Ways to Earn and Save Money

17 November 2022

It’s hard to continue working when you don’t have a monetary goal. But people would say that your job shouldn’t be your life. Money shouldn’t run your life. Money shouldn’t be your end goal because that would mean you’d stop when you reach a certain amount of savings in your account.

While there is truth to that, it still doesn’t change the fact that if you have money, you will have access to the ‘beautiful’ things here on Earth.

You can buy a luxury bag or car. You can travel the world and stay in five-star hotels. You can treat yourself to Michelin-starred restaurants. You can buy the latest gadgets and have access to the most exclusive experiences. All of these are made possible because you have money in the bank. Other than the value that you will be getting, you are also not stressed about any debt because you’ve paid more than your dues already and people even have debts to pay to you rather than you to them. Your future is also ‘insured’ and ‘ensured’ that even if you lose your job, you still have money in the bank that could help you start over with your life.

And what’s great about having money too is that you can buy anything whenever you want it. You don’t even have to check your bank account anymore because you know there’s money there (of course, this isn’t a recommended practice). Anyway, our point is you have money to spend and you won’t be deep in regret or sadness if you ever lose money from the shopping, for example. When there are sales, just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday that are around the corner, you just have to pick up your wallet and checkout from your cart. You wouldn’t be irritated if the total bill is over the budget that you set.

So our point here is that you should start saving money as early as now. This of course would entail a lot of opportunity costs and sacrifices like you can’t buy the latest iPhone because it’s too impractical to buy. Or you would dine out less and prepare your food at home. Or you can take your bicycle to work instead of having to take public transportation every day. But your eyes are on the goal. If you do not satisfy your cravings for instant gratification, you would be surprised that you have money for all the things you were just aspiring to as before. So our number one tip for you to have money is to spend your money wisely. Always look at your return on investment before buying anything. How long will you be able to use the product? How frequently will it be of use to you? Do you really need it? What benefits will it give to your life if you own or experience it? How much is it and can you really afford it today? Answer questions like this honestly and you wouldn’t be checking out mindlessly.

Our next piece of advice is to work efficiently and productively. Show that you value your work by giving it your all. Do your best to perform the tasks assigned to you. Do not do them just because you want to finish doing them but do them because you know it will help the company that you are working for and your image to your superiors would be glistened a lot more.

Next is to make time for side hustles. Sadly, the hustle culture is real because people are not earning as much as they are spending. So if you’re a big spender who’s having a difficult time controlling your shopping behavior or purchases, then just make sure there’s money in your bank. Your high-maintenance lifestyle can only be kept if you have multiple streams of income. Look at your skills and what can you monetize from them? Look at your friends and to whom can you ask a side hustle for? Look at your schedule and check what you still have time for. What activities can you drop so that you’ll be able to work on the side? This is extra income that you can allot for savings or extra income to afford your very outgoing lifestyle.

The next tip is to learn how to delegate work. Whether you have your own business or are working for a company, you need to learn how to say no to the tasks that you can no longer do. Learn to assign and pass on tasks to people who are free. This is a good use of your time because you’ll be able to focus, for instance, on activities that generate money for you while other tasks are being done by other people. You can’t do everything on your own so learn how to delegate and you’ll see your bank account grow in no time.

Make an effort to start a passive source of income. If you want to be rich, you need to have, as mentioned, multiple streams of income. This would of course mean that you need to allot time, effort, and resources to score these passive sources of income. After it’s set up, you can focus on your active job and just wait for the money to come to you.

Always learn new skills. Education is still your best tool to earn more money. If you are highly skilled and know a lot about your industry and others, it’ll be much easier to land a job with a higher pay or to do multiple jobs with different skill sets.

And when you have the money, you can enjoy sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday without feeling any shopper guilt. You worked so hard for your money that you deserve it. Choose wisely where you’ll put your cents on but we highly suggest that you consider ergonomic furniture from FlexiSpot. They’re of great quality and a good investment for you to work more efficiently and productively on a daily basis. It also ensures good health in the long run.