there's a chance it's the natural movement of your feet as you walk. Understanding what is supination and over pronation can help. 

desk bike

Advantages and Disadvantages of Desk Bike

Exercise is good but not all exercise equipment is for everyone. Fortunately, there are “fixes” to some of the problems and issues that people have with exercising on a desk bike...

buy a standing desk using fsa

Using your FSA or HSA to Purchase a Standing Desk

There isn't a much better way than putting money towards your own wellbeing.

Simple Posture Training

5 Posture Training Exercises to Improve Your Posture Quickly

There are four major components to posture training that you need to master before putting it all together. Posture is key to spine pain prevention. 

A woman is thinking to do things right now or later

What You Need To Know About Procrastination

Procrastination is a problem experienced by millions of individuals. It is extremely easy for some folks to simply put off what could be done today until another time. They have to do with what you feel and what you're faced with. And you can change that.

It's surprising how stress impacts the body in potentially negative ways — but y

How Stress Impacts the Body and Your Mental Health

Knowing how stress impacts the body and your mental health can help you reduce it before it gets worse. 

A fat woman is doing exercise for weight loss

Does Weight Loss Help Joint Pain and Symptoms of Arthritis?

Weight loss and exercise can significantly improve arthritis join pain.  Plus, it’s never too late to get started to improve your quality of life. 

Doctor writing a prescription.

Can My Doctor Prescribe a Standing Desk?

One common question from health-conscious workers is, "Do I need a doctor's note for standing desk requests to my employer?" No, but it can help your case. 

loose weight

Do Standing Desks Help You Lose Weight?

Working a desk job may be good for your bank account, but odds are that it hasn’t been good for your waistline. A 2013 CareerBuilder survey found that 41% of workers report having gained weight at their desk jobs. 

The family is celebrating Christmas

The Potential Toxic Dangers of Holiday Decorations

 Are there lurking dangers when it comes to holiday decorations?  The short answer is yes, but not as much as you might be lead to believe. Read more to find out. 

Creative ergonomics chairs in an open office

Workspace Design Psychology: How an Office Layout Can Affect Employees

In recent years the question of workplace design has become a focal point for many companies, but what's the real impact of workspace design psychology? 

A man wearing suit is climbing a mountain

Work Smarter, Not Harder

What do people mean when they use the phrase “work smarter, not harder”? Usually, they mean that you should make your work process more efficient by decreasing the time and effort it takes to complete a task. Here are some tips and tricks to help you perfect the process of working smarter...not harder.

FlexiSpot E5 Desk

Comparing the Fully Jarvis Desk and the FlexiSpot E5 Desk

Decide between Fully’s Jarvis desk and FlexiSpot’s E5 desk with this detailed comparison of standing desk attributes.

A dog is sleeping

How to Calculate When You Should Go to Sleep

If you are targeting for a 7 to 8 or maybe 9-hour sleep cycle, calculating your sleep can help you accurately measure just when it is you should go to bed and wake up positive and fresh. Ideally, you must always be able to wake up at towards the end of your sleep cycle, which is when you are fully rested. 

Office layout with a modern design

How Office Design Affects Employee Recruitment

Attracting the right employee population has a variety of facets, but have you ever considered the relationship between office design and recruitment? 

standing posture at the standing desk

How to Stand at a Standing Desk

If you’re new to the world of standing desks, there are a few guidelines you should follow to maximize the benefit of these workstations. Just like any type of new activity, side effects, including aching feet and legs, as well as back and shoulder pain, can occur if you go from sitting all day to standing all day, or if your desk isn’t positioned properly.

Person using an app on a tablet

Optimize Your Output at Work With These Apps

We use apps for a wide variety of purposes in our personal lives, but what about apps for work productivity? Here are five categories of productivity apps. 

yoga for back pain

Yoga for Back Pain: 5 Easy Poses To Get Relief Now

Want to know how to relieve back pain fast? Yoga may be just the thing for you! Read this post to learn five easy, effective poses for back pain relief and spine health.

How Long Should You Really Stand at a Standing Desk?

How many hours do you think you spend sitting down every day? If you’re anything like the average American, you spend upwards of 10 hours a day with your butt in the chair. That number is the result of at least 8 hours at work – sitting at a computer, eating lunch, and sitting in meetings – followed by the hours we spend watching TV, browsing our smartphones, or using the computer at home at night.

Do you find that shocking?

If so, you’re not alone. Standing desks are becoming more and more popular in offices, with many companies springing to replace all employees’ desks with standing or sit-stand models. Suddenly, you have the option to stand during the workday. But how much standing is enough? Are you supposed to stand for the entire day? What percentage of your workday should you spend standing in order to be healthy?

Experts agree that you should not stand for the entire day. Standing for too long can be just as hard on your body as sitting for too long, it’s just correlated with different risk factors than sitting. For example, because standing compresses the spine and forces your heart to work against gravity, standing too much can lead to lower back pain and increase your risk for certain cardiovascular problems, such as varicose veins, carotid arteries, and vein thrombosis.

So what’s the right ratio of sitting to standing? Experts agree that you should work towards spending half of your day sitting and half of it standing, ideally switching between the two every 15-30 minutes. (Why 15-30 minutes? Because after just 30 minutes of sitting, your metabolism slows by as much as 90% and the muscles in your lower body turn off.) However, most people can’t go from sitting all day to suddenly standing for four hours every day. That’s okay – start slow and work your way up to the ideal four hours of standing.

