Sprucing up American Family Day with the right inspiration

01 August 2021

As summer sheds its waning rays for Autumn, we need to spend more time with the people dearest to us. Hence, August 1st which is American family day provides the perfect chance for you to express love and spend quality time with your family.

It’s not sufficient to be blood bond with your family; you need to connect on a more personal level.

American Family Day is an opportunity to make magical moments with your favorite people in the world! Unlike other national or familial holidays, exchanging gifts isn’t the essence of the day.

The day centers around bettering relationships with family and getting more comfortable around them.

Are you worried about how to bond with your family and explore the possibilities American Family Day offers? Well, we have a couple of ideas in mind. Let’s dive in!

Tracing the timeline

The peculiarity of our modern-day world is daily rush. We either have one business or job to get back to or we have academics breathing down our backs and seeking attention. In this rush, it’s easy to ignore family.

Luckily, Governor Raul Castro envisaged this strain that daily life has placed on family relationships. Hence, in the mid-1970s, specifically August 7, 1977, he signed American Family Day as an official Holiday in Arizona State.

Although it was a year proclamation, it garnered popularity over the years until it became a norm. Voila! That’s how American Family Day came to being.

Fun Facts About American Family

We have rounded up some surprising facts about American Family and the American Family Day generally. Ready to check out the random facts? Let’s get into it!

  • Three out of four Americans are out of the nuclear family circle
  • Most American children live in a household where the parents work to make ends meet daily
  • 3 out of 5 of kids born in America will have a cause to live with a single parent at one point in their lives
  • The Simpsons Show got inspiration from real life

This show is one of the most popular familial shows. But do you know this show drew its inspiration from real life? Matt Groening's family was a huge inspiration as far as Simpsons characters were concerned. They even share similar names.

  • “You rang” in Addam's family was never planned 

Remember “you rang” in The Addams’s family sitcom? What if we told you that Ted Cassidy Ad-libbed the statement which has become so iconic?

  • PC wasn’t popular on television in the 19’s. However, this fact changed when the Addams family featured a PC in the sitcom in the 1960s.
  • I Love Lucy, the American sitcom that became everyone’s favorite almost never happened. Considering how groundbreaking this family show was, you are probably shocked.

But, yea, you almost missed out on Lucille Ball’s comedic talent because the network executives were reluctant about featuring Desi Arnaz until Lucille insisted. They ended up becoming the first interracial couple on television.

  • About 63% of parents to teenagers feel they can discuss meaningful topics with their kids
  • 32% of the single parents account for family setting with under 18 kids
  • Only 2 out of 3 kids between the ages of 12 and 17 live with both parents
  • 7% of kids lived with their grandparents in 2017
  • There are 128.45 million households in the United States

What can you do to make the holiday like no other?

Do you know the term ‘Family’ isn’t restricted to your blood relations? Way beyond the nuclear family ties, family includes anyone with whom you share a meaningful bond. It may be your pet, your friends, or your neighbor.

The first tradition that you must pay attention to today is cherishing your family members. This day is about enjoying their company and creating beautiful memories with them. So, engaging in activities peculiar to your family is another tradition of the day.

Family games night is a golden idea that never gets old-- especially if your family is competitive. Making inside jokes, visiting your favorite restaurants and parks, seeing old family videos together, seeing a classic movie, and a host of other fun-packed traditions.

For estranged people who lack a soothing family bond, finding family in iconic movie characters may be a tradition. Characters like Harry Potter or Ted Mosby in “How I met your mother” may have proven to be more family than anyone in their lives.

If you fall under this category, you don’t need to cancel out American Family Day altogether. Take out time to see these movies and have fun while you are at it. Not to worry, forming a bond with characters may seem weird but if it makes you happy, be unapologetic about it!

Summarily, the tradition of the day is about doing something particular for your family. And ensure it isn’t a mere obligatory activity. Be deliberate about bonding and bettering your relationships.

Activities to mark American Family Day

Plan a Game Night

Healthy competition never hurts. Hence, you can have family time by organizing a game day or game night. Imagine sitting around a table with your family outdoors, enjoying the tingling rays of summer while you play board games, puzzles, or card games.

And you don’t necessarily need to play static games. A mini family softball or soccer game can create a special bond. Don’t forget that the term “Family” covers close friends.

Use your Phone

We understand that some families are in different parts of the country or world. Even if a physical hangout isn’t feasible, you can make the most of the most basic technology you have at your disposal, your phone!

You can connect with anyone anywhere in the world. Try a video chat or place a call to your distant relatives. Don’t be in a hurry to get off the phone. Talk about the memories you have in common, discuss how you are faring, and enjoy every moment you spend on the phone.

Make the most of every opportunity to express love to your family. As little as a call may seem, it could put a smile on your parent's face for the whole week!

Plan an Outing

One of the essence of American Family Day is for families to reconnect on a personal level and reignite the love that binds the family together. A sure-fire way to achieve this is by visiting a place that’s significant to every member of the family.

It may be a place you have visited some time ago, somewhere that sparks up memories or reminds you of the core values of family. A visit to the beach, some pool moments, or a museum tour can mean more than you expect

Join the Conversation

Social media has influenced us in numerous ways. However, we get to choose whether we want to use it to our advantage or not. As far as American Family Day is concerned, you can connect with other families around and share your moments. Use the #AmeriacnFamilyDay!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I celebrate American Family Day without spending too much?

There are inexpensive options to make your American Family Day fun. Try out local museums, parks, and any other cultural institution. They have low-budget offers or free program that allows you have fun with your family and kids at no cost.

Additionally, most cities offer discounted access to museums, theme parks, and zoos with your local library card.

How can I reconnect with distant family?

Hanging out with your relatives can’t always be an option. If your relatives are not close, try a video call. Alternatively, you can send a handwritten letter, the idea is to put a smile on your family’s face by using this old-fashioned method.

How to learn more about my family

Genealogy is a good start when you want to learn more about your relatives and ancestry. However, it’s not the only option available.

 Besides reading historical records, you can get in-depth information about your family by submitting your DNA to commercial genetic testing company.

They can help you with information like your family tree and genetics as a whole.  

In a Nutshell

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”

                   --Jane Howard 

American Family Day seeks to celebrate one of the most important social structures in the world, the family. Learn to appreciate and actively engage your relatives because family is everything.