The Amazing Reasons Buying from FlexiSpot is Wise

15 October 2021

Suppose you have purchased a standing desk, a stand-up desk, a sit-stand desk, or an ergonomic chair from FlexiSpot then. Congratulations on your new purchase because FlexiSpot products are on top of the line regarding the ergonomic products they offer to WFH individuals like you. Indeed, products like the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and Massage Gaming Chair are the ones you need to have in the home office now that more individuals like you prefer to work from home. 

The Mitigation of Ergonomic Injuries:


FlexiSpot has provided the best ergonomic solutions to the workers. People find the ergonomic products really above and beyond the competition. In fact, in 2018, this company became the awardee at the CES Innovation Award. They got awarded for the innovation of the Deskcise V9 Pro. Even at the beginning, many office workers found the excellent functionalities of this desk bike. Many have already lost weight effectively because of this equipment piece, and it has given chances to those with weight problems to find solutions. 

It's because this desk bike can burn fats and can help people mitigate the problems of a sedentary lifestyle. In 2020, people experienced stagnant pain because of prolonged sitting and movements. More than 80% of workers that switched to WFH set-up had no choice but to do tons of work while sitting for many hours. Making this motion for more than 30 minutes can damage the upper extremities and other parts of the body like the lumbar, arms, and torso. 

So, as a solution to the ergonomic problems, workers have relied on the equipment and furniture pieces at FlexiSpot. This ergonomic company has not stopped giving answers to people and helping them alleviate worries. During the lockdowns and isolations of 2020, many people had to face psychosocial distress and physical pain. As a result, many of them have grown weaker and have a weak immune system. The worst part is Covid19 affects those who do not have a robust immune system. They are susceptible to the virus because their bodies' defense system has already become weak, and they do not have enough antibodies to kill the virus. Hence, those who experienced too much stress and distress last year were the ones that got infected by Covid19 easily. 

The good news about this, though, is vaccinations got created. And life had gradually changed, and some workers went back to on-site work after a few months of isolation, although some people still chose to work from home. 

In that case, FlexiSpot had done ways to reach for these individuals. They did not stop innovating the best ergonomic pieces for people who need solutions to their posture problems and biomechanical pain. Indeed, there are many reasons to purchase the equipment pieces that FlexiSpot offers. It's because it can nip things in the bud and help people avoid musculoskeletal disorders or RSIs-the Repetitive Strain Injuries. 

standing desk

The Ergonomic Injuries that FlexiSpot Alleviate:

The continuously increasing numbers of people going back to the office and even the ones who work from home is a sign that there is a possibility that people would encounter RSIs. Most of the injuries that WFH and hybrid office workers experience are:

Frozen shoulders
Tennis Elbow
Tendon Sheath Injuries
Carpal Tunnel Injuries
Spine Strain 
Muscle Cramps

These injuries are the ones that people experience when they work continuously without alternating movements. Indeed, the most reported cases of office hazards for the past decade are the ergonomic problems that workers encounter at their workstations. These are the ergonomic issues that they face. The injuries that occur stop them from widening their range of motion-most of the time, workers feel severe soreness and pain in the nerves, upper extremities, spine, and lower torso. Hence, all the given RSIs above, such as the frozen shoulders. 

That's why, with the help of FlexiSpot, you can ensure that you get the protection you deserve while achieving all the work goals that you have. The ergonomic pieces from FlexiSpot can mitigate the biomechanical pain or soreness that you might experience. Long before you get affected by these injuries, you could have pieces of equipment or furniture that can help you improve your posture and avoid the possible slouching, craning of the neck, and hunching of the back when you are working. 

The Ergo Products that Nip Things in the Bud:

FlexiSpot products have the designs, motor lifting systems, and features that can help you prevent the possibility of acquiring repetitive strain injuries. They prevent severe injuries that you can experience with their designs and functionalities. Hence, you can ensure that you would be able to avoid the long-term effects of musculoskeletal disorders. Indeed, all the products from FlexiSpot can protect you the moment you assemble them and put them in use. 

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Desk converters like theStanding Desk Converters M7MB-35" and Standing Desk Converters M7B-28" are the products that will help you practice the sit-stand movements when working. The easy-to-grip feature and functionality of these desk converters can help you effectively manage to multitask. You can also move the desk converter product from one place to another without making your upper body and extremities get sore or ache from work. You don't have to prolong your sitting, which can cause pain around the cervical spine and the lumbar. It's because this desk product is straightforward to operate and use. 


The Ergo chairs like the Massage Gaming Chair and Deskcise V9 Pro are incredible chair products that can help you bring back the leg power. When you use these pieces of equipment, you will stimulate blood circulation from the feet to the limbs. As a result, you could avoid spasms and cramps. You could also relax and stretch those feet and legs (when using the Massage Gaming chair) while working at your home office. Indeed, these ergonomic pieces have functionalities to help you avoid severe conditions such as spine injuries and muscle injuries. So, you cannot go wrong with these equipment pieces. 

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Lastly, standing desk products such as the EF1-42"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk can help you avoid hunching your back and making your lumbar sore as well as your waist because desk products like this have height adjustability. So, you need to click your desired height level and continuously work while straightening your back and achieving the perfect alignment from the head to the toes. Indeed, when you have this piece of equipment, you could save yourself from harmful ergonomic injuries. 

Final Thoughts:

Working from home or in the office is challenging, especially with the current global situation. The efficacy of the vaccines may not guarantee people that they would not be prone to acquiring the virus, but it could just safeguard their defense and weaken the severity of the disease's effect. So, you need to be proactive-live a healthier lifestyle, avoid too many crowds, and protect yourself from the dangers of musculoskeletal disorders that can weaken your immune system. Hence, choose the best ergonomic pieces that can help you alleviate those possibilities-choose FlexiSpot.