Scrolling through Social Media while Earning Money

02 August 2022

Do you spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and whatnot?

You might think you’re a hopeless case, having to work at home, and getting distracted by your social media apps. While it’s not a good thing to get stuck in an endless loop of scrolling while you have work to finish, there are many social media skills you can acquire and enhance for you to build a career out of it. After all, you always stay in social media for a long time so why not make money out of your scrolling, right? And the next time your parent or partner asks what you’ve been doing, you can tell them that you’ve been making money on your phone. If they don’t believe you, then show them that big fat account you filled out of a career in social media.

So how exactly do you make money from this quote, unquote addiction? There are millions off registered users in these apps from across the world that it’s no surprise why big and small businesses would want to tap this market. These users can be converted into paying customers and can also influence their friends to purchase from a certain business.

When you start a business, you are selling a service or a product. These offers must get to your clients and customers which you don’t have from the very start. You need to get the word out there. The traditional way of doing it is paying for a commercial on television, a billboard on the streets, a print advertisement on the newspaper or glossies. You want everyone to see your product so you spend thousands of money in marketing and advertising.

But the tides have changed. If you want exposure, instead of going to TV or print, you go digital. Most people no longer watch television or read newspapers because they just get all of these, entertainment and news, combined in a digital platform. Naturally, companies turn to these platforms to advertise. It’s an even major plus that digital advertising costs cheaper.

So how can you make money in social media? First, you can study about Business or Sponsored ads. This can help you boost your company and reach people who are interested in your life of service. Next is to study trends so you would know what ticks your audience. See what makes the most of them engaged. Scrolling in social media for days, weeks, and months would help you a lot in understanding your consumers or audience more.

And then of course, study statistics provided by these social media apps. Scroll through your liked or tagged posts. Notice the trend on what hits your audience the best and what flops for them. See your most viewed posts and analyze why your consumers loved it. Consider making a series of it or creating a similar post with a different twist.

Since you’re already stalking anyway, bring it to the next level by sneaking in on the enemies. Know what their products and services are and identify where they are lacking. Have prepared answers for these gaps so they know that when compared to your product, you will know how to defend yours.

You can also make money in social media if you are an “influencer.” Grow your following by posting reels, photos and stories frequently. The more active your account is, the more chances that you’ll reach the right people who are interested in your craft. Brands can also tap you as a paid ambassador or content creator in exchange of giving you freebies and paying your monthly dues.

There are tons of ways you can earn money while in social media. But it’s not just scrolling through it; it’s also a lot about studying it as you explore and navigate through the addicting environment.

To be doing actual “research” and not just wasting your time in social media, you can equip yourself with the right tools. Ergonomic pieces of furniture is something you should strongly consider because it promotes good health and boosts your productivity and efficiency while minimizing discomfort during your work time. Here are some pieces to help you change your social media addiction into something that can pay for your lifestyle and help others as well.

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Final Word

Make your addiction a productive one by turning it into a money-making venture. Take note of the trends that you notice while you scroll. Notice the advertisements that pop out in your For You or Explore page. See how the people are behaving in social media these days. Use this knowledge as an advantage and a tool to make money out of social media.