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Work Like A Dog Day: Celebrating the Hard Life

05 August 2021

The world out there is fast, dynamic, and sometimes brutal. Whether you're a single mom of four or a bachelor with almost no responsibilities, life gives you no breathing space.

It's like every single day, one responsibility or the other stares you in the face. And with life's dynamics, you either keep up or you're left behind. It all makes life seem so scary. You can even feel alone sometimes; like everyone is in this rat race, you're working hard, but you're still not catching up.

Well, that's what the 5th of August celebrates.

Work Like A Dog Day is a day to celebrate your ingenuity, hard work, and persistence. A day when you can pat yourself on the back for working hard the whole year.

It is a day to celebrate hard work with even more work. Crazy, right?

What kind of holiday recognizes how hard life can be and still requires the highest level of productivity? What insane person came up with the idea of Work Like A Dog Day? Is this holiday even necessary?

These are real questions that this piece gives satisfying answers to. All you need to do is read this piece till the very end. By the time you're done reading, you will fully buy into the idea of the Work Like A Dog Day celebration. Enjoy!

History of Work Like A Dog Day

The Work Like A Dog Day celebration has been around for a while, but nobody knows how it started. All we know is that the day's theme originated from the life of canines, particularly dogs.

One would wonder why a day that celebrates so much hard work is themed "Work Like A Dog." After all, dogs do nothing but nap away.

Probably the theme of the day should have been along the lines of "Work Like A Horse Day" or "Celebrating the Camel Life."

Dogs are dexterous animals. They can give you maximum efficiency over an extended period. Unlike horses, you do not need to force them to be submissive, loyal, and obedient. It comes to them naturally.

Whether you place them in your homes, on the farms, or at security checkpoints, dogs will give you maximum satisfaction in every capacity they are placed in. They help you remove rodents from your home, guard your animals on the farm, help you find missing persons, and sniff out drug carriers.

Aside from all these characteristics, dogs are known to be emotionally intelligent. They sense your mood goes sour, and they make you feel better. No wonder the word "Doggedness" derives its origin from the word "Dog."

So if you've had to wake up early each day to get yourself to work, today is for you. You've had to stay submissive to a not-so-considerate boss? Today is for you. You've given maximum efficiency all year round regardless of family drama and health issues? Today is for you. Your work requires you to smile even when clients make the most insensitive remarks? Today is for you. Life works you so hard that you skip breakfast almost every day? Today is for you. Work and stress have made coffee your best friend? Then today, we celebrate the doggedness in YOU!

Today you get to thank yourself for doing life so well that it seems easy. And in doing that, you do it with more work; but in the right way.

Work Like A Dog Day Traditions

So, how best can you maximize every 5th of August, your Work Like A Dog Day?

There is many Work Like A Dog Day traditions that can help you maximize the day's celebrations. All you need to do is plan ahead of time.

Today is for you to find long-lost fulfillment in your work. Take time to reflect on why you chose to do what you are doing now, in the first place. It should reawaken your long-lost passion and help you get through the day.

After killing it at work with so much enthusiasm, you can reward yourself for being you with a nice meal, a night out with friends, or even think up an idea on how to make your work or even life easier. If you can build something to make yourself more productive, why not? And what better day to do it than on Work Like A Dog Day?

Asides from the "you" factor, you can celebrate other hard-working persons around you. Police officers, medical practitioners, firefighters, cleaners, your nanny, boss, employees, and any other person you know that works as hard as you do; or even harder. A simple "thank you for all you do," "thank you for making life easier for us," "I appreciate your service to our country" will go a long way in making your day.

So here's a list of things you can do to make Work Like A Dog Day memorable:

  • Take time to reflect on the work you currently do and why you started it in the first place. Remind yourself of the passion you used to have and tap into that energy.
  • Resume the day's work with a drive and work the hardest.
  • Try a few things that make your work easier even after the day's celebration;
  • Reach out to persons who put so much effort into making you the person you are and show them gratitude.
  • If you're an employer or a team lead, you can send in boxes of pizza or other yummy snacks to your staff or team members, appreciating them for the effort they put into work too.
  • Show some form of gratitude to Servicemen, firefighters, and all other hard-working underdogs you know or come in contact with.
  • Create awareness about the day, if you can; people deserve to know that the world celebrates hard work and consistency.

