Can we truly work and cycle at the same time?

30 October 2018

FlexiSpot launched the world’s first sit-stand-cycle desk this month, which promises to make it easy for deskbound workers to work while working out. The question is, can you truly focus on work while also breaking a sweat?

Here are 3 encouraging reasons why multitasking in this particular way could be the cure for anyone who spends eight or more hours sitting at a desk.

You Can Multitask Non-Overlapping Tasks

It’s no secret that doing two different things at the same time divides your focus and makes it difficult to do either thing well. But, experts say the problem with multitasking is most prominent when combining two similar activities. For example, talking and listening at the same time is near impossible because both activities require you to use the same part of your brain. On the other hand, you could be quite effective cycling on a desk bike while writing an email on a laptop because the two activities do not overlap. Since cycling is a safe, repetitive motion, you can easily keep your legs moving while focusing your eyes and attention on your laptop.

Rhonda S., a desk bike user since May 2017 says she loves multitasking her work with her workout, “I pedal right through conference calls and get my workout while I'm working. What more can you ask?”

Because cycling is a more controlled motion than even walking on a treadmill set to a low pace, many users find using a desk bike presents fewer risks of injury than using a treadmill desk.

Exercise Actually Boosts Cognition

Need to retain important information for a big presentation at work or a major test at school? Researchers say going over the information while exercising is a surefire way to boost your retention. In a German study published in the PLOS journal, participants learned and retained information better while doing 40 minutes of continuous cycling at moderate intensity.  Researchers concluded that “light- to moderate-intensity physical activity during encoding improved vocabulary learning in young, healthy women.” So, not only is working while working out good for your body, it’s also good for your mind.

Working While Cycling Improves Workout Performance

For those who find working out to be a chore, researchers say doing simple, repetitive tasks like reading business emails while working out could actually improve workout performance. In a 2015 study conducted at the University of Florida study, participants cycled about 25 percent faster while doing the easiest cognitive tasks. Lori Altmann, one of the study’s leads researchers said, “As participants were doing the easy tasks, they were really going to town on the bikes, and they didn't even realize it. It was as if the cognitive tasks took their minds off the fact that they were pedaling.”

Ultimately, the best way to determine if multitasking your work with your workout is the right move for you is to give it a try. Many desk bike manufacturers like FlexiSpot offer a 30-day money back guarantee to give you time to try out the concept in the comfort of your home or office.

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