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How to Shop Mindfully

19 May 2022

There are many reasons why people buy.

One, they think they deserve it after a month or years of working hard. Where else would they use their money for? Of course, there are bills to pay and savings accounts to fill but after that is done and there is still money left, why wouldn’t you want to indulge yourself and buy something as a reward? We all work hard for money, not only as a means of surviving this world, but also to satisfy our desires. For instance, we give ourselves a goal that we’ll buy this bag or watch when we get promoted to a higher position with a bigger pay cut.

Another reason is that we want to relieve our stress or sadness. Shopping gives us a sense of control over the many choices presented to us. At the end of the day, we’ll go home with something or nothing but we still exercised the power of choice which is under our control. Shopping also releases the dopamine hormone that makes us feel better or feel good than usual. When we feel sad about something we do not have any control over, we reach for our credit cards and hopefully make ourselves forget about the problem that we were just worrying about.

Then, of course, people buy out of a need. We buy food because we need to eat. We buy clothes and shoes because we can’t go out of our houses naked in this civil society. We buy a laptop for school to finish our tasks and projects. We buy books to learn more about our lessons in school or to nourish ourselves with knowledge. We buy ourselves a house so that we have a roof to sleep under. We buy cars to conveniently go from Point A to Point B. As human society grew, our needs increased which makes most of us buy to fulfill these needs. For instance, people didn’t need a mobile phone before but now, we consider it as a need because it serves as our primary source of communication.

People also buy to restart their lives or refresh it. For example, you are moving to a different city, state or country. You won’t be able to bring all of your stuff from home with you. You might even sell half of what you already own. Then, when you get to your new area of residence, you would have to shell out money and buy what you need to start your new life.

People buy when they see sales or discounts. Even if they had no intention to buy at the first place, some couldn’t resist buying on sale something they’ve always wanted to have or something that caught their eye while browsing through a site or visiting a store. It’s a major bonus if it’s sold on a discounted price because when else can you buy it at such a bargain?

People buy when there is something for them to celebrate. As mentioned above, they celebrate as a reward for their hard work. Some celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, and other life milestones by purchasing items that would make them happy or their heart skip with joy.

Since there are many reasons why people resort to purchasing, we must be more mindful of what we buy. Our resources are not infinite so there is always a budget that we work with monthly. We shouldn’t max out our credit cards and have no money to pay for the bill when it arrives. It’s a must that people know when they can buy and when to stop the habit. Aside from knowing when It’s been too much, a shopper must also have a gauge on what is practical to buy and what is not. Ergonomic furniture, as an example, is a good destination for anyone’s money. It upgrades one’s life and helps him or she deliver work more productively and efficiently. It promotes good health and protects one from developing serious health concerns. It also lessens body discomfort and makes one work comfortably every single working day. We listed down two ergonomic pieces from FlexiSpot that you would surely love to get your hands on:

1. Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair.

For comfort and function, you’d love to have this ergonomic office chair whether at your workspace or at your home. This ergonomic office chair features a 3D lumbar support system, 135-degree lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests. The elegantly curved backrest will conform to the neck and spine that will providing the maximum headrest and lumbar support. The armrests are adjustable in four dimensions that contour effortlessly to the arms and elbows. It is made of Italian-imported chenille and K+R temperature-sensitive fiber that will provide maximum ventilation and the most delicate of fabrics. It also features the best-in-industry Samhongsa Class 4 Gas Lift which guarantees that this chair will be able to handle whatever you throw at it.

2. V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike

If you are having trouble squeezing in a workout, then you should grab this desk bike that allows you to sweat even while busy finishing your tasks at work. It has comfortable pedals that hardly make any noise during pedaling, meaning it can be used comfortably even while in meetings and having other people in the house. The bike features a calorie tracker to monitor progress and customizable cardio with adjustable resistance levels. The height of the seat can be adjusted according to one’s desire and the removable keyboard tray may be used as a desktop. It’s compact and reliable that all of us rave for.

Final Word

There is nothing bad about buying. It helps an economy keep running but you should know when it has already become too addicting that you can’t stop anymore. Recognize unhealthy shopping habits and make sure that you make more mindful purchases. One way to ensure that your purchase will count is to assess first how it will add value to your life.