Celebrating Work Like A Dog Day With FlexiSpot

In the spirit of celebrating Work Like A Dog Day the right way, FlexiSpot can help make your day and that of others memorable.

FlexiSpot is an ergonomic brand founded with the sole aim of striking a balance between work efficiency and physical wellness. It understands that being efficient at work is important, but at the same time, it recognizes the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

Thus, FlexiSpot seeks to boost your productivity and manage your health and body posture in the workplace. And for over 20 years, Flexispot has provided its clientele with the most satisfactory workplace fitting.

Luckily, you can be one of FlexiSpot's satisfied customers. For Work Like A Dog Day, here are a few furniture options you can gift yourself and any other relentless worker you know:

  • Desk Bike V9 

This chair would make a nice addition to your workspace, especially if you keep promising to go to the gym and never seem to find the time for it. The fitness chair is a super comfy office-spin-chair with a backrest made of breathable mesh fabric. It has very firm cushion support and an adjustable height to suit persons of all sizes. 

The most amazing thing about this chair is the fitness bike at the base of the seat. The bike helps you stay fit and protects your body from the ugly side effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Each seat comes with several adjustable resistance levels; you may pedal your way through to keep your body and mind alert. You can rest assured of a higher level of productivity and alertness at work. This chair promises to take you on the much-needed fulfillment you deserve at your workplace.

  • Adjustable Standing Desk EQ3

Of all the table options, this series is still a favorite. One can refer to it as the fully-optimized table. 

Like the other series, the table features a dual-motor table-lift system that enables balance when in use. It has an optimal weight capacity of 275 pounds. At this capacity, the dual-motor table-lift system can still lift the table to the desired length. So you don't need to clear the table whenever you want to adjust the height.

The table is built with an LED display system that allows easy height adjustment with just the push of a button. Also, the display system records the last three height presets and reminds you to change working positions.

However, unlike its counterparts, the table has a unique surface. Made of Bamboo, the table surface is designed to twice the elasticity and durability you would get from regular wood. It has a 2x Lacquer coating that protects the bamboo from water, insects, and other damages.

What better addition do you need to your workspace than a chair that keeps you alert & fit and a table that reminds you to switch positions to maintain physical wellness?

These Flexispot products are durable, easy to maintain and assembled in less than 15 minutes. They are made with a unique product coating that protects them from wear and tear. They can fit into any office space, home offices, and even be used as study tables for kids of all ages.

Luckily, FlexiSpot gives you all these spectacular fittings at the most affordable price. All you need to do is go to the FlexiSpot official site, place an order and celebrate Work Like A Dog Day in grand style.

Why Work Like A Dog Day?

Life can be hard and very demanding. With each new day, we encounter more challenges. One moment you think you have everything under control and the next, your seemingly peaceful life blows up in your face. Seems like life has a never-ending list of how to mess up every single day.

It is a never-ending rollercoaster from physical factors, emotional instability, financial lack, and health and wellness. And not all of us hold the reins to this bumpy life. Some can make these problems disappear; a few can manage some of the problems life throws at them, and the ones they can't manage, they pass on as frustration to others.

For most, life's encounters are a hard pill that they cannot but swallow. These same people have to deal with transferred aggression from unfair employers, insensitive colleagues, and even nasty employees.

That is why there is a need for Work Like A Dog Day. It's a day that affords you some immunization from all the crazy things happening around you. For once, you'll wake up happy and excited to go to work. Hard work won't seem like too much work because you are happy doing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Work Like a Dog Day a real holiday?

Yes, it is. The 5th of August of every year is Work Like A Dog Day. The day intends to celebrate people who work round the clock.

Is Today for Humans or Dogs?

The day is to celebrate humans who are as elegant and dogged as canines.

Is There An Expected Level of Productivity at Work Like a Dog Day?

On Work Like A Dog Day, your level of productivity is measured by how much work you can do with enthusiasm. It is all about finding fulfillment and excitement in your work than you would on a regular day. So if little work gives you the necessary pump and rush, it's more than enough.

Final Word

Like you, the hard life stares me in the face every single day. At times, it makes it hard to understand why you chose this path in the first place. The need to make money and survive then becomes the only drive.

But on Work Like A Dog Day, you can reawaken the enthusiasm and energy you used to have when you first encountered the real world. Celebrate this day with FlexiSpot, and every day will be another 5th of August.