What to Do with Your Christmas Bonus

23 December 2021

Why do people love the holidays?

Well, the streets are lit up by fairy lights, Christmas songs are blasting on the stereo, the aroma of good food wafts in the air, and people are in high spirits. They are excited to meet loved ones, reunite with friends and family, create new memories to cherish forever, and simply spread love and light. It’s also a season of looking back at the year that was and giving back by paying it forward.

And of course, the holidays are extra exciting because companies distribute 13th month pays and some even give Christmas bonuses on top of it. If you are lucky to receive a Christmas bonus this year, be grateful and spend it wisely. Remember that you deserve that extra cash because you worked hard for it so you won’t just lose it mindlessly.

Here are some suggestions on where to use that Christmas bonus.

1. Book a trip to a holiday destination.

Not only do you have the money, but you also have the time. You may make use of those unused leaves to book a getaway with your loved ones to a holiday destination. Yes, these places might be packed during this season but this is the perfect break time for everyone so don’t mull over that fact. Just enjoy the present moment until it lasts!

If you are looking for a tropical vacation, you may either book tickets to Hawaii or Mexico. If you want a snowy experience, why not arrange a skiing trip to Montana, Colorado, or Wyoming? There are tons of options available out there and you would get the best deals if you book in advance. You could also ask your peers who have visited these places for some first-hand advice.

2. Donate to charity or a foundation.

Trust us; you would never regret sharing your blessings with others. Being altruistic gives you a bigger purpose in life where you begin to understand that your personal problems are smaller than what you think they are.

There are many causes that you could donate to. Just choose what speaks strongly to you the most and where you feel your heart is closest to. Like for example, you love children so why not donate toys to a nearby orphanage? If you have a soft heart for dogs, why not give something to the dog shelter? If you have advocacy for environmental causes, why not join a beach clean-up or fund a no-plastic campaign?

There are many ways that you could donate as well as many organizations accepting help. Know that you can’t do everything but your donation, no matter how small it is, will surely go a long way.

3. Save the money.

You could always choose to save your Christmas bonus. Finance 101 will tell you that before you spend anything, you must have a stable savings account. This money shouldn’t be moved so you’ll be secured financially no matter what happens in your life. You have a fallback account no one can take away from you and it makes your future a tad bit more secure. So another option on where you should use that Christmas bonus is to save it. Thank us later.

4. Invest in money-making ventures.

If you have your savings covered, the next step is to invest and build a passive source of income. The extra money could become even bigger and you’ll have more extra money. It grows on compound interest so while you have extra bucks, don’t hesitate to invest it in stocks, real estate, foreign exchange, or cryptocurrency if you are into that. Just make sure you invest smartly so do your research first before jumping into any investment schemes. You should also assess what kind of investor you are. If you are willing to take bigger risks, then invest in short-term gains but if you could only stomach smaller risks, then invest in long-term projects with companies that won’t go bankrupt anytime. These investments have smaller gains but will guarantee you a return of investment in the long run.

5. Invest in great quality products.

You’ve always been eyeing that bag or shoes but you just can’t stomach in the price. Now that you have extra cash, this is the perfect time to indulge yourself. The Christmas season offers a lot of discounts so you would surely get value for your money.

Another product category that people don’t usually buy is furniture. They think it’s unnecessary to upgrade what is already existing in their households. But if you have been complaining of work inefficiency or discomfort for months, now is finally the time to invest in ergonomic furniture. You will enjoy the luxury of reduced pain on a daily while also improving your work performance.

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Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to do on your Christmas bonus, just remember that you deserve to be happy. You worked hard for that, and now you can enjoy the fruit of your labor!