The Best Wall Stickers to Spice Up Your Wall Décor (2021)

27 August 2021

Top wall stickers for your office design

No one deserves to get cooped up in a dull and uninteresting spot with nothing but four walls as company.

Although you may argue that the most important thing for an office is ergonomic workstations, how productive will you be if work feels like jail?

That's what a plain, boring, and unengaging office wall feels like. But you don't have to deal with such a dreary situation. With office hours already challenging, you don't need another hardship to deal with. 

How about revamping your dead office walls with some bubbly wall stickers? 

We’ve outlined several murals that you can incorporate into your wall. And you don’t have to worry if you are trying to find out how to go about it. This article has information about that as well. Now, please sit back, get your note pads ready, and let's dive in. 

wall stickers

Why do you need wall stickers?

Though it may seem inconsequential to productivity, a simple wall sticker can work wonders in your workspace. You'll agree with us that a mundane wall can affect the ambiance of an office. 

When your workplace lacks decor, no matter how simple, you may experience a shortage in productivity. You can avoid this by investing time into picking out wall decors, like murals and wall stickers. 

This solo action improves your organization, time management, motivation, and creativity. Due to this, adding wall decors to your office is highly beneficial. 

However, it's not only about putting wall stickers, but you must also arrange it correctly to avoid making a mess. Therefore, we've highlighted possible ways of applying wall stickers properly and creative ideas to support them. 

Deciding on where to put the wall sticker

The first step to making magic with wall stickers is deciding where to place them. When you look online, you will notice some awkward wall stickers. This isn’t always because the mural itself is awkward; it may be the angle or the placement.

Find a space in your home office where the decal will fit in perfectly. Kindly avoid the mistake of placing the decal in a hidden place. You want it to be in a prominent position that would be accurate as well. 

Choosing a spot can also help you while picking the best design for your space. 

Take some inspiration

Once you have decided on the exact spot, it’s time to pick a wall decal that suits your needs. Making this decision might be arduous without a template or an inspiration to trigger your creativity. So, your can surf the internet for ideas.

Moreover, it’s easy to assume you have this figured out until you find out new trends that suit your space. 

You can sift through all the ideas to select the one you love. It’s better to browse for designs on Pinterest because you can create a personal board for all the inspirations so you can make a final pick later.

Know the size of your office space

Another crucial factor you must consider while picking a wall decal is the size of the wall in your office. Creating an exceptional design starts with getting the accurate mural size for a particular wall. For instance, a wall art sticker might look better if it covers the whole wall. 

While some other types of murals may look better arranged at one area of the wall, you may consult a professional if you have issues figuring out the positioning of a wall sticker. 

You don’t want to end up creating chaos instead.

Consider the mood you want to project

Playful? Professional? A mix of both? Decide on the mood you want to create with the wall stickers. Or, if you'd love to portray the values your company stand for, find a decal that projects this. Remember that the décor on your office wall affects your mood during work. 

Hence, create the kind of mood you want to have around. It could be bubbly or goofy in a professional way. However, be careful so you don't create a mood that isn’t professional.

What are the best home office wall stickers?

As we have established earlier, dull walls you negatively. It saps your creativity and productivity immensely. So, coming up with ideas to spice up your office might turn out to be a struggle. 

However, wall decals quotes are one of the decors that could adorn your home office and make it less mundane. Nevertheless, wall decals come in color and design variants. Keep reading to glean ideas that could make the designing process a breeze. 

Motivational wall stickers

Motivational wall stickers

Looking up from a draining task to see a motivational quote could boost your mood magically- or not. It all depends on how much effect the quote has on you. 

We recommend that you put up your favorite quote from an inspirational figure or someone with a level of influence over you. It can even be a quote you created to motivate yourself. Once you need an extra push at work, this could do wonders in getting you back on track. 

Whatever quote you decide on must be inspiring enough and also professional to fit into an office setting.  

Home office wall decals

If the idea of motivation wall stickers doesn't seem inspiring to you, they won't make any difference. Using one may be another writing on the wall. 

Alternatively, you can introduce a pop of colors to liven it up. One of the best ways to add colors to your home office is through pictures. You may have color schemes that you find attractive; choose artworks or pictures that include these colors.

Furthermore, each color has appealing features that affect work. For instance, borrowing some shades of green from mother nature can milk your productive and creative abilities. Some other colors have benefits attached to them. 

Whatever you decide on, make sure it aligns with your preferred color and aesthetics. Doing this improves your workspace appearance exceptionally. 

