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5 Activities to Bond with Your Mother on Mother's Day

04 May 2022

Mother’s Day is only a few days away and not only is it exciting for the moms, it is equally thrilling for the children and the husbands.

Every year, Mother’s Day falls on the first Sunday of May which is May 8 this 2022. Of course, it is important that we show our moms how much we love them and how much we are thankful for them every day of our waking lives. We are only given one mom in this lifetime and we owe much of our lives to our moms. Not once should we take for granted our relationship with our moms who have sacrificed their lives the moment we entered Earth?

Mothers, as they say, contribute a lot to society. Even if they are often deduced to the role of a house caretaker, a society’s future is partly dependent on how moms raise their kids. Our society breeds loving and conscientious individuals if children grow up in loving households. They are our modern-day heroes and they deserve to be celebrated more than usual on a special day dedicated to them in a year.

We see malls filled with sales for people who are shopping for gifts for their moms. We see restaurants offering discounts for those having Mother’s Day lunches and dinners. We watch videos of people declaring their love for their mothers and sharing their relationship stories. We read stories of how moms and children show their love for each other, reconcile through misunderstandings and conflict, and how they rise up from adversity. Every year, on the first Sunday of May, we are reminded of how moms have impacted our lives. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be our biological mothers. It could even be our dad who stepped in the shoes of an absentee mother or it could be our grade school teacher who taught us values at an early age.

So who are we not to make these people feel more special and loved even for just one day? Most of the time we get caught up in our busy day-to-day grind that oftentimes, we forget to show our love for each other. Sometimes, when we transfer to another part of the country or work and study in another country, we drift apart from our families left behind. This is why it’s important to have a Mother’s Day when we can show how big our gratitude and love are for our moms. After all these years, we’ll still be coming back home to their arms and show the impact they have had on us. Here we suggested some activities you can do with your mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Host a surprise reunion party.

If you and your siblings live far away, surprise your mom by showing up at her doorstep on May 8. You can greet her casually at the start of the day and ask what she’s up to on that day. Don’t leave a clue that you’ll be coming over. And since you’re already at it, bring along your other siblings who also live miles away. you may order pizza or arrange for a caterer that your father can help hook up with so your mom won’t notice. There are many ways to pull off a surprise and there’s no perfect opportunity than now to show off your party chops. It’ll be a fun reunion, for sure!

2. Write letters to each other.

There are some households that are more expressive than others. There are some who find it hard to tell each other how they feel. Why not prepare a special stationery and pen for your mom and yourself to write a letter with a message you’ve never told each other. It can be a new way of unveiling parts of yourself to each other or reliving all those memories you’ve had growing up. There are so many stories to tell, and sometimes the written form is the best way to communicate them. It also adds a special touch when you handwrite your letters as opposed to just typing them out on a laptop.

3. Cook each other’s specialty.

We all know that the best homemade dishes are made by our moms. You probably grew up with your mom boasting of a generations-old family recipe. Ask your mom if you can prepare this meal with her for Mother’s Day lunch. Cooking a meal and eating it together add a special bond and make your time together more fruitful. Your mom can unlock a whole treasure trove of her childhood memories while you’re cooking and even share some more while you’re eating. You can also prepare a signature recipe you’ve learned and teach your mom how to do it.

4. Make scented candles and essential oils from scratch.

You can always try something new with your mom and making scented candles from scratch is a therapeutic activity both of you can benefit from. You get to choose what ingredients to include based on what your needs and desires are. You can make a day out of it by shopping first for the ingredients. Afterward, at home, you can hire an expert to guide you on how to mix and match your ingredients for maximum results. Note that you should be aware of handling properties and rules so that you are safe from harsh chemicals.

5. Shop for ergonomic furniture.

While we love sentimental gifts, we also put a lot of value on practical ones. You’d want to give your mom something that can add value or upgrade the quality of their day-to-day lives. They are not getting any younger so you’d want them to have home furniture that promotes good health. You want them to be comfortable while they do their everyday grind as well as make things convenient for them such as being able to squeeze in a workout at any time of the day (see Bike Workstation V9). It’s now your time to pay it forward to your mom who has been tirelessly working to give you a good life.