If it’s hard for you at first to spend extended

4 Ways to Improve Workplace Air Quality

Workplace Pollution and 4 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Employers must consider how to improve indoor air quality in office conditions because workplace pollution can be detrimental to employees' health. Pollutants can trigger asthma, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms for those who are susceptible.

By addressing some of the common components of workplace pollution, employers can help improve quality of life for their employees.

Workplace Pollution and Its Impacts on the Workforce

Employees are often concerned about workplace air quality. For example:

  • Temperatures are too hot or too cold.
  • Air ventilation is too drafty or too stale.
  • Humidity is too high.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, explains that poor air quality can cause a variety of health issues if not properly addressed. For instance, warm and humid environments can create mold. As the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) explains, many studies show that poorly ventilated workspaces can increase cold and flu germs. The repercussions of these outcomes are obvious: Workers are more likely to be sick or be affected by the poor air quality inside the office environment.

Preventing Poor Air Quality Issues

OSHA requires employers to provide safe environments free of known hazards. Luckily, the AIHA, OSHA and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) all offer suggestions for how to improve indoor air quality in office conditions. The list below includes some of the common elements of a healthy work environment:

  1. Clean regularly. Vacuuming and cleaning work surfaces on a regular basis can keep mold spores and dust from building up over time. T
Back Pain

What Actually Causes Disc Related Back Pain?

Addressing the ambiguities surrounding back health when you have a bulging disc. Learn what is causing the back pain and what to do aobut it. 

stand up to increase productivity

Increase Your Productivity By Standing Up

By now, you’ve probably heard of standing desks: they are the leading edge of a new trend that claims to burn calories, reduce neck and back pain, and boost productivity while at work. And finally, scientists have proved it to be true: a new study claims that standing desks improve employee productivity by almost 50%.

The main object of the study was to analyze employee productivity at a call center over a 6-month period after the company bought standing desks. The employees talked with clients on the phone about health problems and their productivity was analyzed based on whether their callers decided to become clients and if they delivered pertinent information.

After just a month of using the standing desks, employees were 23% more productive than their colleagues who were sitting behind traditional desks. After 6 months, the boost of productivity increased even more. The average productivity increase was 46%.

Of course, it is only one study and some say that it is about a very specific group of people and the employees who used the standing desks received calls from new clients, while their colleagues who were seated took calls from existing clients. Therefore, some people claim that the nature of the calls was different and there are more studies needed to support the findings of this study.

Whether you think the findings are correct or not, there are proven benefits of standing desks that are hard to deny. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Health Benefits

There is no consensus on whether or not standing desks provide a productivity boost. There are only eight studies and half of them found that standing desks increase productivity, while others showed mixed results. Therefore, it is a bit too early to say whether standing desks have a considerable effect on performance or whether they affect the number of sick days employees take; one of the most common signs of low productivity.


A woman performs barbell lifts

Increase Bone Density With Weightlifting Exercises

How can you use weightlifting to increase bone density? 

a women in bad posture

Bad Posture Leads to Back and Neck Pain

Do you suffer from back or neck pain?  If so, you are not alone.  University of Carolina researchers found that 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain in their lifetime with losses of over $100 billion a year stemming from decreased worker efficiency and healthcare costs.  Back pain appears to be on the rise, especially with the advent of technology.  Children grow up hunched over phones and tablets playing games only to grow up finding themselves hunched over their keyboard at work.  According to the European Journal of Pain, there is a correlation between age and back pain, with a 13% increase in chances of death for those with chronic back pain in later life.

Posture Pump states that most back and neck pain is attributed to poor posture.  Since the neck and spine are connected, a problem in one area can lead to problems in the other.  When you are slumped over your computer you are putting a lot of pressure on the muscles in your neck and back leading to aches and pains.   Spine Health confirms that this long exposure to poor posture puts unneeded stress on one’s joints, muscles, and spine leading to further pain.

The importance of good posture is clear for our health and well-being.  What is the ideal posture then?  The Cleveland Clinic states that one should sit

Tips for people who want to switch to standing desk

Sitting is a new smoking. Sitting is killing us. To some extent, these words are a little bit biased. However, to those who work nine to five, they may suffer from long time sitting work. Even worse, if people do not spend time doing some exercise. The sitting problem can be a big problem. But what if we don’t have time for gym? You can do some light exercise during your daily work, for example, don’t sitting too much time and move more during your work day. But of course, you and your body itself shall make an adjustment before you get used in using a standing desk. Here are some tips you may consider if you want to switch to a standing desk converter or height adjustable desk.

D – o some research
E – xperiment, Examine, Evaluate
S – acrifice
K – now your posture

1. Before anything else, do some research about standing desk, i.e. what is standing desk? Which standing desk is best for you? What are the benefits of a standing desk? What else do I need if you switch to a standing desk? And to sum it up, is it all worth it to use a standing desk?

You can’t just gamble a penny if it’s not worth it, right? So, I strongly suggest to know more about the product and make sure that it’s convenient for you and your health too!

2. Once you already know the answers to your questions about the product, why not experiment before trying an actual standing desk? Create your own DIY standing desk! Keep in mind that it’s only for a short of time cause maybe you’ll need those things you stacked up to build that DIY standing desk of yours.

“Nothing else can teach us better th

Woman wears a posture brace outside.

Do Posture Braces Work? The Pros, Cons and Three Alternatives to Consider

Do posture braces work? The scientific evidence seems to be up in the air, but these pros, cons and alternatives might help you decide what's best for you. 

