The Test of the Best: How FlexiSpot Tests the Adjustable Standing Desk for Your Convenience

29 June 2021

Not all standing desks are created equal. Some are even not up to the standards on what makes a standing desk perfect.

Here at FlexiSpot, we guarantee that you, the beloved consumer, would have the convenience through our excellent customer service as well as an ergonomically sound standing desk for your day-to-day work.

With our innovative R&D team of brilliant engineers, FlexiSpot comes up with ergonomic standing desks.

These carefully crafted FlexiSpot standing desks undergo a series of testing to guarantee your satisfaction and overall healthier well-being.

Curious about how FlexiSpot assures the excellent quality of your ergonomic standing desk? Then this article would provide you an in-depth look at the tests that all of FlexiSpot standing desk undergoes.

But first, let us see how the FlexiSpot standing desks are above the run-of-the-mill office tables.

  1. Most of the standing office tables have a noticeable splicing seam that can pose a danger when minor accidents happen. (e.g., accidentally spilling coffee all over the desk. In addition, there is a chance that the liquids can leak through the splicing seam and ruin the table's electronics that would render it useless.) On the greater hand, FlexiSpot features a sleek desktop with no spliced seam to provide a smoother working table and safer environment at home or the office.
  1. While the usual standing desk only has a 15mm thick desktop, Flexispot desk thickness is 25mm for a sturdier feel that can also handle the heftiest working station for your convenience.


Now that we know what sets FlexiSpot desks above the competition, here are the tests that our ergonomics engineers use to keep our standing desks the best.

Last Desk Standing with the Stability Test

FlexiSpot cares for your safety and even your reputation! That is the reason why testing our standing desks' stability is a must to avoid any accidents and situations that may embarrass you.

At FlexiSpot's special lab, our engineers test the standing desks with over 300 Newtons of force to assure you and millions of our beloved customers that your workstation would remain stable no matter what happens.

Come earthquakes, and messy accidents, FlexiSpot's ergonomic office desks would remain the last one standing.

Whisper-quiet Operation Assured with Noise Testing

A desk that you will use for work must be quiet enough to ensure that none of your coworkers get distracted by unnecessary noise once you raise or lower your standing desk.

For your additional information, the noise that a regular standing desk can also affect anyone in your vicinity? Children exposed to 70 decibels of noise are constantly at risk of developing hearing problems and have detrimental effects on their cognitive performance.

For adults, on the other hand, 80 decibels can lead to stress and irritation that can negatively impact work ethics and productivity as irrelevant cacophony promotes dissonance.

Other standing desks available on the market have at least 64.5 decibels, equivalent to a normal conversation. Meanwhile, FlexiSpot's standing desks boast 51.6 decibels that are akin to a quiet refrigerator. You must remember that every 10-decibel increase in sound is ten times in intensity.

The noise test assures that your FlexiSpot standing desk would never stand in the way of a zen workplace, thanks to the whisper-quiet operation that will keep you focused on your tasks.

This Desk Endures the Durability Testing

The best customer service is when you do not even have to contact them because your standing desk is working perfectly fine after days, months, and years of usage. After all, no one loves the hassle of returning a new desk after it stops working in a month or two.

With the help of the FlexiSpot engineers, the ergonomic standing desk's durability undergoes a test to provide consumers with a quality workstation that they would love to use for life.

Each Flexispot standing desk gets subjected to 20,000 cycles of raising and lowering to determine its durability. This test ensures that you will achieve five cycles per day for the next 11 years without a hitch!

Taking it to the Extremes with Extreme Environment Testing

FlexiSpot's innovative extreme environment testing takes it to a new level by considering any weather conditions that may affect your workstation in the future. With climate change looming above our heads, you will never know if colder weather will affect the performance of your standing desk.

To mitigate any effects of the cold and unforgiving weather that can ruin the electrical component of your desk, the Flexispot engineers came up with extreme environmental testing to keep our products a class of their own.

Exposing the standing desk to continuous low temperature lasting for 96 hours will determine that your workstation will keep working for you through the coldest months.

Your Safety is the Priority with Safety Testing

You may be conscious about what you are putting inside your body, but it is also essential to know the toxins present in your standing desks.

A usual desk comes comprised of wood, steel, and electronics to keep it function, but you must also be vigilant of the material used to keep you, your loved ones, and colleagues safe.

Not only does FlexiSpot has engineers to craft ergonomically sound standing desks, but we also utilize chemists to determine if every desk in production has a lethal dose of any toxins that are not good for the health.

FlexiSpot desktops only have 0.04ppm of formaldehyde content that makes it safe to be in any workplace. This content is lower than the American Society for Testing Materials, which is 0.09ppm.

In addition to a safe formaldehyde content of the desktop, the standing desk's leg content does not have any trace of hazardous substances that can be detrimental to your health.

Save the World and your Wallet with Power Testing

The best companies have the environment in mind amidst the capitalism-driven society, and FlexiSpot excels at making sure that every standing desk consumes the right amount of power to save energy and the environment.

Through power testing, FlexiSpot also helps you lessen the carbon footprint you make and save you a few bucks, thanks to the energy-efficient motors that the standing desks utilize.

Through the use of a power meter, the FlexiSpot engineers determined that the average power consumption of our desks is 5.8kwh of electricity per year. This value is equivalent to less than one dollar annually. Sound unbelievable, but the numbers do not lie!


Final Thoughts

A FlexiSpot standing desk may seem and sound too good to be true, but with the six tests that it strictly undergoes, our beloved customers, such as yourself, will only achieve the best ergonomic standing desk to fulfill our company's mission and vision - to deliver ergonomic office solutions that cater to the health of every office employee on every state.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find the best ergonomic standing desks that would fit your lifestyle and personality for a good time while at work!