Self-Improvement: How To Boost Motivation In Working Toward Your Goals

03 September 2019

Everyone wants to be successful at something and being successful means taking steps towards a certain goal. But getting started is not always that simple. It's easy to want to achieve something but actually taking the necessary actions to achieve whatever goal you're looking toward can be harder than you expect. And then the goal can suddenly seem daunting and out of reach. In these cases, it is important that you learn how to motivate yourself. This article will highlight some tips and tricks you can use to get motivated and take those needed steps toward your specific goal.

Control your sleep schedule

Something that can really aide and boost your motivation is probably something you wouldn't expect. Sleep. Sleeping is very important. When hard at work trying to finish a task, many people will delay sleep or avoid it altogether thinking that pushing through to work harder instead of resting will make them reach their goal sooner. The all-nighter method may work with an overdue term paper, but it is not a good method to use for long-term goals. If you take care of your body and allow your body and mind to rest properly, you will be able to think clearer and work on a more consistent schedule. Giving yourself a regular bedtime and wake up time is one of the first steps in motivating yourself to work harder for a longer period of time.

Big change happens with small steps

One thing that is a deterrent for many people with big long-term goals is that they expect big results too soon or they attempt to make big, sudden changes that they end up not being able to maintain in the long run. When you have a goal, you have to take small steps to reach it. You can't just jump straight to the end. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you may want to try cutting things out of your diet one-by-one until you're eating healthier. You also would want to start out with light exercises before working your way up to harder exercises. And you can repeat that method with any goal. You're more likely to stick with working toward a goal this way because you're less likely to get discouraged and quit when you don't see immediate results. Take small steps, and you'll notice big changes. After all, we all learn how to crawl before we can walk.

Hang with the right crowd

One very big motivating factor can be the people you surround yourself with. If an aspiring novelist is friends with other aspiring novelists, that aspiring novelist is more likely to maintain focus on his or her goal and continue to work towards it. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same or similar goals as you will not only keep you focused and moving toward your goal but it will also lend you a community of support. There's nothing more motivating than working towards something with friends or a group of peers.

Create a routine

One of the best tips that can be offered for boosting motivation is to create a routine. Create a routine around your goal. Because once you set up a routine, your body and mind will get in the habit of following that routine and then you will feel off if the routine stops. Humans are creatures of habit so make those habits work for you.

Motivation is born because you want to do something. Use these tips to boost your motivation and help you reach your goals faster.