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Are you suffering from Autumn Fatigue? Hacks for Autumn Fatigue

31 October 2018

Like it or not, summer must come to an end. You must welcome the cold season regardless of the effects it has on your body. The days will become a little bit shorter and you may start experiencing difficulty in getting out of bed. Did you know that the approach of cold seasons brings about hunger and long periods of exhaustion? Yes, this is what is known as ‘autumn fatigue.' The symptoms increase as winter approaches.

Autumn fatigue can make you hibernate for six months until the cold season is over, but this is not a healthy option. The fatigue is mainly caused by lack of sunlight, and it extends to the end of winter. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, fatigue or problems concentrating, most definitely you are experiencing autumn fatigue.
It is advisable to follow the below hacks to help boost your energy levels and beat autumn fatigue.

Follow a Healthy Diet
You may get tempted to grab a bar of chocolate or a piece of cake when you feel tired. Too much sugar in your system will only make things worse by making you feel more tired than before. You can consider starting your day with a plate of oats. They are not only full of proteins but also boost your energy levels slowly.
If you have a deficiency of vitamin D, you may feel more tired. It is therefore vital for you to supplement it through your diet. During the cold season, you may consider increasing the intake of oily fish, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains or lean red meat. Also, it is important for you to spend most of your time outdoors so that you can get enough vitamin D from the sunlight.

Boost Yourself with Caffeine
Taking caffeine has always been a debate, and it is considered addictive. When taken in moderation, it can help boost physical and mental performance. You should only avoid taking it after lunch as it takes a long time to clear from the system.

Stay Active
Regardless if you are at home or the office you need to stay active. From a personal experience, regular exercises are known to lift up low moods, increase appetite and also boost energy levels. Try to get outside and at least take a walk, if you cannot attend a workout session. If you are starting out on a workout plan, don’t start with a crazy schedule. You can take walks at least two times a day. Yoga is also an excellent way to relax both the body and mind.
If you have nine to five office job, there is a way we can get you active while still working. You can take breaks during your working hours and at least get a glass of water after every two hours. You can also consider investing in standing desk converters for your office desk. Its adjustable nature will help you not sit down for the entire day. The advantage of using standing desk converters is that you are not only limited to a predetermined desk height but also can adjust it to your height requirements. Even better, the desk converter can help you improve posture and also provides an ergonomically correct workstation.

Being aware of autumn fatigue is vital as it will help you manage it. Changing your daily habits will not only boost your energy levels but also face the cold season with much energy.