One way to do this is by printing paintings or pictures you love, attaching them to sticky paper, and pasting them on your walls. 

adding organization to the mix

Adding organization to the mix

Wall stickers aren't always for decors. Some murals can be practical and still fulfill the aesthetic purpose while filling your blank wall. 

Are you wondering how this is possible? 

You can beautify your walls in diverse ways. It doesn't have to be artwork and pictures. If you are one of the people that struggle to remember information during work, you need not worry. 

Sticky notes can always work as a reminder. However, they could constitute a nuisance and make your walls appear cluttered if you don't manage them well. That's where a note and daily planner wall sticker decor becomes incredibly beneficial. 

You may add this decal daily planner design to note the things you want to achieve during the day. 

How to apply wall decals

Regardless of the decals you eventually pick, there are basic rules that guide the application. If you decide to apply the wall decals yourself, you may also make sure it's void of all errors.

Clean the surface

Placing a wall decal on a dirty wall is a bad start. Before you place any sticker on the wall, clean it and ensure there’s no oil or dirt on it. 

When the surface is clean, you will find it easy to attach the décor to the wall. Use a wet sponge to blot out stubborn dirt. And if you have to deal with oil as well, soak the sponge in soapy water and clean it. Once you've cleaned the wall, please wait for it to get dry before you start fixing the decals. 

Adjust the placement

Ready to place the murals? Please don't make the mistake of fixing it before you check the placement to ensure it fits the space you had in mind. 

Although you can always remove decals, there’s no assurance that it’s reusable. Not all wall stickers are reusable; so, you need to be careful with the placement. Are you wondering how to adjust the placement without fixing it first? We’ve got you covered.

  • Leave the paper support on while you tape the decal on your wall temporarily.
  • Take a step back and observe them from afar to find out If the decal fits the wall.
  • Make the necessary adjustments until you’re satisfied with the décor

Complete the placement

Use a pencil and a ruler to mark the decal’s temporary position lightly. This will help you curb mistakes and tell you where to place the decals when you finally apply them.

Set the decal

Setting your wall stickers necessitates a high level of exactness and accuracy. Follow the guideline you have drawn and

  • Remove the cover on the decal’s adhesive part
  • Fix it with the instruction you’ve set
  • Attach the decal to the selected spot 
  • Work slowly to avoid mistakes.

Complete the process

Smoothen the surface of the wall sticker with a squeegee to rid it of all air bubbles. Leaving the air bubbles will give the decals a rough finish. 

Remove the paper support.

The final step is removing the paper support. This paper support protects the decal’s face from any harm during transportation. After unfastening this final cover, you’ll get to see the final effect of the decal. 

wall stickers

Improving your workstations to suit your wall stickers

You’ve applied the best wall stickers, and it suits your space perfectly; what next? You can spice it up with accurate furniture. 

Adding furniture that compliments your design works wonders to your workspace. For instance, modern and stylish doesn’t match outdated desks or chairs.

When you combine a furniture and wall sticker with contrasting styles, you create a chaotic or distracting view. 

However, a modern ergonomic chair or ergonomic standing desk can highlight your wall stickers to create a remarkable outlook. 

The versatility of this furniture, coupled with the uniqueness of murals, ensures all the elements within your workspace complements each other. 

Moreover, an adjustable office standing desk and ergonomic office chair will make you more comfortable all day long. 

It also prevents back pain or neck pain which affects your productivity negatively. So, ergonomic furniture boosts your productivity and energy to work effectively and betters your overall output. 

Final Words

You can’t afford to ignore your home office outlook. It’s essential to keep your workspace comfortable, tidy, and inspiring. 

There’s nothing worse than a workspace with bland walls. It can leave you feeling drained and exhausted without any reason. Luckily for you, there’s a solution that wouldn’t cost you a fortune. 

You can get a stunning wall sticker makeover to enliven your walls at an affordable price. Motivational wall stickers are great additions to a workspace even more so if it inspires you to keep doing the best at work. 

Having pictures that you love also enhances productivity and beautifies your workspace. It could be a picture of your dream car or an exquisite vacation destination. Things like this may encourage you to work harder. 

To complement these, you need a comfortable workspace that amplifies its aesthetics and highlights the value of the wall décor. The best element to help you achieve this is ergonomic furniture which provides comfort. 

Finally, your desk décor must also be in tandem with the wall decals. If you introduce too many elements in your desk setup, you may end up with a cluttered space and clashing decors.