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Stand-Move Solution: Desk Riser & Desk Bike

02 January 2020

Working for long periods can be dreary. In fact, most times, having to stay in one position for too long has a negative impact on our health. Sitting at a desk for hours on end, as most traditional workspaces require, is almost like a death sentence on your back.

Many experts have pointed out that long periods of sitting can contribute immensely to back/spine problems. But is there a solution? What can you do to avoid literally breaking your back while working? You certainly cannot resign because of the minor matter that you need to have a job to earn money— so what chance do you have?

Ordinarily, the obvious answer would be a Standing desk. That is a desk that allows you to sit while working and stand as well. But many experts have proven that even switching to a standing position once in a while might not be enough.

What if I told you that there is a Sit-Stand-Move solution that can solve all these problems at the same time? Today we'll be reviewing - Stand-Move Solution: Desk Riser + Desk Bike— a desk that is the marsh up of a Standing desk and a bike.

This ought to be fun.

Stand-Move Solution: Desk Riser + Desk Bike Features

This product has two elements to it. There is the desk riser and then there's the under desk bike that is sold with it. The product has three important features and they are the Sit, Stand, and Move dynamics to the desk riser and desk bike.

  • Sit: The desk riser, in the sitting position, guarantees proper ergonomics while sitting and this protects against back pain/spine pain and all sorts of aches especially in areas such as the wrists, neck and shoulders. By keeping your monitor at the correct height for your posture, the desk riser ensures that you're getting the most work done at the best comfort level available.
  • Stand: Sitting in a position for long periods can be harmful to your overall health. Without movement, your body doesn't get the circulation of blood it needs and this can cause aches and pains all over the body, especially in the spinal area. It can also cause the swelling of ankles and feet. The desk riser fixes this by transitioning easily from a sitting position to a standing one where you can continue your work while enjoying the benefits of stretching your back and having a better blood circulation.
  • Move: Here is the main standout feature of this product. Both standing and sitting for long periods can eventually prove to be unhealthy. Here is where motion comes in. A change of position isn't what matters, but constant and deliberate movement. In addition to this, many experts have advised people to add exercises to their daily routine— and what better way is there to do this than while at work? The under-desk bikes of this product boost productivity, energy, and creativity while reducing stress, boredom, and most importantly, calories.

Would I Recommend?

The Stand-Move Solution: Desk Riser + Desk Bike is a full package and as such costs $599.99 which is definitely a bit pricey. However, no one should put a tag on good health and a spine free from pain. This Stand-Move Solution: Desk Riser + Desk Bike definitely guarantees that. So yes, I do recommend it.