A woman drinks water at work

Importance of Hydrating and Drinking Water at Work

Don't forget the importance of hydrating and drinking water at work. Here's why it's important and how you can remember to drink your water. 

Woman working at a desk, surrounded by plants

3 Ways Ergonomics and Workplace Design Create a Positive Employee Experience

The space you work in impacts your thinking, which is why ergonomics and workplace design are critically important for business leaders to consider. 

standing desk challenge

Take the 30-Day Standing Challenge to Start Standing at Work

Working eight to ten-hour days might make you feel chained to your desk, but cutting into your freetime isn’t the only negative impact it’s having on you. Americans are leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and the side-effects are wreaking havoc on our health. Sitting for too many hours each day has been linked to obesityheart diseasediabetes, and even certain types of cancer. It sounds dire, but there’s a simple solution: We need to move and stand more.

If you work in an office, you’re probably aware that standing desks are growing in popularity. It’s not just a fad. Standing desks encourage office workers to spend less time on their seat and more time on their feet. The more you move throughout the day (standing, walking, or doing light exercises at your desk), the more you cancel out the negative effects of sitting. Even fidgeting can help—vindication for anyone who grew up hearing their mom say “Sit

flexispot Stylish Sit stand Smart Workstation EM6S standing desk

The New FlexiSpot Smart Workstation: Relieve Pain While Boosting Productivity

Learn about the features and perks of the FlexiSpot EM6S Smart Workstation that create the ideal mix of productivity, style and spine health.

A Fitness-Focused Christmas Gift The Whole Family Will Love

Looking for a Christmas gift that will delight the whole family? The V9 Deskcise Pro™ is a gift your whole family will enjoy using throughout the year to improve fitness, break up boredom, and multitask while exercising.

The FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro™ all-in-one desk bike is as easy to assemble as it is to use. The desk bike doubles as as a convenient ergonomic workstation, so you can incorporate more activity into your daily life by pedaling while you answer emails on your laptop, work on homework assignments, read a book, or watch TV. If you need a break from pedaling, the desktop lifts and adjusts to easily convert to a standing desk.

Having eight different resistance setting makes the V9 Desk Exercise Bike perfect for families. Older adults can get light exercise pedaling on resistance level 1 or 2, while teenagers might take it up a notch to level 7 or 8 for a high-intensity workout. The Deskcise Pro™ even tracks your progress, so you can keep track of distance pedaled, workout time, speed, and calories.

It doesn’t matter who you give the desk bike to; everyone in your family will be clamoring to take their turn.


Teenagers can be so wrapped up in their phone, tablet, or television that they don’t get enough activity throughout the week. With a desk bike, your teenager can stay active without missing a beat on their social media feed.


As a parent, life gets busy. So busy that it can be almost impossible to make time for exercise in between work schedules, after school activities, and maintainin

Father with son on his lap working on computer near window

Support for Working Parents Starts With Family-Friendly Policies

Is there a way for companies to show support for working parents in this significant period of their lives, working with them rather than against them? 

Chiropractor adjusts male patient's neck

The Benefits and Risks of Going to the Chiropractor

Millions of people visit a chiropractor each year. Should the risks of chiropractic adjustment keep you away from seeing a chiropractor for back pain? 

A woman is showing her gift for holiday season

5 Tips for Connecting With Coworkers During the Holidays While Working Remotely

Do you work remotely? Do you find yourself disconnected from your fellow employees? This post contains some advice for surviving the holiday season while working from home, and gives you some great gift ideas for your boss or coworkers.  

6 Tips for Using Your Standing Desk Like a Pro

Standing desks have been growing steadily in popularity over the past few years. And it’s no surprise why: Using a standing desk has countless benefits for your physical and mental health, as well as your performance at work. Studies have shown that standing during the workday can improve focus, promote productivity, and enhance performance among employees. Standing will also decrease your risk for many of the most common chronic illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, lower back pain, diabetes, obesitydementia, and even cancer.

However, buying a sit-stand desk without learning how to use it correctly can do more harm than good. From joint pain to muscle fatigue, standing with incorrect posture or for the wrong amount of time can have a negative impact on your body that cancels out the good.

To get the most benefit from your standing desk, follow these six tips for using a standing desk correctly:

  1. Alternate Between Sitting and Standing

A common mistake new standing desk users make is to attempt to stand all day long. Not only is this not how standing desks were intended to be used, but it’s almost impossible to switch straight from sitting all day to standing all day. Start by standing

An employee with a migraine

Migraines at Work: Migraine Remedy Ideas for the Office

Migraines at work should not be taken lightly. Here are treatments and changes you can make at the office to help. 

Neck traction device for pain management.

Could a Neck Traction Device Decrease My Neck Pain?

A neck traction device is a great tool for treating general neck pain symptoms. There are a variety of medical office and home options you can try. 


CNN Claims ‘Weak Science’ For Standing Desk Recommendations

A article casting doubt on the value of standing desks made waves on the internet a few weeks ago, getting re-posted by a number of other media outlets. We, of course, know the evidence supports the benefits of standing desks, so we thought the article deserved a thoughtful response. 

A stressed employee taking a moment to compose himself while dealing with depres

Recognizing Employee Depression in the Workplace

The chances are high that one of your staff is suffering from employee depression in the workplace. Do you know how to help? 

5 Tricks to Lose Weight Just By Sitting at Your Desk

The freshman fifteen when you first go to college, many people discover that when they start working in an office full-time, the pounds start accumulating. You might be confused at first – you haven’t changed anything about your lifestyle. You still eat pretty healthy and exercise regularly. So why are you gaining weight? Easy: It’s your job!

