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The 7 Secrets to Staying Happy at Work

26 November 2021

For some people, there comes a time in their lives that they can’t explain why they are suddenly feeling unhappy. Take for instance Angel who landed her dream job after graduating at the top of her class. Her goal was to work her way up, and she was happy doing so because she loved what she was doing. But for some reason in her fifth year, everything changed. She would try her hardest but she just couldn’t give it her all like she used to. She would report to the office later than the call time and miss deadlines even to the point of almost losing money for the company. Thoughts of resigning entered her mind but Angel knew she couldn't afford to take some time off of work. There was a mortgage and a college debt waiting to be paid.

This is not an isolated case. So many people feel drained and unmotivated but still have to perform in order to survive. Lifestyle changes can be implemented but there would still be bills to pay. It leaves one with no choice but to work and deliver. The good news though is that motivation could come back if the right mix of discipline and happiness at work is achieved. It could even yield better results. We listed down some pointers to stay happy and fulfilled at work.

1. Choose an industry that sparks joy in you.

In our example above, Angel did this right. She studied hard in university to deserve the job offer that she wanted. Like her, you must at least have an idea of what you’re good at or what you have been enjoying doing throughout your life. Now if there is really nothing that comes to mind, try hard to remember what others compliment you regularly about. We are often too hard on ourselves so trying to see ourselves the way others do could help. You would most likely feel fulfilled in an industry where your skills shine. It will help you stay happy at work, even after years of employment.

It’s important to manage your expectations, nonetheless. Remember that not all workdays are happy but when you’re on a career path that you are proud of, it’ll be easier to go through those bad days and be generally happy with where you stand in your workplace.

2. Hunt for a company that values and respects your time outside of work.

Work-life balance is key to a well-rounded life. If you just spend all your hours working, what you’ll just get is burnout and an intense feeling of quitting. Find something you enjoy outside of work and a company that respects and supports your life outside of it.

It’s okay if you’re one of those who consider their job as a mere moneymaker that allows them to live a life that they love. You will end up happy at work if you get to live your dream life because your job gives you the resources to do so.

3. Be open about your career plans to your boss.

Let your boss know the personal growth track you see in the company. If your superior know what you want in terms of your career, chances are you’ll be given the opportunity to prove yourself. Be proactive and take control of your career by giving your 100% in your tasks so as to prove to your superiors that you have can assume bigger roles and take heavier responsibilities. Once you see your growth and progress, you are more likely to feel happy with your job.

4. Don’t be scared to ask for an evaluation of your work.

Employees who don’t get feedback on their work might feel that their task does not matter that much to the company. If this happens, be assertive and ask for feedback yourself. Positive comments have the power to boost your mood and motivate you even more to work. Negative comments, or constructive criticism, will help you improve your performance and fill in your weaknesses.

5. Keep a clutter-free workstation.

When your desk or space at work is clean, it also keeps your mind free from clutter. It’s easy to maintain its cleanliness by installing storage solutions and using spacious desks and space-saving accessories.

FlexiSpot has a variety of standing desks that are spacious enough and not to mention, sturdy to carry your laptop or desktop and other desk essentials. It also has standing desk converters that could easily upgrade your workstation and make use of vertical space instead of consuming your whole desk. You may also use a Single or Dual Monitor Mount which won’t take additional desk space as it could just be clamped on the edge of your desk.

6. Only promise commitments you can deliver.

Employees usually get stressed when they can’t deliver their work commitments. They know that they are underperforming but instead of focusing to fill the gap in their workloads, they begin to be consumed by worrying if they’ll be able to finish the work that has been piling up. This can place a heavy burden on an employee and eventually lose his motivation and happiness at work.

Take a deep breath and make a list of all your commitments at work. Break each one into a small, manageable task. Take it one step at a time and remember to only volunteer for other tasks once you’ve finished your existing commitments. Just like everything in life, learn to manage and delegate your energy across all of your commitments. Say, you may ask for a longer deadline if you feel that you won’t be able to meet the original one. Always communicate and be a team player, especially if you are having trouble meeting your commitments.

7. Keep a close group of friends.

Although this is a professional setting, having friends at work can help make the workplace more enjoyable for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to cross over your personal life but if you have a strong friend in a fellow employee, it will help make work lighter and build a positive environment for you.