Americans who work a traditional desk job spend between 10-12 hours sitting every day. Considering that your metabolism slows by 90% within 30 minutes of sitting down and that sitting burns 50 fewer calories per hour than standing (or 400 calories over the course of the average workday!), it should be no surprise that pounds are harder to shake when you’re working in an office.

Using a height-adjustable sit-stand desk is one way to break up the vicious cycle of extra pounds. Even incorporating more non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) activities – like walking to the printer, tapping your feet, or even fidgeting at your desk – can help burn extra calories.

But what if we told you that there was a way that you could lose weight even while sitting at your desk? Follow these five tricks to drop a few pounds just by sitting at your desk.

  1. Toss the unhealthy snacks.

When you have a snack drawer full of unhealthy but tempting snacks, it’s so easy to reach for a snack to curb your boredom or procrastinate on an unpleasant work assignment. Munching on a few chips here and there might not feel like a big deal, but it can add up faster than you think.

Ditch the unhealthy snacks and replace them with better-for-you alternatives. Or, even better, store your snacks in the communal kitchen rather than your desk drawer so that you have to get up and move to access them. You’ll probably find your snacking diminishes, and at the very least, you’ll be walking more before you indulge.

    A man is writing about the balance between work and life

    I’m Ambitious and I Want to Show it, But What About My Time?

    Whether you work at an office or other workplace, or you work at home, balancing your work ambition and your personal time can be a challenge.  Yes, you need to do what you have to do in order to reach your professional goals, but you can’t stop caring for your own personal needs.  

    A keyboard shows Don't be busy, be productive

    How to Free Up Time to Focus on What Matters Most

    Could you use more free time in your life?  With these simple tricks, you may have more time than you realize to focus on your life vision.

    A woman is working with her standing desk converter

    ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - Eco Series 35” review— is it the best Standing desk converter?

    The Best Standing Desk converters review for the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - Eco Series 35” desk. 

    employee wellness

    Save Money and Boost Loyalty With an Ergonomics Program

    Workplace injuries cost companies billions of dollars every year and create tremendous stress and discomfort for sufferers. An ergonomics programs — a systematic process of fitting jobs and equipment to people — is a wise investment that can not only save money but also improve health, productivity and morale. But how do you create it?

    Carpal Tunnel and You: What Gamers Need to Know

    Hey, gamers!  Press pause for a second.  We need to have a talk about something that none of us really want to talk about:  Carpal tunnel syndrome.

    That’s right.  The wrist thing.

    Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) all comes down to one nerve in your wrist -- the median nerve, which controls movement and feeling in your thumb and movement in every finger except your pinky.  The median nerve runs the full length of the arm, but the part where it passes through the wrist is called the carpal tunnel.  When you make repetitive motions with your fingers and wrist, the carpal tunnel can swell.

    That’s bad.

    There’s a lot of buzz around carpal tunnel, especially for gamers, creative types, and workaholics who spend their workdays behind a computer desk studying spreadsheets.  (Are our lives really so different?)

    Now that you know what carpal tunnel is, here’s a quick walkthrough to help you prevent it.

    Study the Art of the Grip

    We’ve all been there:  You’re deadlocked in a showdown with a dragon in the middle of a six-hour Skyrim session and you haven’t even touched your drink.  It happens.  We all get sucked in, especially if it’s a good game and we’re having a good time.

    Between those action-packed moments, though, when the loading screen pops up or a cinematic takes control out of your hands, take a moment to study the art of the grip.  Ease up on the controls a moment, relax your fingers, and do a few wrist exercises.

    Remember, swelling in the carpal tunnel is a primary cause for CTS, so do yourself a favor and give your hands and wrists a chance to relax for a minute or two.  Thumb through the menu, sort your inventory, or -- if you’re

    Can a Smart Device Shock You Into Good Posture?

    Can a Smart Device Shock You Into Good Posture?

    Do posture correctors work? The research is mixed. But that doesn't mean posture shockers, or any other device or brace, won't work for you. 

    tension headache

    The Correlation Between Neck Posture and Tension Headaches

    Many employees would say that their jobs can be a pain in the neck.  This may be a figure of speech, but it can be a reality when so much time is spent sitting in an office with less than ideal posture.  So what happens when our daily posture causes pain, particularly tension headaches?

    Magnet labeled

    Alternative Incentives for Employee Wellness Participation

    Try these employee wellness incentive program ideas to leverage social interactions and take your organization beyond mere monetary rewards. 

    A woman enjoys coffee and the sunrise

    Productive at Home: Setting Up Your Home Office Space To Reduce Distractions

    If you want to be productive at home, you'll need to put some thought and creativity into minimizing your distractions. Here are some ideas. 


    Ergonomics to 1950

    Today’s ergonomic industry offers products that contribute to health and productivity. Industrial design, physiology, biometrics and other disciplines working together have created some extraordinary equipment, such as under desk bikes.

    A woman exercises her popping shoulder.

    Why Is My Shoulder Popping?

    If you're wondering "Why is my shoulder popping?" then wonder no more. Check out a list of all the possibilities and what to do next. 

    A leader is standing on the mountain top

    What Do You Consider To Be The Single Most Important Quality Of A Leader? Why?

    From decades of information and knowledge, we all know that it's impossible in practice to isolate one quality from alternative qualities. The qualities of an individual are entangled in complicated ways in which we all know that quality may be represented as most significant in the abstract. However, this importance doesn't translate any validity into leadership training. Earlier, organizations would hire those leaders who had relevant management expertise. Today, they're willing to position their bets on leaders who bring entirely different skill sets to the table and use those to assist the organization to navigate the apace turbulent business atmosphere.

    A healthy businessman bikes to work.

    Employee Wellness Incentive Program Ideas To Create Healthy Competition in the Office

    What do you need to know when considering employee wellness incentive program ideas? 

    A woman takes a moment to relax and meditate at work to protect her mental healt

    Offer Mental Health Resources to Improve Work-Life Balance

    Help your employees create work-life balance by offering mental health resources at work. 

    Using a gravity blanket may minimize anxiety, help you fall asleep faster and sl

    How a Weighted Blanket Can Alleviate Anxiety

    Weighted blanket benefits can include minimizing anxiety, falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. 

    company culture

    Why Is Organizational Culture Important?

    It could be that you are an entrepreneur who just recently launched a business, or you are a business owner seeking to make the best for your business. Certain things need to be understood and should become inherent for your business to thrive beyond your imagination. One of such things is organizational culture. 

    Office workers sitting on exercise balls at work

    Bring Preventative Health Strategies to Life With Wellness Wednesdays

    Dedicate Wednesdays to workplace wellness and preventative health strategies. Here are eight ways to get started. 

    Are You Undoing your Gym Gains? Sit Less for Fitness!

    Modern Life

    Much of our working and leisure time is spent in front of a computer, XBOX, PS4, or simply watching television.  Combined sleeping time and typical daily sitting time, comes to an incredible 20 hours per day!

    It’s no surprise then that our daily Calorie requirements have plummeted from humanity’s early days.  We need less energy nowadays because so much of our labor has been taken over by our machines, and our entertainment is delivered directly to our devices instead of us heading out to find it on our own.

    To substitute for what used to be ordinary activity, we go to the gym and work out. That way we can still eat the foods that we enjoy.  The difficulty is that we are inconsistent with our exercise.

    We must increase our rate of metabolism to burn more Calories constantly—luckily this is surprisingly easy to do—just Stand Up!

    Stand Up for Yourself

    Simply standing burns an extra 750 calories per minute.  Most non-scientists think “calories” and “Calories” are the same, but Capital “C” calories are 1,000 times larger (officially known as Kilocalories).  Humans need approximately 2,500 Calories (Kilocalories) or 2-½ million calories per day in order to function.

    While 750cal/min doesn’t sound like much, when you add one additional hour of standing to your daily routine, in one year it is equivalent to 4 kilograms or 8 pounds of fat.  In practical terms, it is the equivalent of running 10 marathons annually!

    Strength From Within

    While standing, many seldom-used muscles come into play and this raises our rate of metabolism.  When it does increase, an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, which is responsible for moderating triglycerides and blood fats, comes out of retirement mode.

    Without it, you’re headed for atherosclerosis—a disease process characterized by scarring of

    A man in a wheelchair works with a colleague

    Accommodating Disabilities Is the Law — and It's Good for Business

    Providing employees with reasonable accommodations for their disabilities enables you to comply with ADA requirements for office space and improves morale. 

    Fasting to Lose Weight: Does it Work?

    Fasting to lose weight has been gaining a lot of traction among celebrities and fitness experts — find out why! 

    Family road trip selfie

    Is an Unlimited Vacation Time Policy Right for Your Workplace?

    It sounds like every employee's dream job perk: unlimited vacation days. But is it right for your workplace? Here are a few things to consider. 

    Woman with wrist pain

    Preventing and Managing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common ailment that leads to missed work days and productivity. Follow these preventative tips to avoid this painful condition. 


    Ergonomics from 1950 to the 21st Century

    After World War 2, ergonomics focused on product design and convenience.  In the 1950s ergonomics developed a focus on people in systems, now called “human factors.” 

    Employee Assistance Programs offer differentiated and affordable benefits

    How an Employee Assistance Program Can Help Your Employees Thrive

    Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) offer employee wellness and other benefits to meet the needs of a younger work force. 

    walking treadmill desk

    Can You Truly Work and Workout at the Same Time?

    Research shows sedentary work leads to a variety of health issues, but having a tool like a treadmill desk or desk bike can change that trend. 

    Woman with poor posture

    Fixing Your Anterior Pelvic Tilt

    Fixing anterior pelvic tilt takes time, but you can use exercises and stretches to help put your pelvis back into proper alignment. 

    The employee is feeling confused when face choices

    Is being a Manager the right career move for you?

    As you progress in your career, and move up the ladder, one natural step you would seem to take is to become a Manager. But, as you review the role and responsibilities, you being to wonder, is it the right step for you? 

    Keto diet and intermittent fasting

    The Keto Diet: Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting

    Among the most popular nutritionally strategies used by many are the keto diet and intermittent fasting. But what are these different dietary tools? 

    a kid at standing desk

    Can A Standing Desk Improve Kids' Health and Learning?

    Kids are facing a health crisis in the form of obesity, diabetes, and poor fitness, and they are sitting more than ever. Can the standing desk help? 

    Wondering how to improve posture? Try a few yoga poses to improve in just a few

    How to Improve Posture Through Yoga

    These simple yoga poses are great exercises if you're interested in how to improve posture and benefit from reduced pain. 

    A female employee is holding an hourglass

    Time Management at Work

    Time management has been an important aspect of work since the Industrial Revolution. Tips for managing time at work include doing a time audit, making to-do lists, setting a timer, group similar tasks, and don’t multitask. Attention and energy management are also alternatives, effective ways to manage time at work.

    hazardous gaming

    Correcting the Problems Associated with Hazardous Gaming

    It’s not uncommon to become fully immersed in a video game, spending long hours into the night, completely losing all sense of time. You’re hunched over, shoulders tense, eyes fixed wholly on the action, giving no care to the goings on around you. Every breath is taken, in sync with that of the movement of your in-game avatar. Then at last, smile takes shape as you finish off what felt like the impossible and achieve the goal you set for yourself, almost 9 hours ago!

    Diversity in the workplace

    Celebrating a Diverse Workforce While Being Sensitive to All Customs and Beliefs

    A diverse workforce is one of the most important things on the agenda for business leaders because it can lead to better business outcomes. 

    Standing Desk Status Quo 2018

    Welcome to FlexiSpot’s inaugural report on the “status quo” of standing desks in today’s workplace culture. This survey is a concise summary of the role standing desks play in pursuing a healthy lifestyle in and out of the office.

    Woman getting a back massage

    The Benefits of Back Massages Extend Beyond Relaxation

    Massages for back pain are among the preventive health care activities that can really make a difference in your daily life. 

    A woman is feeling Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Effective Home Treatment Options for Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Foot

    Check out our list of effective home treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis of the foot and improve your quality of life.

    A young couple does a forearm plank at the gym

    Stand Up Straight: 10 Posture Exercises to Feel Your Best

    While our modern-day desk jobs and TV bingeing can make bad posture worse, these good posture exercises can help reverse the damage, no equipment required. 

    Spinal cord injuries

    Busting Broken Neck Myths: What Do Spinal Cord Injuries Really Mean?

    There are several broken neck myths, which seem to stem from the fact that the term isn't very clear. What does it mean to "break your neck"? 

    4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Exercise Routine in 2018

    Getting more exercise is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. But the majority of people fail to make changes their workout routine that last for even the entire month of January, much less the entire year. If you want to be one of the few people who does succeed in getting more exercise in 2018, you need to set yourself up for success by learning how to make the most of your workout routine.

    It’s not easy to find time for exercise when you have a busy work schedule, full social calendar, and kids to take care of. That doesn’t mean it’s any less important to get the recommended amount of exercise. Exercising five days a week for at least 30 minutes will lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes, and will help you live longer.

    Here are some tips for making the most of your workout routine in 2018:

    1. Make a workout plan.

    You know the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”? The secret to accomplishing any goal is making a plan for how you’ll achieve it – and your exercise routine is no different. Plan out which days you’ll go to the gym, at what time, and how long you’ll spend there. You’ll be amazed to see how simply planning out your new routine will make you more likely to follow through.

    2. Find the right gym.

    If you don’t like your gym or it doesn’t have the equipment and classes you need, you won’t go. It’s as simple as that. If you haven’t already found a gym you like, do some research. Look into specialized gyms like boxing, pilates, or spinning if you’re looking to switch up your routine in the new year.

    3. Exercise alone.

    No doubt about it, going to the gym with a buddy can be more fun than going by yourself. But if you have a limited window of time to fit in your workout, a friend can be an unhelpful distraction. The time you spend chatting is the time you’re not spendin

    Pregnant woman at her desk

    Assisting Pregnant Women With Temporary Health Conditions Can Increase Productivity

    Learn about the common health symptoms of those working while pregnant and make changes to increase productivity for women in the workplace. 

    Relaxation room for employees

    The Benefits of Creating a Wellness Room for Employees

    What is a relaxation room for employees? Why should your office have one? 

    A person holding pistachios in their palms

    Try These Sleep-Inducing Foods for More Restful Sleep

    These nutritious foods for sleep can help you sleep better and longer. 

    Many young people are enjoying pain free trip

    Traveling Free of Pain

    Traveling can be a very exciting time for some people if they are going on vacation and they do not travel much. 

    A woman sit in front of a laptop

    The Grueling Work to Success of A Start-up Company Employee

    A start-up company employee tries to get promoted by maintaining a high quality of work and showing dedication in the face of adversity.

    5 Ways Investing in Employee Wellness Saves Money

    When companies think about investing in their employees, they tend to focus on areas directly related to their work or industry, such as sending employees to conferences or sponsoring extra training. Professional development is seen as having the most clear-cut return on investment – you pay for an employee to receive more training or be exposed to industry experts, and they will bring that new knowledge back to their work. True! But that mindset overlooks another important area of employee development: wellness.

    On the surface, employee wellness may not appear to be related to ROI or the bottom line, but an employee’s well-being has a significant impact on the quality and quantity of work they’re able to do. That means investing in employee wellness (by sponsoring employee fitness programs, providing access to an onsite gym, catering healthy lunches once a week, or furnishing the office with ergonomic furniture like height-adjustable sit-stand desks) is just as effective as investing in professional development. When you invest in employee well-being, you benefit both your employees and your company.

    Here are 5 reasons that employee wellness is a profitable investment:

    1. Increased Productivity

    Employees who participate in wellness programs are more productive than those who don’t. One study found that employees who participated in health and wellness programs gained an average of 10.3 hours in additional productivity annually, saving approximately $353 per person in lost productivity costs, compared to counterparts who

    A man feels hip pain because of hip syndrome

    Do You Know Snapping Hip Syndrome?

    Snapping hip syndrome can also be called Coxa Saltans. This is a very common condition especially in females, but it can happen in both genders and any age.

    A man is getting remote work

    How To Find A Remote Job

    The remote workplace system isn’t the right solution for every company, so when you start your journey to working remote, there are a few things to ask and keep in mind.

    Woman stretching her leg at her desk

    Managing RLS: Restless Leg Syndrome in the Workplace

    NINDS estimates that up to seven to 10 percent of the U.S. population may have Restless Leg Syndrome. Learn how to manage RLS in the workplace. 

    Woman practicing self-care activities at work.

    Creating a Self-Care Routine for Work

    Self-care isn't something you do only during your off-hours on evenings and weekends. You can incorporate self-care activities at work too. Here's how.

    obesity and back pain

    The Painful Relationship Between Obesity and Back Problems

    While lower back pain is one of the most common disabilities worldwide, the underlying cause behind back pain is not always cut and dry. Lower back pain is rarely caused by a serious medical condition. It is far more common for back pain to be the result of lifestyle factors, such as activity level, posture, and age. Another factor that’s gaining attention as obesity rates rise around the world is the connection between back pain and weight gain.

    Many people who are overweight or obese and experience back pain don’t realize that their excess weight may be causing their back pain. Yet there is a clear relationship between body mass index (BMI) and back pain.

    One study found that people at a normal weight had the lowest risk for back pain, while people who are obese had the highest risk for back pain and were the most likely to require medical intervention. Another study conducted in 2017 by University of Tokyo Hospital in Japan reviewed medical data for 1,152 men between 1986 and 2009. The researchers found that a person’s BMI directly correlated to their rate of back problems.

    Back Pain and Obesity: What’s the Connection?

    While there is general consensus that a connection exists between back pain and obesity, researchers disagree about the causal relationship. Some believe the cause-and-effect is simple: extra weight pushes the pelvis forward, which places more strain on the lower back.

    Other researchers believe that explanation is too simplistic, and doesn’t account for differences between people, even those of similar age, weight, an

    overcome back pain

    To Overcome Your Back Pain, You Need to Understand It

    Do you experience chronic or periodic back pain? If so, you’re not alone: over 80% of Americans will experience some form of back pain during their lives, and 31 million are suffering from back pain at any given time. In fact, lower back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and one of the most common reasons for missing work. That’s not surprising when you consider that half of all working Americans will experience back pain every year.

    So what’s causing this epidemic of back pain, and what can we do about it?

    Causes of Back Pain

    The spine is one of the most complex and interconnected anatomical structures in the human body, and because it is subject to so many daily stressors, it is also one of the most prone to injury. It is often difficult to locate the origin of back pain because it is made up of so many different bones, vertebrae, joints, ligaments, nerves, discs, and muscles – any one of which could be causing or exacerbating the pain. The overlap between these different anatomical structures also makes it hard for your brain to differentiate one from another to locate the origin of the pain.

    Some of the most common causes of back pain include:

    • Muscle or ligament strain/sprain
    • Spinal nerve compression
    • Lumbar herniated disc
    • Degenerative disc disease
    • Arthritis
    • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
    • Compression fracture

    However, most cases of back pain are mechanical or non-organic in origin, meaning that they are not caused by a serious underlying medical condition. If you’re experiencing back pain, you migh

    A woman stands while she works

    Standing at Work: How To Integrate Tech To Support a Better Standing Habit

    Standing at work is easy to do but tough to remember. Here's how technology can help you remember to take frequent breaks from sitting. 

    A woman is running for keeping health

    5 Ways Motion Causes Low Back Pain

    Preventing back pain from happening and/or helping current back pain may benefit from lifestyle modifications whether at home and/or at work.

    A woman is suffering from Dizziness during work

    Neck Pain and Dizziness

    While dizziness doesn’t always accompany neck pain, some conditions, however, link the two problems. Here are a few possible causes that link neck pain to dizziness.

    Woman rubs her eyes while sitting at her desk

    The Long-Term Health Risks of Computer Use

    Technology is a valuable tool, but the health risks of computers must be addressed to protect the workforce. 

    Employees working in an open office.

    How to Create Privacy in an Open Plan Office

    Open offices are the new trend for businesses. Here's how to offer your workers privacy in the workplace when productivity matters most. 

    HR Help Employees

    How Do HR Help Employees Release Work-Related Stress?

    Do you know that you spend about 35 percent of your life at work? Considering all the stress you are under during your time in the office, it seems as if a third of your life is wasted on worries and bad feelings. Our bodies are not designed to be under stress for such a long time. Eventually, we give up, and we face a variety of unpleasant effects.

    Stressed-out employees suffer from chronic conditions and experience the decrease in brain activity. As a result, the productivity drops, and the company suffers from an unexpected profit loss. That’s why it’s vital for HR departments to come up with efficient methods to help employees release work-related stress.

    5 Signs Your Employees Are Under Work-Related Stress

    1. Loss of appetite – Stress-out people experience a loss of appetite, which leads to weight loss and lack of energy.
    2. Irritation and aggression – When employees are under a lot of stress, they become irritated and aggressive. Their behavioral patterns change drastically without a visible reason.
    3. Lack of socializing – Stressed-out people stop being social. They tend to avoid others during lunchtime and prefer working on their own.
    4. Becoming difficult – When employees are under stress at work, they become difficult to cope with even when it comes to matters outside the workspace.
    5. Feeling ill - stressed-out people are more prone to various diseases. If your employees start calling in sick often, it could be a sign of work-related stress.

    Research has shown that about 80 percent of workers are under stress at their workplaces. Half of them admit they need help with stress management. More than 40 percent of workers believe their co-workers require stress management assistance.

    pillow and mattress

    Should I Get a New Pillow and Mattress? Let me sleep on it…

    Would you be comfortable sleeping on a sheet of ¾” plywood? Absolutely not, because it would create innumerable pressure points on your skull, elbows, shoulder blades, hips, and heels. It would be nearly impossible to find a comfortable way to lie down and sleep on such a hard, flat, unforgiving surface.
    Contrariwise, it can be a painful experience to sleep in a hammock. Oh, it’s certainly more comfortable, but it makes us into an elongated curve. That’s fine for our shoulders and back, but our knees only bend in the opposite direction, and it can hyperextend our necks, so you can wake up with achy legs, and even a headache. Blood flows to your lowest point, your buttocks, decreasing the amount to your brain and feet, too, making the situation worse.
    Humans need a relatively level surface upon which to sleep. Even rough ground with the proper rises and depressions makes a good sleeping surface, as our evolutionary ancestors knew well, provided it fitted our body contours.

    First Attempts

    A bag of straw (or nowadays, raw cotton fiber) makes a futon, one of the earliest mattresses. It has lots of give, conforms to our shape, and even helps prevent excess sweating to increase comfort.
    The disadvantage is that it compresses over time, and no amount of “fluffing” will fix it. It needs to be unstitched, emptied and refilled with new material, or replaced entirely.

    The Evolution

    The modern mattress was placed in a wooden frame bed, and served for many years that way. Steel spring fames replaced that, giving the mattress more flex, allowing more air circulation, extending its life, and making it more comfortable.
    Bedframes became passé, when we invented a spring system permanently mounted inside a box frame that perfectly matched the mattress. The box spring set still provided the flex, but added resilience that kept the center from sagging. It was a success and considered the height of luxury.



    5 Chair Exercises At Work To Look And Feel Your Best

    If you spend a lot of your day sitting, you can still keep up your strength, flexibility, and mobility with a few chair exercises at work... 

    Natural light coming through a glass roof.

    Combating Seasonal Affective Disorder in Your Office

    Learn why winter is the most common time of year for depression in the workplace and how you can be part of seasonal affective disorder prevention. 

    Gamification: Tips To Improve Productivity

    Gamification: Tips To Improve Productivity for Professionals

    Looking to improve productivity in your workplace? Both traditional and remote workers can benefit from gamifying their day. 

    Four workers are using desk bikes while working

    How to take a break from work: the ultimate guide to a mini-vacation

    Working for yourself can be a great experience. Although you may work from home, it might not give you the flexibility and time to relax as much as possible. Taking a mini-vacation will allow you to decompress and give your best at your job.

    Man and woman making coffee

    Kick That Coffee Habit: Caffeine Alternatives for an Energy Boost for Work

    Try some of these caffeine alternatives for an energy boost for work if you want to kick that coffee habit. 

    A woman is in diet

    Is A Fasting Diet Safe?

    If you have ever wondered about the benefits and safety of a fasting diet, you need to read this article. Get all the information you need to make a a smart decision about fasting diets.

    Forget About Fatigue At Your Standing Desk With These Tips

    When you start using your new standing desk, you might experience physical fatigue – a negative factor that outweighs the multiple benefits of a standing desk. Luckily, there are quick and simple ways to combat fatigue and enjoy improved posture, increased productivity, and more burned calories.

    Mind Your Posture

    Poor posture is one of the main causes of back pain, whether you’re standing or sitting for long periods of time. Correct your posture to fight fatigue. Your head should be up and your shoulders back. Stand with your feet apart and keep your balance on the balls of your feet. Don’t lock the knees, just bend them a little to improve blood circulation. If you’re standing for over 30 minutes, shift your weight, alternating from one leg to another. And don’t forget to adjust the height of the desk: your arms should be resting on it at a 90° angle.

    Get Proper Footwear

    When your shoes don’t fit properly, your whole body will ache. Therefore, it is a good idea to do some research prior to buying the perfect footwear and be prepared to invest in it and try on different brands and sizes before making the decision.

    As a rule of thumb, you should search for a pair that has leather insoles, sturdy construction, snug fit and rounded toes. But what fits best for one person may not be right for another – so choose a pair that can fulfill the unique needs of your feet. If you have a foot condition or can’t find the right pair, consult a podiatrist. There are some people that need a custom insole.

    Change Your Position    

    Unlike a traditional workstation, a sit to stand desk doesn’t require you to stand all the time. Since standing or sitting for long periods of time aren’t good for your legs, you should change positions frequently. For example, you can set a timer and switch between standing and sitting.

    When you need to change your leg positions, sta

    A pair of glasses and a notebook shows Small Business

    4 Small Business Success Stories for New Entrepreneurs

    Running a small business is interesting in that it can be both a lonely and fraternal experience.Let's take a close look at four insightful small business success stories and some of the remarkable lessons they provide to those of us who are willing to learn from the key decisions and sacrifices others have made in order to grow their business. 

    electric standing desk vs crank

    Standing Desk Buyer's Guide: Electric vs. Crank

    Standing Desk Buyer's Guide: Electric vs. Crank - Explore and compare the pros and cons of electric and manual (crank) standing desks. 

    back pain management

    Manage Osteoarthritis in the Workplace

    When you hear someone talk about "arthritis pain" it's likely they are talking about osteoarthritis. Learn how to manage osteoarthritis in the workplace. 

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